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no different
by victoria

I tried this product out since there are a few people in my neighborhood who sell it. I really didn't notice a difference in the way I felt. Everyone says that it will give you more energy, but I felt pretty much the same as always. I also didn't care for the taste of the drink. It has an after taste that is hard to get rid of. The price is also pretty steep, I wouldn't purchase it again.

by MC

A close friend of mine tried to convince me to try this product for a while and finally I gave it a chance. I've used it for about 2 months now. First off, this stuff is expensive. A bottle will only last you 1 month. Tahitian Noni claim this stuff will pretty much cure anything you have. Since taking it, I haven't been sick but at the same time I can't say I've felt different at all. Not getting sick could just be luck. One of the main questions asked about this product is, How does it taste? VILE, I honestly have to drink a glass of water or orange juice afterward just so that I can't taste it in my mouth any more. This "juice" is combined with grape juice so that they can try to make it taste better. I would have to say it has no effect. I would have rated it higher if it wasn't for the taste. I believe it may be promoting an overall well-being with me so I plan to continue using it.

Close to Home
by Joseph

I am an Islander so I know a good product when I see one especially the Tahitian Noni Juice. This product is very popular in Samoa where I am originally from and frankly my Uncle is one of the top salesman selling this product. My father and mother drink it as well. However, the price is a bit too high.

wonderful for running
by tony

I try to drink this before running or working out. It gives you an amazing energy burst, not unlike the surge that energy drinks throw you into. Unlike energy drinks, you don't crash a few hours later.

Increase in Energy
by Michael L.

This product while it tastes o.k. does appear to have boosted my energy level. Started just 6 weeks ago and take anywhere from 1 - 2 oz in the morning and evening. I wish I could find an alternative that was a little cheaper.

by Julie

This the best stuff out on the market today! I had more energy and my whole body felt better while taking Noni. It has a wonderful taste and I could tell a difference in how my body functioned within just a few weeks. Wonderful!!!!!

by James Zitzmann

My mom currently uses this product and has used it for several years now. It is rather expensive, but she seems pleased with it, and I noticed she is more active now. It is worth a try.

by Janet

My mother gave all her 4 children noni juice. If I remember it correctly, a friend of hers who was a doctor recommended her to the juice. I had noni juice since I was in high school and that was like 7 years ago. My siblings and I hated the taste of it, but my mother would insist on us taking it. I feel it helped us stay strong and fit and we definitely made less visits to the doctor.

by Shauna

This Noni product taste more medicinal than some of the more fruity tasting brands, but it's very powerful. It has really helped my autistic son be more connected. We gave him about 4 times the recommended dosage. His first few days on the product he really had a clean out through the bowel.

Finally something that works!
by Angel

I was introduced to Noni because my cousin was actually selling it.
She said it would help with my anxiety attacks.
I will admit the first taste isnt so swell ... But let me tell you, I have now been anxiety/panic attack free for 1 year now!
I don't know how it works so well, but this stuff is simply amazing!

It is great!
by ydalia

I have been using this product on and off for the past year. I have noticed that when I am drinking this product I feel more energetic and have an overall sense of well being. The product is a bit expensive and does not taste very good,but I nevertheless feel it is worth taking because I do feel great. I have recommended it to my friends and family.

Yes!! Something That Works
by Kim

I swear by this stuff. I suffer from anemia, so I am basically tired and sluggish throughout the day. A co-worker turned me on the this product and I love it. I don't particularly care for the taste, but the results are worth it. I noticed an increase in energy during that first week. I am also considering becoming an affiliate to promote this product.

by Candice

I wanna know why they don't have the FAB fruit chews on this site to review....jeez I eat those things like Pez they're so dang good! The taste of the juice takes a bit getting used to but after a while you get used to it. Noni really works so well I have made the juice a part of my daily breakfast! Again...the fruit chews are better than starbursts...and a whole lot healthier!

Really saw a difference
by Lois

I had a friend who was actually becoming a distributor and she talked me into trying it. The first "shot" was a little bitter, but I actually didn't find the taste something I couldn't deal with. I had been suffering from bad headaches and actually within a few days noticed a dramatic difference. It is slightly expensive, but if my head doesn't hurt I see it as well worth it.

Noni works
by Annie

Although the taste of it is a bit on the bad side the effects of it are great. Ever since iI started taking Noni I now wake up feeling more refreshed and have more energy throughout the day. I also find that it helps me sleep more soundly at night and I have been sick less often since I have been using Noni. The taste is a minor detail compared to the positive effects of it.

tahitian noni
by lala5

I don't really know how much of the advertisement is really true. I don't feel as if I have really noticed any difference in my body since using the product.

by Garrett Black

This supplement is good to take every day. The price for me is a little high so I would go with something else unless you have a lot of money.

Tried It
by Kenna McHugh

I tried this at a health food store sampling. I was not impressed by the effect it had on my body. Perhaps, taking more doses over a period of time might prove otherwise. Apparently, per the distributor representative it is really good for you.

Done That
by Been There

The reason Hawaii noni producers might get away with selling fermented or rotten noni is because that crap tastes so bad that the consumer can't tell the difference between "good" noni and rotten noni. I use the term "good" loosely: there is no such thing as palatable noni juice. Those that say otherwise are selling something.

Simply the Best
by Richard Simpson

I'm not quite sure where you would go to buy noni from hawaii for $1/gallon as an earlier review indicated. Many times the Hawaii noni producers use rotten and fermented juice in their noni products. Sure you can buy it for a fraction of the price, but the quality is terrible. Tahitian noni is the best quality noni product out there.

by Jim Star

The product is pretty good, but the price is extremel y high. You can buy pure noni direct from Hawaii for about $1/gallon. To me, that is a much better deal!

This product rocks!
by John Jacobs

I have been using this product for 3 years and I feel 10 years younger now than before I started taking the product. I have lots of energy and have taken up golf, horseback riding, and racquetball. I buy direct from Tahitian noni, so the cost is not as bad the editor suggests.

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