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Olive Oil 500 mg

Solaray Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed. Cold pressed means that the oil has been squeezed from the olive without heat. The olive oil in this product was extracted without chemical solvents. Recent studies have suggested that extra virgin olive oil contains naturally occurring phenolic antioxidants including simple phenols, flavonoids and lignans.
Product: Olive Oil 500 mg
Brand: Solaray (More Products)
Size: 100 softgels
Dosage: 1 softgel 1-3 times daily
Retail: $8.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Good for skin & hair rejuvenation
by Jack

A colleague of mine in his late 40's started taking this supplement when he heard that his mother-in-law who's almost 75 told him of her secret to maintaining her youth. His skin looked way older than his age and his hair already turned half gray. She made it a habit to take a tablespoon of olive oil every day. My colleague really didn't like the taste of pure olive oil so he got this Olive Oil softgels from Solaray recommended by one of my other colleague.

After taking 3 softgels each day for about 2 months, he said he could definitely see improvements in his hair and skin. The price is also very reasonable as he pays $8 for a bottle of 100 softgels. He does recommend taking the product 3 times daily consistently and after each meal or some food intake.

Slowly growing baby
by Crystal

My son had a VSD that needed to be closed with open heart surgery. He was not growing like he needed to and was drastically underweight for his age, and was continuing to lose weight. The doctor wanted me to add formula into his diet in order to add extra calories, but being a nursing mom I was against the use of formula. With the doctor's okay I started using different types of oils in order to add calories into his diet. I would mix the oil into his foods. I used this oil along with safflower oil. Though my son still struggled to gain weight until after surgery, the oils helped him not to lose any more weight. Plus, I did not have to resort to formula.

Olive Oil
by Brian

Olive oil is typically considered the healthiest of all oils: very high in the “good” fats (monounsaturated), relatively low (for an oil) in the “bad” fats (saturated), and high in Omega-6 fatty acids, among other things. Some don’t like its unique taste, which is where these taste-free capsules come in. It’s a simple way to get your daily fix of extra-virgin olive oil.