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Nature's Miracle
by Dustin

GNC makes another great product with their Herbal Plus Pomegranate. The Pomegranate is truly a miracle and your heart will thank you for it. If you don't like the fruit or don't have the ability to get it or it's juice then this is one great alternative.

From the trees of heaven, into this bottle
by Daniel Rabinov

These pills really do work, they are full of delicious antioxidants and extracts from one of the greatest fruits to grow on trees in all man-kind. The health benefits that you can get, and I have experienced seeing people getting, are out of the ordinary and exceptional to this herbal perfection. I highly recommend not just this product, but pomegranate fruit to anyone who loves their heart, as much as their heart loves others.

Great product!
by Nikki

I was recomended this product by a friend, and am so glad I tried it! Aside from the antioxidant boost, I feel better rested, more energized, and more on an even keel with my emotions. I have been taking it for four months, and can't go a day without taking it! This product was everything I had hoped for and more! I will definitely recommend this to a friend, and one more positive note, it doesn't leave a funny taste in your mouth like some supplements do.

Great Brand & Product
by Shannon

The main purpose of pomegranate is to provide your system with extra antioxidants. This supplement was recommended to my sister-in-law as an additional vitamin for her system, and to aide with stress relief. She loves them. She only takes one a day, and claims that there is no taste, which is always a plus with vitamins. She chose the GNC brand, because it is dependable and affordable, compared to some of the others. Though there is no way to directly see if they are working, they do give her several bursts of energy and she claims her stress level is reduced.

standardized herbs too far from nature
by T. Danger

I am a long-time supporter of pomegranate's ellagic acid (otherwise known as the "active ingredient"). I tried this when I was out of my regular brand and just happened to come across this aesthetically pleasing bottle.
While standardized herbs may be more uniform in exacting the milligram count in tablets/capsules, nature's version (or the free-formed microbial culture) is what is really best for one's body.

I trust that it works!
by Kelli

I actually didn't feel any different after taking these to supplement my health, but I trust that they are working! They don't taste bad at all, and I don't find them overly costly especially for what I believe they are doing!

Good Product
by Rebecca

Herbal Plus Pomegranate has enabled me to attain the benefits of Pomegranate in such an easy way! I now have more energy to enjoy activities throughout the day.

Excellent Supplement
by Judith

I had my doubts about this latest star in the supplement arena, but, after using this product, I realize that it is indeed special. I feel energetic and am enjoying activities that I had previously been too tired to accomplish after a long day at work. Great Product!

Balanced, healthy product
by R. M.

I love what pomegranate does for me-- increases my energy level even when I sleep a couple hours less in a given night. It also helps my breathing to be more even and clear, without any chest congestion! The Herbal Plus Pomegranate product is great because it standardizes the herbs to provide a balanced mix of necessary antioxidants, not too potent, but potent enough. Great product.

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