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naturally thai mangosteen
by joann

I really like this stuff! It tastes great and I do feel better taking it. I am having a little trouble finding it, though. My local costco stopped carrying it. The search is on!

great price
by Susana Clark

The price is great at Sam's Wholesale Club.. Tastes great.

Naturally Thai Mangosteen
by Terri

I really like this stuff! It tastes great and I do feel better taking it. I am having a little trouble finding it, though. My local Sam's Club stopped carrying it. The search is on!

by Raymond

I saw this juice at Sam's figured I'd give it a try (also had Xango) for the price.. Didn't taste anywhere near as good as Xango, but what really got me was the reconstituted mangosteen ingredient.. From what I remember Xango was the real whole fruit not reconstituted.. So between that and the taste I switched back to Xango.. Plus I liked seeing the actual rind of the fruit in the Xango product.

Takes a while to get used to the taste
by AJ Goldberg

Not the best medicinal drink I've ever had - I still like my Arizona Green Tea - but this is delicious all the same. It takes a while to get used to the flavor, but that might be a matter of prerefence. Gives me energy without excess caffeination like energy drinks, so I pick it up every time I hit Sam's Club.

Good Medicine tastes bitter
by TTJ

When I first tried the Thai Mangosteen I did not feel comfortable with its taste. Before, I had very servere back pain at night and was very sleepy during the day. After taking this for about 4 months, I feel very energetic and my back pain lessened. I also have a very good appetite now.

Works better than it tastes
by Lisa

I had tried other mangosteen products when I purchased and tried Naturally Thai ,and was a little disappointed with the taste. I did feel like I was noticing an increase in my energy and stamina. I switched to a different product that tasted better, though. I purchased mine at WalMart for around $13. If I didn't have access to anything else, I would still be using it because I felt like it was improving my energy.

Easy entrance to magosteen
by Dani

Surprisingly, I found this product at Sam's Club! What a treat. It had fewer grams of sugar than other Mangosteen products I've compared it to other places. At Sams it was only $15 and some change. I thought it tasted great, but I did notice some batches tended toward a stronger pineapple flavor, others to a lesser degree. I am continuing - after five months of feeling better, I'm incorporating other individual antioxidants and taking a newer product from Nature's Way. It's a price thing rather than a product issue.

by Charlie Herrin

I have a friend who had lung cancer and his Natural medicine doctor put him on mangosteen. This was not all she put him on but it was the main thing. He is now cancer free. I started drinking it when I had a tumor diagnoised earlier this year. Thankfully it was not cancer. I will still continue to take this just to be on the safe side not only for the cancer issue but all the other health issues out there.

Taste - not so good
by John Phillips

I saw this product at Sam's club. The price was good, compared to the Xango that I was taking. The taste was terrible. I plan on switching back to Xango, but I'm also looking at the Thaigo as well.

by Peter Sivinski

I bought at Costco for only $18, but have seen absolutely no difference in my health. I probably will try one more month before I give it up.

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