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I love it!!
by Felisha Griffin

I love the great taste of this olive oil. I also use it as a conditioner for my hair. I have natural hair, and it works great in combination with my usual conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling softer. The smell isn't too bad either.

All in one
by Julie

I LOVE extra virgin olive oil. It is very healthy and can be used instead of regular oil for cooking. It also is great for my family without breaking the bank.

Many Uses Of Olive Oil
by Glenda

We all know Olive oil is very healthy to use in cooking. We love the salads and maybe just pour over sliced cucumber slices. Another effective use is for your skin. Apply some oil to face and hands or rub on body to keep skin moisturized and youthful looking. Olive oil is good for a dry scalp and damaged hair. It is a wonderful product and has many uses.

Love it!
by CN

I love this olive oil. I use it on everything (even on items which say to use a different oil), so it seems to be used daily on something. It has a wonderful taste and the entire family enjoys it. The only problem is that I run out to quickly.

by maryam

I absolutely love this olive oil. It has a really great taste to it and also a nice smell. Plus, it comes in handy for so many different things. I use it as a cooking oil, as a dip for bread, as a dressing for salad, and even for baking.
Olive oil is great for all these uses because not only does it add a great flavor to all my foods, but it is good for me too. It does not contain those bad fatty acids and instead actually has some great health benefits to it.
And the best part is that it is always conveniently available at my local grocery store!

Excellent quality olive oil
by theepa

Being an user of olive oil in our home cooking , I used this product in our cooking. It gave a different, pleasant taste to all my cooking and salads. I presented this product to my cousin as a Christmas present and she liked it too.

Brings Back Memories
by mamma_nee

When I was a little girl back in Italy, we used to make our own olive oil and when I tasted this Extra Virgin Olive Oil a few years ago, it brought back my childhood memories. It is so delicious. I use it for just about everything in my kitchen except for deep frying. This is the best I have tasted since making our own. A fresh tomato and onion salad just would not taste the same without this oil.

Its great!!
by Janet

A bit more expensive compared to regular olive oils, but definitely worth it. I love the taste of it. I used it as salad dressing, and in cooking and baking. The oil wouldn't last long in my household. We finished a bottle pretty's really good!!

Good quality olive oil.
by spriya

I do a lot of cooking with olive oil. I prefer olive oil because I am allergic to vegetable oil. I have been using Virgin olive oil quite some time and this is my favorite brand. I liked this brand due to its high quality. Moreover it is very competitively priced compared to other brands.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by HS

This olive oil is the best for cooking, and it is also great taken as a digestive aid. Drinking one forth of a cup of this olive oil before bed really helps your digestive system. It tastes great!

by Nicole A

My mom first started using this brand for cooking purposes and she got me hooked. This has a delicate flavor and tastes the BEST in sauces. However, I found a new use for this. A few times a week I slather it in my hair before shampooing and, as weird as that sounds, it makes my hair SILKY beyond belief. I am always getting compliments. The best part is this stuff lasts forever! It has a lot of different uses and is totally worth the money.

Great Product
by Rebecca

This is by far my favorite kind of olive oil to use when cooking. It has the best taste, and doesn't leave an oily taste after you eat. I highly recommend it!

Must have
by will

If you do a lot of cooking as my wife and I do, this organic extra virgin olive oil is the best we have tried. It will throw you off at first based on it's darker than normal coloring, but it makes pan cooked items and salads taste great. It is a little pricier than most olive oils, but a little bit seems to go farther than other similar oils.

The best in olive oil!
by katy

I've tried many, many different types of olive oil, and this one is definitely my favorite. I use olive oil several times a day, and with certain brands I would get this Oliy flavor in my mouth which was quite gross. This type has quite a nice flavor though, and no matter how much of it I consume through my cooking, I never get an Oliy aftertaste

Tastes great
by hari

As a lover of salads, I always used olive oil for dressing. This is a nice product with good taste and smell. I sometimes even apply it on my feet and hands when they are dry, and it gives a smooth feeling.

Cleopatra would have been proud!
by Lana

Born and raised in Croatia, you can bet I know all about the variety of uses and health benefits associated with olive oil. I came across the Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Flora by accident and was automatically impressed by the distinctive claims from the manufacturer. Since I have moved to the United States, I realized that finding a high quality and premium brand of Olive Oil, like the one I used back home, was going to be a multifaceted task. Amazingly enough, this particular brand was able to meet all of my inherited criteria for a premium product:

1. Certified Organic
2. Fruity Flavor
3. Extra Virgin

Cooking pasta dishes, creating rich and nutritional Mediterranean salads and preparing various and tasty fish recipes became my favorite past time once again. My passion for food stems from knowing that the ingredients I use are those of finest quality. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Flora made it to my select list of foods that bring me back home to Croatia!

Nice fruity flavor
by TC

I love cooking and I only use high quality, extra virgin olive oil in my recipes. I was attracted to try out this olive oil because it is "certified organic". The oil has a very nice fruity flavor to it. The color of the oil is a nice, clear, dark green/olive color. I use this olive oil in my everyday cooking to add flavor, and I especially like to use it to dress my salads and pasta. It is definitely worth the extra money as compare to regular olive oils.

by v

Oh my goodness. This olive oil ROCKS. The flavor is light, yet has a buttery and sweet taste all at the same time. The fact that it is organic makes a noticeable difference from non-organic extra virgin olive oil; a good difference. The price is great and well worth the buy. I use it for all my cooking in place of butter, and it makes everything taste amazing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by Christy R.

I use Olive Oil a lot in my cooking and I serve olive oil with bread on an almost daily basis. I was dismayed to find out how many calories are in olive oil so I've tried to cut down on my use a little bit. What's great about this is it has such a good flavor. I can use a little bit less of it and get the same flavor as I would using more of a cheap grocery store brand of olive oil. It's worth the extra cost because of that extra flavor and the fact that I can use less of it to get the same result.

Very Good
by Hrd

I heard about the benefits of using this oil over others and thought of giving it a try. After using it, I am a big fan of this oil. I pretty much cook everything in this and have found that food to be much more healthier in taste. It has a really good flavor to it, and works well in cooking and baking.

I love this!
by Syb

I absolutely love this oil. I'm a big olive oil fan, and pretty much use it for anything and everything. It has a really good flavor to it, and works well in cooking and baking.

my favorite olive oil
by Kelly Morris

This is my favorite olive oil. I used to just buy the generic store brand. Oil is oil, right? Wrong! This tastes so much better, I use it all the time. Olive oil is the healthiest oil available, and this is certainly the best brand!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a hot oil treatment for my hair. I use Virgin Olive Oil for baking and cooking. Virgin Olive is great for dry nails and feet. Virgin Olive is great for dry legs and elbows.

The best!
by L. S.

This is just the best! You can use it for anything at all, any cooking or baking. I use it in recipes instead of vegetable oil. I cook most of our food in it, and even fry okra in it.

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