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Cod Liver Oil And Evening Primrose Oil Softgels

With Important Fatty Acids Cod Liver Oil naturally contains the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Cod Liver Oil is a natural source of Vitamins A and D, which help maintain bones and a healthy immune system. Vitamin A also assists in many other functions, such as eyesight and skin maintenance. Evening Primrose Oil is a rich, natural source of the important unsaturated fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). EPA, DHA and GLA are precursors to prostaglandins, action-specific biomolecules that
Product: Cod Liver Oil And Evening Primrose Oil Softgels
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Retail: $10.99
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1 Customer Reviews

Take Cod Liver Oil For Nerve Pain
by Deb

I started taking this suppliment when I had severe pain in my shoulder and ulnar nerve. I was going to a neurologists for the ulnar nerve and asked him if he thought the cod liver oil and evening primerose was healing for the nerves and taking the pain away. He said it was very possible the cod liver oil was but he didn't know about the primerose. He offered to operate on the nerve to try and get rid of the constant tingling I had. I decided to try accupuncture first.
I had acupuncture 3 times directly in the area of the ulnar nerve and the tingling in my two fingers went away after being that way for over a year. In case someone is interested, the acupuncturist used aprox. 80 needles mainly in the area of the inside elbow. Didn't hurt a bit. It looked kinda funny though.
I ran out of my Puritain's Pride suppliment and noticed the tingling in my fingers coming back. I went to a discount store and bought another brand of cod liver oil. After a week and no luck, I called and ordered this product again. A few days after taking this product, the tingling in the fingers was gone. This is my personal story of what this wonderful product has done for me. I continue to take this daily. One a day.
My brother in law came over and was complaining about his shoulder being stiff and painful for several weeks. I gave him a bottle to try and he said in two days his shoulder pain and stiffness was gone and now he is sold on this product. I don't know if it is the combination or just the cod liver oil but I will stick with what works for me.
It was important to get my arms in better condition once I got rid of the pain and tingling so I bought some stretch bands and used them every day for months to strengthen all the muscles and tendons in both my arms.
The body will heal itself if it has what it needs to repair.
Blessings and good health to all!