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Bussiness Owner 2 companies
by Patricia Parker

I have to say, i would put my head down at my desk at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. My colesterol was 4.6 in 2010. I have had it retested last week, January 2012. Went from 4.6 to 3.4. Im guessing it is the Vemma. I do not know if you loose weight on this product, i have only been on for 3 months. I would always get sick, always had to go on antibiotics, so far this winter season.,..NOTHING.... I heard the Vemma Bode-e is coming out..I cannot wait to try it. I am so happy at this point in my life. Next step, i will be going off the Cymbalta 30mg. Very Very Excited.

To Liam
by Kelley

Liam, the product is not cheap, as you will see and notice, its not out of control expensive, but it is around $70-80 a month. If the product was a scam, and only the people who "sell" it were out here, would everyone be continuing to buy it!?!? I am not doing the business side of this product, but I can tell you it is a great product. Try it, you have nothing to lose, in fact the company have a money back empty bottle guarantee. Not everyone is the same, but just because they use MLM to market doesn't mean its a scam. I love this product!

Reponse to Jim L.
by Victoria

Jim-if you eat all of your veggies and stuff..good for you. I myself do not and neither do my kids. I know of a man close to me who died of cancer who ONLY ate Organic figure that one out.
I (and i'm sure the owners of Vemma) am not saying this is the cure for everything but it does not hurt to take your daily vitamins/minerals a day..does it?

For Liam
by Victoria

Liam, obviously you have not tried the product. I myself take it and give it to my kids and i have seen the effects. We are not saying this is going would cure cancer BUT this is almost like a supplemental drink (such as the vitamins that your Dr would prescribe to you) to help your body retain all the nutrients that it needs.

I am a horrible eater-i do not eat the proper servings of anything that i should be eating so therefore i lack the "essential minerals" that my body needs. I take this to replenish that and it DOES WORK. So do me a favor, unless you have evidence that suggests otherwise you can keep your "fool and his money" comments to yourself.

by Marianne Caroselli

I tried Vemma because I was getting tired around 3:00pm everyday. So I gave it a try, well it worked, I have lots of energy and don't fizzel out in the afternoon. People say, gee I wish I had your energy at 69 years old. But I didn't like the cost, so I decided to stop and see how I felt. Well in just a few days I was tired again. I took the bottle to a vitamin store, they couldn't match it and had something with less ingredients and the same price. He even said, this Vemma has some good ingredients. Well I called and got Vemma shipped to me. Now I am back to feeling good. I don't mind the money anymore because it's worth it. My husband is 75 years old and I got him to start on Vemma and he has more energy now, can finish a round of golf without feeling bad on the 15th hole. I recommend it.

Amazing product
by Debbie Smith

I would never believe something like this could help your health change so drastictly if I had not seen it with my own eyes! My mom was in a very depressed state of mind. Her diabetes, severeb arthritis, glaucoma over weight and much more had her in her recliner wanting the good Lord to just take her home. After taking the Vemma/Verve for 3 1/2 months mom has lost 50 lbs, has more energy to get up and around her house, does not need her scooter to go to the bathroom in her own house. After 6 months on the product mom has been taken off 2 medications for her diabetes, her arthrotis is not bothering her near as much and her doctor reccomends she never go of the products. Mom has now been on the products for about 1 1/2 years and says she feels fantastic and would never dream of quiting them, by the way she is no longer considered a diabetic and NEVER uses her scooter or cane anymore. Dad on the other hand was one step away from insulin for his diabetes and his lipid panel was all over the place. Doc was real concerned about him. He is only on 2 meds for his diabetes and just went through colon cancer surgery with flying colors. His surgeon told him he is the healthiest 70 year old man he has ever met! I personally have been taking the products for 1 year this March and feel fantastic with my health. I did not start with any major issues but with both my parents having many, many issues with their health I can not go wrong with helping my body keep a strong immune system to protect it from all these medical issues. Yes I do sell the products now, but why wouldn't I after seeing my parents health go from crap to fantastic in just 6 months- a year... If you are interested in joining me check out my web site and let me know what you think? No obligations... I am a Christian women in my early 40's who firmly believes this product is amazing in what it can do for your immune system. Thank you for taking the time to check it out! God Bless

Try it before you know it!
by Tiffany

My family just started taking Vemma a month ago and have already seen great results. My mom has stopped taking advill for her arthritis pain in her hands. Multiple people have seen their bodies slimming, because their body is working more efficiently. My 4 year old cousin used to eat horribly and had dark circles under his eyes and now that he has started taking Next (Vemma for kids) the dark circles have disappeared and he has begun to eat better. If you want more info about Vemma check out my blog. I have started writing down all of my experiences with them. :)

This Product Worked for Me
by Cheryl

I think this product might have different results for different people. My son was diagnosed with IBS and I ordered Vemma for him to try. I wanted to try it as well and it was wonderful! I had a huge increase in energy and felt great. My son was also helped by this product. We had to stop taking it because of the cost. We also tried Mona Vie which the main ingredient is acai berry and I didn't notice any difference in how I felt. If you can afford Vemma, do it. They will automatically ship it to your doorstep. It was a great product for me.

Only an idiot would buy this.
by Liam

The same people who buy Vemma or any other miracle juice are the same ones who buy ear candles, shake weights, ionic breezes, colon cleansers and ab rollers.

It is painfully obvious to anyone capable of rational thought that the positive reviews come from those who sell the juice.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Outstanding results
by Michael Tellekamp

I have tried lots of vitimins and supplements with little positive effect and some not so pleasant side effects. My doctor recommended this product. After using for 2 months my stomach problems ceased, joint pain disappeared and I felt more energy than I had in a long time. My blood work during this years physical was awesome. The cost is minimal, $2.35 a day. You pay that at McDonalds for a drink. No one else in this product field has done clinical trials. Check it out.

In response to aluminum in vemma
by Amanda

Why is there aluminum in the ingredients of Vemma?
The minerals in Vemma are in the ionic form, NOT the elemental form.  

Ionic minerals in Vemma are broken down to the smallest state possible measured in Angstroms. (Angstrom = 1/100000000 cm). The ionic forms are so small they penetrate the cell walls for immediate cellular nutrition.

The minerals in Vemma are plant derived minerals not synthetically derived. This is very important. Minerals extracted from plants are water soluble. For example, aluminum in the elemental form can cause Alzheimer disease. Aluminum in the ionic form, such as aluminum hydroxide or aluminum silica, are the same aluminum in an apple.

Elemental minerals build up toxicity and plant derived ionic minerals are water soluble. Plant derived ionic minerals are the minerals that your body needs.  These plant derived ionic minerals will naturally flush from your body and are good for you.


Lactation Consultant and RN
by Evelyn M. Scott

I love Vemma. I have used it for about a year and feel more energetic and see an obvious improvement in my skin. I've had a type of nervous excema which is exacerbated by stress, but with Vemma it is virtually disappearing. I drink my little Vemma shot with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and I absolutely love it. When I move to Playa del Carmen next year I want to sell it to all the enthusiastic beachcombers with a healthy mindset.

The product helped me.
by Patrick Judge

I was suffering with I was told overproducing acid, I was in a lot of pain, I also suffer very bad with migraines and several other health issues, not only have I got more energy feel better than ever, but it sure beats buying lots of different products and gulping down tablets, this absorbs better , its great recovery for after the gym so I decided after a month on this I want to help people with this product and become a rep for the company.
I use the Verve energy drink which has 2ozs of the vemma mention.

This is very good product
by Patrick Judge

I was suffering with I was told overproducing acid, I was in a lot of pain, I also suffer very bad with migraines and several other health issues, not only have I got more energy feel better than ever, but it sure beats buying lots of different products and gulping down tablets, this absorbs better , its great recovery for after the gym so I decided after a month on this I want to help people with this product and become a rep for the company.
I use the Verve energy drink which has 2ozs of the vemma mention.



May I point out I also study chemicals and toxins and point out the difference.

it's not the fluoride mineral you put on your teeth.that's bad , it's fluorine, a plant based ultra trace mineral naturally found in veggies.
This product is undergone 2 clinic trials at brunswick labs and is also list in the physicians reference book.

The minerals used in the products are plant based. you are confusing
them with elemental (rocks) based minerals. the same minerals you point out are found
in most of the veggies you buy at the store in ultra trace amounts. why they're in there is something only mother nature can point out. 10 years ago,
selenium was considered toxic and deadly, now it's in the news all the time ?
So hope this info helps you understand.

Putting the good fuel back into your body is important for it to function.

The owner of the company asked a chinese doctor to develope the best nutriton product after his own mother and father fell ill to heart disease and tumours.

My brother dies of a massive heart attack and my dad had a heart attack and form the clinical trials I can say that this product is designed to help reduce inflammation, protect us from the damage that trans fats does to you, and helps your immune system.

Bk gives his next formula for kids to his owns kids everyday, for every bottle bought a bottle goes to children in need.

BK has a heart and a passion for this product.

I am also a member of a new forum for migraines, and know that this product will help them just like it did me.

So thanks to BK for a wonderful product.

Patrick in Dublin Ireland

vemma believer
by Deana327

After being introduced to VEMMA I was extremely skeptical. Being a registered nurse, I know a lot about the human body, how it works, what it needs, etc. I did my research on the product and listened to MANY testimonies and opinions regarding the product. My conclusion: VEMMA is indeed the answer to our bodies needs! Being that I am only 24 years of age and can say that I beat cancer (I am otherwise a very healthy and active person), I want to do everything I can possibly do to prevent any further illness. VEMMA provides the body with every single nutrient that it could possibly need. Why complicate things by wasting your time purchasing a bottle of each individual vitamin, mineral, mangosteen extract and aloe vera when you can receive ALL you need in 2 ounces of VEMMA each day! Not to mention, this liquid formula is absorbed at a much higher percentage than any pill could every be. The difference, 98% of VEMMA is absorbed while only 20% of a pill/tablet/capsule is absorbed. What does this mean? Well think about take a pill, lets say Vitamin A and the bottle states that one pill a day provides you with 100% of your daily need. Since you only absorb about 20%, you should really take 5 of those pills to receive 100% of your recommend daily need (20x5=100%)! If you want to talk about the price, well there really isn't anything we can do about it. Just make adjustments in your spending habits to allow VEMMA to fit in your budget! My health is worth it and I certainly don't have a money tree growing in my backyard! If I can answer any further questions or someone just wants to discuss VEMMA more in depth, please contact me. As a nurse, I want to see people live healthier, happier and longer lives! I truly believe that VEMMA is one step in the right direction!
Deana Petty

msn, mba, rn
by chantel murray

delicious, packed with energy

chantel murray, msn, mba, rn

by Jim L.

If Vemma is so good and has all of these vitamins and minerals then why did they add two of the worst kinds of ingredients damaging to our bodies... Aluminum and Fluoride? If they would remove these two killers (Aluminum has been pointed to Alzheimers) then maybe I would even try it and support it.

by Barbara Thomas

I agree this product seemed high priced until after 2 months when I discovered the following: I dropped the other pill vitamin pack (5 in each, $30/month). I suppose because of the anti-inflammatory effects, I was able to come completely off Celebrex (very high cost) as well as Lyrica (brand-name only). Considering the capability of the body to absorb liquids so much better than tablets or pills, I believe I am actually getting more (health wise and cost-wise) for my money. I personally will find somewhere else to cut back. Also, we may be in fairly good health today, but what about preventative. Still boils down to how much is your health worth? I surely don't expect that everyone will have the same results I have, but one year later, I am very pleased.

by D. Wikler

Outstanding source of nutrition. I noticed a difference immediately and did not feel the side effects like with other products. Obviously a quality product!

Vemma and Verve
by Eric Day

I have been taking Vemma for a couple of weeks, and it has helped me out more then any other drink. This is some really awesome stuff. Now with Vemma in every can of Verve energy drink, Verve is the healthiest energy drink on the market. I get it from this site

by jessica b

Had a wonderful taste and smell and it has been very healthy for me.

It's Pricey, but ...
by Brett

Sure this product is more expensive than a typical multivitamin or mineral supplement or antioxidant. But considering that it is all three in one package, I think I'll stick with it. I was skeptical at first, but I really do feel a difference after using the product for a couple of months.

And now it even comes in an energy drink. Imagine that - a nutritional energy drink. That was enough to prompt my husband and me to check into the Vemma/Verve opportunity. I don't know yet how it will turn out, but if the opportunity is nearly as good as the product, it should be a winner.

Great Product and oppurtunity
by Gray

I love it and im telling others about it and pretty much getting it for free
Check it out at

Vemma Nutritional Program
by Ozlat @ Energy Cans

Vemma blends the most recent science, and nature's finest to form a complete and delicious once-a-day liquid supplement that provides you with everything you need.

There are different types of antioxidants

There are many types of antioxidants. Vitamin C is one type and vitamin E is another, then you have green tea, (which is in Vemma), and then you have the types in the mangosteen fruit. The mangosteen contains forty or so of the nearly 200 known xanthones. Xanthones are a type of antioxidant in a class all by themselves.
I am a disabled vet. I have severe knee and back injuries. I have been in chronic pain for more than 10 years. The only thing that has worked is Clebrex, but when my blood pressure went from normal to 160/95 in the time span of a month, the doctor's pulled it from my treatment, and started me on other drugs to counteract the effects of the Celebrex. Last Spring, after trying Vemma for three days, my knee pain went away. It turns out that one of the xanthones in the mangosteen, alpha mangostin, is a natural cox2 enzyme inhibitor...(this is what Celebrex attempts to do) but the mangosteen achieves this without the side effects of killing thousands of people. This cox2 enzyme inhibiting action is proven in lab tests. This is written about in a scholarly paper that can be found on The Mangosteen is the only fruit that has this particular xanthone. So drinking just green tea, or taking mega doses of vitamin C or E does not have the same health benefits when compared to the Vemma formula.
Compared to monavie and others, the Vemma formulation is the richest in mangosteen xanthones making it the best value for the money. When you compare the xanthone content and ORAC value, you would have to buy more than $200 worth of monavie to get the same xanthone content as is found in $60 worth of Vemma...AND you get vitamins and minerals and aloe vera and green tea all on top of the xanthones. It seems like a no-brainer to me.


this drink is really healthy for you..i mean i gave it to my mom and she is feeling great and losing weight! =]

Vemma expensive juice
by vemma

I have take the products for a couple of months but didn,t feel anything .
I tried the product because of a friend he said use it at least 3 months so i followd his advice.
I did,t liked the chemical tasted but ok if it is healthy
Then i found out that it hadn,t no GMP status that it wasn,t stated or approved by the FDA if it that good why not .
I never going to buy it agian as i now use a product with real effect after 3 days already .

Vemma and MonaVie
by Debbie

I used to be a drinker of Vemma. I did feel a little better as far as energy and dropped loads of money on the product. I never did get in to the money making aspect of it however. A friend of mine sold MonaVie and told me about this different juice. After my husband and I started trying the MonaVie we felt immediate results. On top of the energy, the less achy joints for my husband, my blood cholesteral was actually good the last time I got checked! Thats a first. My husband also stopped having migraines (which he was on pres meds for) after drinking MonaVie and so since they are priced about the same, we started drinking the MonaVie instead. I definately think MonaVie is better!

by Marilyn

So it tastes good...So does alot of juice. My friend has recently become a distributor, signing up everyone she knows so i thought I'd pacify her and buy some. I felt nothing and took it as directed. She even had me increase my dose (which they will recommend=$$$ in their pockets) and still i felt nothing other than $60 poorer! Total scam!

Really Pricey.
by Joseph Thomas

I'm going to be honest, for what you are paying for this it isn't worth it. The taste is fine. I have just recently purchased these but I won't ever do it again. Sixty dollars was a lot for me. Maybe it did make me healthy, but there are other things out there for a smaller cost and the same results. I saw an ad for VEMMA and I decided to try it out. But I will go with a cheaper brand next time.

Excellent Daily Formula
by Cleve

If you can afford the cost, the formula Vemma has mixed with the greens drink and the strawberry-kiwi xanthones drink taken twice a day is top notch.
I truly believe their mixture is absorbed better being in liquid formula and it has a tolerable if not great taste also.
The mangosteen content was my initial reason for purchasing it, it added such a boost to my energy I dropped off a few of the tablet vitamin additions I had taken for years such as B complex and E geltabs.
Try it it is awesome.

by julia

This product is VERY expensive, which made me not want to try it at first. I like the taste of them. They are very delicious, but it gave me the same effects as any other antioxidants would. I would rather take the green tea supplement than drink this drink for $60. I mean, if you have the money, it is worth it, but for people who don't, it is just easier to buy cheaper things that give you the same effects, and it is more worth it. I did like this product, but the price isn't my type of living.

Excellent Product but Overpriced
by Rhonda Rutledge

As a former member of Vemma, I still use their product as my financial situation allows and highly recommend the product. Their daily dose of one ounce of the mangosteen fortified drink and one ounce of the daily greens drink has all your basic necessary vitamins and minerals with the added bonus of xanthones. New to the nutritional scene, these xanthones are terrific anti-oxidents which bind to a wide variety of free radicals and known carcinogens. The mangosteen is the real benefit you won't find in your regular daily vitamins that has more advantages than we are even fully aware of yet.
As for the company, I wouldn't fall for the money making scheme, as it seems only those at the very top are profiting. To their credit, they are very informative about the history, uses, and known benefits of mangosteen. I did feel a bit mislead that the "MD" they have endorsing the product was in fact a PhD, and not what I had understood to be a medical doctor.
Overall, if you can fit the exaggerated expense of the product into your budget, the quality is high. Considering the current nutritional products on the market with mangosteen, it is among the very best. They have taken the time to manufacture their vitamin content in a manner so that your body is able to absorb the nutrients far easier than most others on the market.

It's the Mangosteen, not the company!
by Edward Carey

As a food supplement user for more than 12 years, I tested this product as I do all I use, on myself first. First, I read all I could find on the subject, then I tried it. Mangosteen is underrated as a food supplement because it is so new, relatively speaking, but it makes the body work as it should. The phytonutrient aspect of it is great. For myself, and I am in great shape, I became in even greater shape than ever. It makes my body work like it did when I was young. That means everything. I could tell it was doing good things right away, but after taking it for nearly a year now, I can say no one should be without it. I have persuaded others to start taking it and the results are the same.

I belonged to Vemma at first. Their product is good and you get the minerals with the mangosteen as well. The body requires the minerals more than it needs vitamins (as supplements). Mangosteen helps the minerals do their job even better. However, my testing includes pricing. I found I could get the mangosteen and the minerals from other sources that are as good or better for half the price, and at local nutrition stores. As always, the user must check the labels! Not all products are the same. Paying more or less is not necessarily a guarantee of a better product.

Tastes Great, But...
by Katelin

We all know how wonderful antioxidants are for you, but come on! There are so many less expensive ways to get your daily fix of antioxidants! MUCH less expensive!

I heard from a few friends how wonderful this product was, so I figured I would give it a try. And while Vemma certainly is delicious, it didn't make me feel any differently than other products I have tried.

If you can afford this product, then by all means, give it a try. However, for anyone who wants the benefit of antioxidants without the heavy price tag, just grab a cup of green tea and call it a day!

5 Customer Opinions

Week one
by RC

Tastes good and easy going down. I don't feel any difference and I hope that it does change my health in a positive way. When should I start to feel it's effects? Just might be a placebo.

by Jim L.

I guess no one would like to answer my questions. I have posted this question to Vemma customer service with no reply as well... how can something bad for you be good? I'll pass on this one and eat/drink my greens/vegetables which has proven to 'cure' arthritis, cancer and other diseases. If you stay away from any and all chemicals you'll have a healthy life!!

Is $2 bucks a day to much??
by AutoCrafters can not put a price on your health. If you will sit back and really take an inventory of your worldly possessions, iPod, iPhone, downloaded music, Aero clothes, AE clothes or whatever your taste buds likes...$4 cup of java, $2 bottle water. When you eat out do you order water or pay $2.50 for a tea or drink. This website can help you determin the true facts about mangosteen this is the same site Dr.'s use to research.

Go Vemma!!!
by margia wolfe

I am a new customer, and I tried the vemma drink, and I fell so much in love with the sample that I had. I ran upstairs and got online and ordered my drink... It's the bomb!

Vemma and Verve
by ahsan

I have been taking Vemma for a couple of weeks, and it has helped me out more then any other drink. This is some really awesome stuff. Now with Vemma in every can of Verve energy drink, Verve is the healthiest energy drink on the market. I get it from this site