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15 Customer Reviews the BEST
by Ryan

This is the best olive oil. We use it almost on everything we cook at home. It is best on fish. We eat a lot of fish and must say that it is much healthier if you use olive oil. It keeps the fish moist and flavorful, but does not get too oily and unhealthy tasting. This is the best!

Good For Odd Purpose
by Kevin Lumpkin

I use olive oil for a bit of an odd purpose - I use it when my voice isn't feeling up to par and I need to sing, because it greases my vocal cords (or so the myth goes.) I prefer Mediterranean because it goes down a bit less disgustingly than the other brands.

The Only One We Use
by Trudi Konzem

This is the only oil we use in our house. It goes along great with our low carb diets that we follow. Everything we cook tastes great with this oil. I cannot think of enough good things to say. My family has been using this for many many years and we have no reason or desire to stop using it.

great for cooking
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Being an avid Italian food cook, I know the importance of a good olive oil not only for my tasty meat sauces, but also to coat my salads. There are also a few members of my family who struggle from high cholesterol, so they aren't able to eat most of what I cook on an everyday basis. I feel more comfortable cooking for them with Mediterranean Olive Oil Extra Virgin Organic, but of course the main reason is taste. The bottle is a bit expensive, and I easily go through a bottle in a week or two.

Great product
by christiana

We use olive oil for cooking in my family for cholesterol problems and this product has been good but I wanted to say there are other uses for it. My hair is so damaged, and very difficult to manage. My friend told me how to treat a difficult hair with olive oil so I heated a quantity of this product, applied it on my hair, wrapped and stayed for 30 minutes. When I removed the wrap, I couldn't believe how silky and smooth my hair was. I have been using this olive oil for my hair since then and have never had any problem with it. I love it and I prefer it to swallowing olive oil pills.

Great Organic Product - from an avid cook!
by Lisa

I am a very avid cook, yet my entire family is health-conscious and so I buy (or at least TRY) many organic and whole food products. After trying this product, I was very pleasantly surprised with the smooth flavor and ease of use. I have used this product in sauces, dressings and even bread and all has turned out well. It is not terribly expensive to comparative items and well worth trying at least once (but I like it a lot!).

Taste Great!
by Linda

I love that this is organic and it taste great. I use this on my cooking all the time. I also you this in my salad and on bread. I love this type of oil because it is good for me unlike the other leading brands of oil. My family loves this stuff and so do I. I definitely will buy this again!

Great Taste and Good to Cook With
by Louis

I have been using this to cook all my meals and it tastes great. I've tried several types of olive oil, and this is the best tasting. I have recommended it to my family and friends and they have all said it was great to cook with. I use it to stir fry vegetables and cook other things, such as eggs and chicken with it. It is organic too so it's healthier than the rest of the types of cooking oil.

Mediterranean Olive Oil Extra Virgin
by carol1560

This is some great stuff and it is organic. I usually use this in my cooking and it taste so good that I sprinkle some of it on my bread. This is a good way to help with your cholesterol if you can believe. It may be a little more expensive than store brands but it definitely is worth it.

Interesting Concept And Surprisingly Delicious!
by Erik

Being part Spaniard (Asturian & Basque) I am very critical of the Olive Oil I use in my meals (that whole side of the family tends to be). On the other hand, I am very health conscious and have been trying to move on to different organic foods and condiments. I find it very difficult, however, to find products that are organic and can stand up to my personal standards. Surprisingly, this Olive Oil easily works well as a replacement for a decent Italian Olive Oil. I even surprised my parents by sneaking this into our last family dinner. Definitely give this product an honest try.

Great taste and healthy
by Troy

This is the stuff my family uses to cook with occasionally and I personally think it tastes better than cooking with other oils/butter. Plus, another positive note is that it's a lot more healthier than using other oils/butter to cook with.

Taste great and affordable
by S. Grevious

So far, this has been one of the greatest olive oils I have used. It can be used for any and everything, basically. The taste isn't so strong and it tastes natural as opposed to some having an artificial taste. I mostly use it to cook with and to use it as a hair conditioner. It works really great for now, until I find something better. The price isn't so high either.

Great tasting Olive Oil
by nikki counts

This is the best tasting olive oil. I've bought several extra virgin olive oils in the past, this one has the lightest taste. I also use it on my hands as a moisturizer. It has really helped my dry skin.

Wish this came in 'Barrel' size!
by Renea Champion

This is my favorite Olive Oil. Wonderful smell and flavor.
I fry everything in olive oil in my cast iron pans, and the flavor of my eggs taste the best when I use this organic Mediterranean Olive Oil!
I also use it as a carrier oil for essential oils and for my dry skin.
This is the good stuff!

I heart this olive oil
by Orla

It has the best taste of any of the dozens of olive oils I've tried in the last several years. Great in salads, for sauteeing. I also use it in skin care and to condition my hair. Organic, great taste...who could ask for more in a product?

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