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Great Product!
by Joy

The Now Flaxseed oil is a great product, you can't bet the price and it also taste good.

Flax See oil
by Martha

This is a GREAT product...good works very well for glucose control with my husband's diabetis; plus colestrol levels have dropped too. I use it and has helped my gout.This is a good product.

Good for your body
by BA

I sneak this oil into a little bit of everything and my family never notices. It is a great way to ensure that my family gets the essential fatty acids that they need. There is no distinguishable taste and the oil just blends right on in with whatever I put it on: salads, chicken, juices, etc. It is a wonderful addition to my kitchen and the health benefits are tremendous. The best part is that only a little goes a long way. This is a simple way to keep my family on the road to health.

Mircale Oil
by Lib

I habe been using NOW's Flax seed Oil in my post-workout shakes. It has many great benefits, from preventing toxic buildup in the body and also helps reduce cholesterol .

Great product, highly recommend.

Good for vegetarian salads
by Ariel

Flax Seed Oil is an essential part of my diet. This one is pretty inexpensive. I’m vegetarian and don’t do Fish Oil, but need those fatty acids. I use this stuff to make salad dressings or toss a spoonful into a glass of grape juice and down the hatch it goes. I feel that this keeps me balanced and starves off my depression. Just make sure you keep this in the fridge because it will go rancid otherwise.

Flax Seed Oil
by Michael G.

I was recommended this product by my mother, who is a family physican. It is perfect in the morning with oatmeal. You get many great benefits out of this product for such a little price. I have many of these around my house and will continue using it.

Works great!
by kre

Flax seed oil is an important source of so many fatty acids. I found this brand to be a good balance of price and taste. It easily blends into my oatmeal or morning smoothie. I've noticed that my hair and skin look much more healthy when I maintain my intake of flax seed oil. This product is a good way to make sure you're getting what you need without going broke!

by EF

This is a decent product, at a decent price. I would recommend it. However, for an individual who is only looking to purchase a single essential fatty acid product I would encourage them to go with a fish oil sourse rather than flaxseed oil. Flaxseed is not broken down by the human body in a hugely efficient way. Fish oil on the other hand is in a form readily available for use by the human body. This makes it a better choice of EFA supplement.

The Best.
by TM

From the places I shop this is the absolute best product for the money. If you are at all interested in health, which I imagine you are since you are reading this- then this product is for you. This is a much needed addition to today's foods and diets. Omega-3's have lots of benefits. Make sure to try this.

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