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Naysayers--what's the rub?
by Blake

Funny how the naysayers want to trash a product simply because they don't like the hype! Placebo effect? Even if that were true--would it be worth it? Maybe you'd be right comfortable with your cancer instead? I intentionally did NOT read these reviews prior to using the product. And guess what? I've felt better and had more energy and the ONLY think different I am doing is drinking the juice. Go figure.

Insomnia Relief
by Cheyenne Lee

I had suffered from sever insomnia for many years now and tried all kinds of vitamins and everything for it and nothing helped at all until I triked Xango. My mom has all different kinds of juices that she claims work wonders, but I never believed her until I tried xango. I am an athlete and was only getting 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night and was constantly sick and irritated and when i finally did go to bed i woke up with terrible nightmares until i woke up. The first night i tried Xango within an hour I was knocked out and only woke up once during the night and that was plenty enough proof for me, now after 2 months of taking Xango i go to bed no problem and barely ever wake up during the night. Thank you xango and thank you Jesus

Re: Only an idiot would buy this
by Lin

Let me tell you, Liam, that only an idiot would write what you wrote. I am NOT a distrubutor of Xango or Mangosteen Essence. The Mangosteen Essence DOES work. I have seen it work on my own 3-year-old grandson. It is now working on me. I slept all the way through last night after years of insomnia. My son-in-law is pain free. I met a woman who had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer who was told to put her affairs in order. She is still alive and her tumor has decreased 50% in size! You are ridiculous comparing Mangosteen juice to candles and rollers. You may think you have rational thoughts and those who take Mangosteen do not, but I am here to tell you that your post is the one that is irrational, not the rest. Shame on you.

Only an idiot would buy this.
by Liam

The people who buy Xango or any other miracle juice are the same people who buy shake weights, ear candles, ionic breeze and ab rollers.

It is painfully obvious to anyone capable of rational thought that the positive reviews come from distributors of xango.

Thanks God for Mangosteens& XanGo juice
by Tilly

I started drinking XanGo juice 3 years ago. After 1 month without much result I was thinking to stop drinking it.
I came to learn that some people need bigger a dose. Doubling the dose made the process quicker which happened after a couple of weeks. My migraines are gone, my allergies are gone(some food &skin allergies on contact with chemicals in diswasher& liquid soap),GERD is gone, chronic fatigue is gone and many other little things to numerous to mention.
If you suffer with any of these ailments, do yourself a favour. Give XanGo juice a try!
All the wonderful results that I had confirm once again what the scientists found in their laboratory studies (www.
Thank God for the mangosteen fruit!

by Karen

I am a new Xango Distributor after much research and trying the juice for myself. I drink 2 oz 3 times a day and have found pain relief from arthritis and neuropathy. Xango is delicious, effective and non-toxic to children (other nutrition juice supplements can be toxic)! I have more energy during the day and am experiencing an incredible restorative sleep each night, waking up completely refreshed and pain free! This is a great product! Karen Salem, Northeast Ohio

by Kelly Gill

Love it!!!!

by Terri Johannessen

I have been drinking Xango for over 4 years. I was a reluctant user as I depended on my Doctor for RX and not a juice. I have had sinus problems for over 20 years and was on heavy duty antibiotics at least 3-4 times a year. I began to drink Xango after being pushed daily by my husband. ( The snake oil salesman). To say I was shocked is an understatement. I have not taken RX for 4 years and I will continue to drink this wonderful juice forever. If you are a skeptic just call me and you can check with my Dr. As a side effect my bone density study showed an improvement and I am not taking Boniva. I will answer any questions and supply the medical records.

It may work for you
by kelly brown

It did not live up to claims. Some issues with customer service. It took a long time to stop the auto draft, and the representative was quite surly because I wanted to cancel, not nearly as nice as he was when I ordered. I still am on the mailing list. I did not notice a difference at all after a year so I decided time was up.

Enthusiastic XanGo consumer
by Bud Davis

This is my personal testimony. I was introduced to high value nutrition products, i.e., herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pycnoginol (both grape seed and pine bark), etc. early in the 1980’s with some benefit. However, I used to get a cold every time the seasons changed and caught the flu about every other year. I suffered with arthritis in my legs and knees so bad I was unable to walk up a grade without pain. I could barely climb stairs and had to pull myself up stairs by the banister. I also had extreme pain in my left shoulder and elbow and similar pain in my right arm. During the night I would wake up several times with my arms completely numb and would have to throw my body into a different position so that the circulation could return to normal. I had suffered from extreme foot pain due to neuropathy, feeling like I was standing in hot roofing tar, for over 10 years. It was so bad that I would come home at the end of the day with my feet on fire. I would walk in the house and immediately take off my shoes at the door and limp to my recliner, where I would sit with my feet elevated for an hour, until the pain had receded enough for me to put on soft slippers and stand long enough to cook dinner for my son and I (single parent). I had extreme heartburn, and lived on TUMS. I had a trick knee left over from high school football which had bothered me nearly 50 years and had eczema on my elbows and knees most of my life. In 2001 I was introduced to a noni product and had the following results...I have not had a cold, sniffles, sore throat or the flu, now going on 8 years. After 4 weeks on the noni juice the arthritic pain was gone and I was running up stairs 2 at a time. After 5 weeks I came home and, as was my habit, took off my shoes at the door, looked down at my feet and realized that, for the 1st time in over 10 years my feet didn't hurt! The foot pain was gone! The circulation in my arms returned to normal, allowing me to sleep through the night. I had a history of heart and cardiovascular problems, having suffered 2 severe angina attacks (BP 220/150 at the ER), over a 15 year period (1991, 2004), each followed by an angioplasty procedure, the last time a stent was installed. As a result of this history I was on 7 meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as blood thinners and diabetes. My blood pressure was in the 160/100 range. Cholesterol and triglycerides were both over 200, the point of concern. At this point (July 2005) I began taking XanGo, the only whole fruit mangosteen juice, 2 oz x 3 a day. After a year, 2006, I stopped taking my meds; BP at that time was 116/72 at Dr’s office and have had nothing but XanGo mangosteen juice for 3 years. I just had (8/28/09) a full blood work-up at my medical clinic and blew the medical professionals away! My BP was 106/60! And my C-rp (C-reactive protein, the most current test as a marker for heart attack risk) was .048! Over 3 is risky, under 3 is good, the lower the better. Both of my numbers were well below average. In fact, my caregiver said both were the lowest numbers he had seen in their clinic, certainly better than 90% of their patients.
Today my pulse rate is about 64, BP is 106/60, cholesterol is 170, triglycerides are 140, HDL (good cholesterol) is 38...40 is excellent. Even the trick knee has gone away. All the pain in my feet, knees, wrists, elbows and shoulders is still gone. The eczema on my elbows and knees? I recently realized that it’s gone. I still drink only the XanGo mangosteen juice, still 2 oz. 3 times a day, after each meal. I have also lost 40+ lbs, with no change to my diet or activity level. I'm often told I look mid to late 50's, probably because of my love of life and the way I act, and I've never felt better. Nice to hear since I'm 70. Good genes, I guess. And I'm blessed of God, and give thanks to Him for creating this wonderful mangosteen fruit and allowing me to find it! And thank you, Joe Morton and XanGo!
Bud Davis, Jacksonville, Fl 9/13/09


Great product. Well worth the price.

How much is your health worth
by Dan

All of the people who say it is too expensive, ask yourself this, how much is my health worth? $100 a month to me for prevention is worth much more than being sick or paying for medications.

Tastes Good, but....
by Patricia

I got a bottle as a birthday gift. It tasted fine, but since I wasn't told anything about any benefits I wasn't looking for anything. Which leaves out placebo effect.

That said, I didn't notice any increase in energy or change in sleep patterns...or any other improvements in how I feel. So...whatever, can't hurt, might help. I can't afford it.

Very Well Worth It
by Jennalea

I have been using Xango for 6 years now, I love it. I got hooked on it and have seen a lot of good from this wonderful product! It really does work like it says.

by Pam Cook

Great tasting, good benefits recommended but way too expensive for my taste!

good but expensive
by nicole

I got a sample of this juice from the local market. The taste is great and I hear the bennefits and outcome of drinking the juice are outstanding, but I would never pay 40 dollars for a bottle unless I absolutely needed it.

by kim2728

Xango costs so much. But the taste is decent and I am looking forward to seeing what the juice will do for my health. I will keep you posted...

Xango juice
by Linda

I have just started drinking Xango juice. I really like the taste, but it is too early to know if it will help my joints, or give me energy, etc. Time will tell. The only negative is the price. I am enjoying drinking it though. Love the bottle it comes in too.

by Taylor Holloway!!!

This drink is delicious:D and I abosolutly love it!!!

I like it so far
by SSS

I have been using xango juice for 9 days. A friend who sells it gave me a bottle and I was skeptical....I have now ordered a case. I am 41 and always have little aches and pains in my joints (knees and elbows) whenever I get out of bed in the morning or come up my stairs everyday. The other day I woke up BEFORE the alarm and was well rested. I got out of bed and did not realize I was moving PAIN free until l was dressed and downstairs!! That's good enough PROOF for me!!

what xango does for me
by Anonymous

about 1 year ago i fell off of a pony tha ti was riding and seriously injured mu shoulder about 5.5 months later i started drinking xango and my shoulder no longer hurt and i was not so tired all of the time.

New Xango User
by Becky

Holy Cow!! I received my first order of Xango
today, and had my first dose after dinner.
I was so excited to get started on this drink, for several reasons. One big reason was having shortness of breath and wheezing when laying down at night. Tonight, upon retiring, I was able to take much larger, better breaths, and my wheezing was gone!!! Unbelievable!!!!

by allie

Way too expensive- but it's so awesome! Right after drinking it, you can feel a total energy boost. But you still crash. Not a miracle drink, but pretty close.

by angie

I have been drinking xango for over 4 years it has giving me back my life I am 54 and for over 10 years I tried all kind of things including therapy my pain level was at least a 12 but most day now there is no pain or maybe a 3, my inflammation is also undercontrol I love what Xango has done for me first 5-6 months 6oz now 4oz a day. I would like to thank XANGO FOR FINDING IT. ALSO MY HUSBAND AND MYSELF FOR BEING SMART ENOUGH TO JUST TRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by dj grandison

I have had MS for 18 years. I have been hospitalized over 40 times. I was on life support last year. I am 47 years old. My Godfather brought a bottle of this juice to me a month ago. I am able to walk with a walker. My energy, my mental state, my bowel and appetite have all been affected in just 27 days of drinking this. I have tried everything through the years. WHEAT GRASS jjuice helped me at first however after my 22 year old daughter died 8 years ago I could not drink it any more. Just the smeel would make me sick. I feel very optimistic.

Changed my life
by Tim

I've been taking Xango for 5 years. I don't notice what is does for me at all until I stop taking it. If run out or stop taking it I sleep more and feel really lazy. I love this product. Since I've been taking it. I have not been sick once in 5 years, not even a cold. Maybe I have a good immune system but I feel it is from this product. Try it I would recommend it to anyone.

Why Use Chemicals?
by Seeking Natural Products

I have to ask myself why a company would knowingly use chemical preservatives in their "health" product. When mixed with citric acid, sodium benzoate has been provent to break down into benzene (a highly toxic chemical linked to Leukemia and many other health issues).

Worth the money
by Kaye Edsall

I have been taking 2 oz of Xango for 3 years and did notice an increase in energy & well-being the first month (which I call the honeymoon month) After that time period, there is a decline in that great feeling but I continued on through the winter months and did not even have a sniffle. My immune system is in awesome shape. As a nurse, I am exposed to huge amts of germs and have not gotten sick. If I feel a slight scratchy throat or other symptom, I take an extra shot. It has not failed me yet. You may not "feel" results, but they are there!!! I must say that the money I have saved in doctor fees & antibiotics makes up for the cost of this product.

Many benefits can't be felt
by Jim Greiner

Can't say enough good things about XanGo's mangosteen juice. My wife has had relief of arthritis. sleeping problems, and a severe skin problem. I have had relief of vitiligo (loss of skin pigment), canker sores in my mouth, a very difficult burn from cooking (almost instantly), viral illness, and some sinus problems, and my wife experiences less snoring from me!

There is absolutely no doubt that many of the positive effects of XanGo mangosteen juice can't be felt, such as improved cholesterol (mine is normal), PSA test (mine is normal), and C-Reactive protein indicator (mine hasn't been tested). Also, you need a minimum of 3 months of trial before you can make any conclusion since cells take even longer than that to reproduce (in total).

We have been drinking XanGo for over four years.

Xango works well for me
by DJ

I've been drinking Xango for about two months and have noticed great improvement in my GI. I love the taste! The others leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I drink the Xango regularly twice a day.

Tastes great, jury still out on the performance
by Mike

Like the title says this juice tastes great but it does not seem like it does anything. Maybe I am psychologically not seeing it but it doesn't do much if anything at all.

Energy Boost
by Christina

My husband and I did experience an energy boost initially when using this product. I seemed to also be in a better mood. My husband reported sleeping much better after taking the xango. It also tastes great!

Different Taste
by Michael L.

I tried this product because so many others in my area and into this. The taste is very different in a good way. Still not sure that my energy or immune system is any better for it though. Nice bottle though.

Great tasting
by James Zitzmann

This juice tastes amazing, but it does not seem to benefit in the ways it claims to. I have been trying it for about a month now and do not feel any different.

Tastes Good At Least
by Stacy

Xango Juice tastes really really good. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience any type of energy boost or health benefit from it. I tried it for several weeks and I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything.

It's not good
by nivi

I don't like this product. The taste is also not good. I took this to improve my energy. But I was totally upset using this product. It increased my tiredness to some extent. I won't recommend this to anybody.

Taste Great, but still not sure
by Ryan

I have been taking Xango juice for about a year now, and I'm still not sure that it is all it's made up to be. It has a great taste to it, and does provide your body with some nutrients, but not really a whole lot more then you could get from taking a multi-vitamin everyday. Too expensive for what it actually does.

Excellent Drink
by TTJ

I have been suffering from fatigue for a long time and have never slept smoothly through the whole night. Then, a friend recommended Xango. Right now I have been using Xango for over a year. After using it for about 2 months, I have had very good sleep during the night. I also felt that it did indeed help some of my ailments along, and it relieved my back pain to some extent. However, I quit using it about 1 and a half months ago, because the price is very high.

by Annalisa

I have been drinking this juice for a while now and have noticed no significant health benefits from it. On top of that, it is quite pricey. I know of no other medicine/herb that claims to heal as much as this stuff does. Take their claims with a grain of salt.

by Emilia

I also like this product. After drinking this product for two weeks, I started to notice a improvement. This was recommend to me by my aunt who sells it. After two weeks I also felt energy.

Xango Juice
by Pamela Hairston

I was involved in a minor car accident many years ago which left me with reoccurring back pain, especially when I sleep on my stomach (my fav position). I have a problem swallowing pills so I basically had to use a heating pad or just deal w/ the pain. A friend spoke highly of the Xango Juice that she was trying to sell, which is why I thought she spoke so highly of it. I tried it for a couple of days and I hardly ever have any back pain, it also seems to relax me more.

It's really GOOD for you!
by Denise

I was skeptical at first about trying Xango Juice. I saw a decrease in my blood pressure in the first month of use. I also noticed an increase in my energy. The only problem for me was to keep up with the cost. If you have the money to spend it is well worth the health benefits that you receive in return.

by fmodi

This drink tastes great and there are many ways to drink it. I feel much better after drinking it. It's like a health supplement, and it improves my lifestyle. It helped me with my headaches and allergies. I feel more powerful than before.

Xango Juice Promotes Sleep
by Janet Higdon

I have a friend who was having trouble sleeping because of joint pain when she laid down. Someone introduced her to Xango Juice and she swears by it. She says she takes it just before bedtime and she now sleeps through the night and has more energy during the day. She was impressed enough to start buying it by the case.

by Molly Winter

My husband and I used Xango for a while and felt that it did indeed help some of our ailments. I have chronic fatigue and have never really slept through the night but when I was taking the Xango, I did sleep soundly and more restfully than I had in years.

My husband has chronic back pain. He took the Xango for several months but it seemed to quit doing as much good after a while and at $40.00 a bottle it was, unfortunately, cost prohibitive for us.

It's great
by JH

Headaches gone, more energy, stomach trouble cleared up. I hope I never have to stop drinking it!

Miracle Juice
by Diana Glaze

I suffer with chronic bronchitis. From December through March of this last year, I had five episodes. I was just about at my wits' end when my friend told me about XanGo juice. Since I have been using it for the past seven months, I have not even had a cold! Coincidence or the power of the mind? Maybe. I don't care. I'm sticking with XanGo.

by Paula Adams

This is a great product, and it really helps me with arthritis in my knee. I will keep using the product.

by Mike Masters

Xango is great! I tried everything for my pain and finally found Xango to be the only thing that worked! I was buying bottles from a guy I used to work with for 40.00 a bottle and as much as I needed to take the product it was costing me a lot of money though the months. I did find it for as little as 25.00 a bottle at ******

Great for kids
by Kristina

I love this supplement for my kids. They love the taste and at the same time gets them more energetic.

XanGo Juice
by Queenyo

Haven't seen many results from using Xango but not giving up yet.

by Mary Sadler-Todd

Mangosteen is great. I have lost weight and am maintaining.

It works
by manorah

I started to take Xango because I was having swelling of my hands and feet. I was also depressed. Even a small dose of 1 oz. a day has done wonders for me. The swelling has gone away and I have noticed that I am more energetic. I have since recommended it to my mother and she has seen positive results as far as the way she feels.


I absolutely love my Xango juice. I am at the end of menopause, and swear it has helped the hot flashes stay to a very minimum.

Xango Juice
by Mem

Xango Juice is not only good for you, it taste good also!!!!


This stuff is the best, have not gotten sick yet.

by Steve L

XanGo is a great way to start your morning. I have included it as part of my vitamin regimen. It puts a spring in your step and helps get your motor running.

pain relief
by cathy

Pain relief from arthritis. I'm not as stiff and I'm able to move around a lot more with a good range of motion.

SICK AND tired
by shelly Young ROBERT young Phd

I feel better since I started drinking ZANGO everyday. I drink 6 oz. twice a day. Thank you Sue Carmean.

by P.B.

I love the taste of Xango! I was drawn to it because of it's claims to help the immune system, since I seemed to catch colds and sore throats before anyone else. I have been taking it (once or twice a day) for about a year now and for the last 12 months I think I've only had one minor cold (lasting about 3 days)and one sore throat (also only about 3 days). Those are pretty good statistics for someone who used to spend the whole winter sucking on Zinc lozenges! I gave it only 4 stars because I still find the per bottle price a little steep without buying a truckload first.

Xango Juice
by Linda McCormick

I have been using Xango Juice for approximately 2 months now. I have noticed a marked improvement in my energy level as well as my physical well being. I have arthritis & have been on medication for several years for it. I am now off the medication & using herbs & the Xango Juice. I have also started my husband on it & he has noticed an improvement in his energy level just after 2 weeks! I have recommended the juice to several people & am anxious to see their results.

Why I take XanGo
by BeckyBorland

I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in March '05. I had surgery and most of the tumor was removed. It is a glioblastoma, stage 4. While I was recovering with radiation, steroids and 2 months of chemotherapy, my wonderful sister, Lavetta, got me to take XanGo. I took it twice a day for the first couple months then cut down in September to once a day in the morning. If I didn't take it I would feel a bit slumped. I don't forget to take it anymore. It seems to help me and I feel good after taking it. I went back to work in Sept '05. Life is good and everyday is a great day!

ALS and XanGo
by Kathy Puccinelli

My husband was Dx with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) in April of 2006. He started taking XanGo shortly after...I feel it has helped a great deal. He has been around several people with colds and flu like symptoms and has not been sick. I think the XanGo has helped his immune system and makes him feel better.

Xango A Great Product
by Christine Frommer

I have been taking XanGo for about a year and half and it has been wonderful. It gives me energy and helps build my immune system. Since I have been taking Xango, I have not gotten sick once. I also give it to my children, which seems to help with sinus problems. It is a wonderful product, I recommend it to all my family and friends out there. I tell everyone give it a try - it helps in all areas needed!

Husband loves it!
by Jennifer Robinson

My husband had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in March 2006 and was told that he had 1 to 4 years to live. We were told about this product from his boss and thought we would try it out. He has been taking XanGo for about 6 weeks and has more energy and feels better than ever. He had lost so much weight and now I am happy to say has gained back all and more. XanGo seems to help in his digestion and allows his stomach to settle food easier. We are so happy with the results that XanGo is stocked in our refrigerator at all times. Thank you so much for the product and helping my husband become healthy again!!

Excellent Product
by kt

I truly appreciate the product and its benefits. I feel that it improves my skin, gives me energy, and improves blood circulation.

by Erin Roush

I have been using Xango for a year now and I find it very valuable. A year after my hysterectomy I began having mood swings and night sweats, at 41 I wasn't ready for this part of the aging process. I had heard about Xango many times on the radio and thought I'd give it a try, well now I'm hooked. After my 3rd bottle I began feeling results. I now give it to my three children who have ADHD every morning with their breakfast. They have all been doing much better in school. Yes it's expensive but what better way to spend a few dollars than making yourself feel better!! It makes the whole world brighter!!

This product is second to none.
by Bill mangum

I can attest to the above claim based on personally consuming this product on a daily basis for several months.

great product
by William Johnson

great product

It works!
by Mark Skarupa

I was skeptical at first. Went thru a couple of cases and forgot to reorder. Noticed I did not have the energy I previously had and was beginning to feel run down. Now, I take it religiously everyday and will not go without it.

Xango Review
by Mitch Markowski

Xango has lived up to its expectations. I, myself, have suffered from colon problems ( irritable bowel syndrome). I am not cured but I have much less problems with it. My wife, on the other hand, was always constipated. She no longer has any problems and is thoroughly regular. By the way, she had an almost life-long problem and had tried all the medicinal cures to no avail. Both of us have seen an improvement in our health and have had almost no colds or sore throats as we had in the past.

Xango Juice is Awesome!!!
by vicki wengert

Xango has helped my immune system tremendously! I have fewer colds in the winter season. I am healthier over all and I have had less trips to the doctor since taking this product. I recommend it to everyone.

XanGo Juice comsumer
by nancy

I am on my third month and have started to see the results. Thanks

Fantastic Juice
by Karen P

Five months ago I was in so much pain and due to have surgery on my shoulder. My boyfriend was talking to a friend of his and he suggested I try Xango. At this point I was willing to try it due to the cortisone shots not working for me any more. I took 2 ounces of Xango a day for 2 weeks, and the pain started going away. After 5 weeks it was 90 percent gone and I can live with that, because the alternative was surgery. Thank goodness for this fantastic juice.

I love Xango!
by Darci Kramar

I don't know what more to say. Xango is an absolute miracle. It definitely kept me healthier this past cold season, than I have ever been. It is worth every penny you pay for it. I swear by it now.

Well worth the cost
by G. Frey, DeWitt, Iowa

I was very skeptical when I started on Mangosteen Juice. I was experiencing I assume was arthritis in my shoulders and elbows, and had been experiencing restless leg syndrome for a few years. While drinking Mangosteen I took no prescription medication for any of my symptoms. Within two months I was free of the arthritis pain and have no restless leg episodes. The only exception was when I cutback on how much I was taking. I thought with it under control I could cutback to drinking an ounce every other day. I had been taking 3 ounces/day. During the time I cutback I experienced arthritis pain in my right hand and had two restless leg episodes. That was all I needed to get back on track. I did however go to 2 ounces/day rather than 3 and I'm back to being pain free and no restless leg. I'm glad I was patient when I first started. I nearly quit after one case because I didn't see any noticeable affect. I tried a second case and started seeing improvement. I was encouraged to try Mangosteen by my sister-in-law who had been taking it for fibromyalgia pain. When she started taking it she was on several prescription drugs. Within a few months she dropped the prescription drugs and lost the pain.

by Sheryl Henke

Really works. Have arthritis and really helps with stiffness.

This product has been a Godsend
by C. Nesbit

This product has been a Godsend for me and my husband. My knees, his shoulders? The pain was debilitating.
After using XanGo for three weeks, we realized that the pain and stiffness had gradually disappeared. Now, if we miss taking XanGo for 2 days, our bodies remind us of how bad the pain can be, and why we should continue using XanGo mangosteen juice. We don't miss very often anymore!!!

Thank you!

Four Month User
by Leslie

I think the quality of Xango is excellent. The value I feel is a little pricey but worth it for a health benefit. I would not substitute any other brand to save some money because I trust Xango as the #1 product in its market. I started Xango after I heard about it because I have a severe chronic pain condition. No significant change has happened yet but I expect a longer period of use is needed. However, I plan to continue Xango forever for my overall health not just for the main health problem I have. With all the radicals my body gets hit with from foods, water, the air, etc. I have no doubt the antioxidant properties in Xango are definitely needed.

by Esther

I have been taking Xango for two years now. It has helped my seasonal allergies. Since using this product, I no longer need my prescription drugs for allergies.

by Brian Kenney

The essence of a good life Mangosteen!

Pretty Good, But
by David G

I have tried this product and it works pretty good. It has not really eliminated my allergies yet, but I don't think they are as bad this year as last year. I wish it was not so expensive. The best price I have found was around $125 per 4 bottles.

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rebuttle to seeking natural products post
by Anonymous

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Two things here. One, benzoic acid is not benzene nor is it converted into benzene biologically. Two, while I am uncertain of the natural source for sodium benzoate (or benzoic acid), I presume it is a natural product if someone has made this claim. You can look this up yourself and I would expect that you will find many sources for it.

Finally, from my experience as an organic chemist, you should think of chemicals as containing neutral properties, neither good nor bad, per se. There are many compounds found in nature that are toxic, poison ivy, snake venom, oxalic acid, the AIDS virus, etc. Some chemicals are beneficial and some are harmful, such as water, cyanide, penicillin, lipitor, etc. You will find that some trace elements are required for life in low concentrations and toxic at high concentrations, selenium or chromium. If you want to know what live would be like in the absence of synthetic chemicals, either read history books or travel to a third world country without western goods and medicines.

by money

anything works that you truly believe in

Just Another Person Looking For REAL RELEIF...
by Sophia Alvarez

I Am About To Try This Product And Will Be Giving My Honest Opinion...I Suffer From Many Health Conditions And Pain In My Body...I Also Use To Take 15 Different Medications...Down To Only 4 Now, But They Still Have Their Side Effects...I Am Looking For Something That Will Replace These Medications Since Some Of Them Have Caused The Conditions I Am Suffering From Now....Will Be Keeping YOU Up To Date With HONEST RESULTS....

Who buys into this hype?
by Bugsy

Do all the wombats who buy into this hyped up, ridiculously overpriced juice believe for a single second that the millions of people who have eaten these fruit have not suffered the same as the rest of us from the ailments they claim Xango 'fixes/reduces/cures/prevents/etc'? Just a great way to bilk westerners and others to whom the fruit is foreign. Sure, it tastes great (which can only help maintain addiction), and it's exotic enough to tip things into the holistic benefit category easily. No way in hell is this stuff worth $189 NZD for 4 bottles! Mangosteen - the queen of profits!

Liam's right I'm afraid
by Bugsy

I'd have to side with Liam on this one. Please do a considerable amount more research into "the placebo effect", holistic hogwash and other bad science before you start touting out the supposed benefits received due to physiological responses to the medicinal properties of Xango juice - of which none have been documented in any medical academic papers to date I believe. If you have ANY reference sources for any scientific studies conducted on valid test subjects with proper methodologies, please cite them. Why do you think EVERY single write up by the suppliers carefully includes the word "MAY" prior to any benefits or effects? Snake oil wrapped up in a lovely tasting juice form.

by branden r alaba

this juice is good its make our body strong and healthy

by yolonda

This juice should have purest ingredients for optimal health with low fat diet. I will include as daily drink to assist with weight loss. I have tried acai, did not work for me.