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by Jenn

My mother has been taking pom supplements for a few months and she recommended them to me since I never have energy and feel blah. I have noticed a small change since I started taking this. I just feel more alive and well rested.

Better than expected
by Melissa

A friend of mine suggested this product to me and told me its makes you feel younger, I laughed. Then I went out to buy it. Over the weeks I felt stronger and more energized. I am still taking it as of today. I really feel that this one pill helps me feel better everyday. My skin as well has been noticeably different but in a good way. I always have that flushed look, like what you get after you work out. It makes a person look healthier.

Better in pill form!
by Will

If you like extremely tart tasting beverages, drink the concentrate. Also, you get the extra calories from the beverage. If you are like me and count calories, these pills are the way to get "pom". I'm a relative newcomer to the benefits but it does seem to improve my skin/hair health.

very good antioxident
by Robert

I have used this product before and found it to have a good affect on ones skin. You need to take it for a while to see any results but I'm sure there are positive results that you can't see (like eliminating free radicals in your system).

I prefer to eat pomegranates when they are in season!

Heard about it?
by JJ

Everyone is into being healthy without have to work for it. I used to buy the juice at the grocery store every couple of weeks until I heard about the supplements. Overall, you do feel better and you can tell a difference in your skin, or at least I can. I only took it twice a day to see if it still worked and to stretch out the 60 capsules and it does!

by Jeff

Everyone is always talking about all the benefits of Pomegranate. I, for one, do not really care for the taste of the fruit or juice, so Healthy Pomegranate works out great for me. It is easy to just take a pill and not have to really taste it like you were eating the fruit or drinking the juice, and I still get all the health benefits.

Great Stuff!
by Louis Chang

I tried this supplement about a week ago, and it seems to be working. My mother used to tell me to drink pomegranate juice, and I didn't really like the taste of the juice, so this was a better alternative for me than the juice itself. It's a good antioxidant and really makes you feel alive and healthy. I take it with other supplements, and I have had no problems so far! I recommend it to anyone who wants a good supplement for antioxidants!

Very Good
by Hrd

I have read many positive things about Pomegranate in many health magazines and so I decided to give this a try.
It is long term benefit that I am looking for with the use of the product. I have been taking this supplement for 6 months now and can see some notable difference in my skin.

Healthy Pomegranate
by nikki

My husband and I started to take this product because of all the hype about pomegranate. We don't know if we feel any different, but we like the price point, especially compared to other products. We just hope it does help slow down the aging process some.

Excellent Product
by Nicole A

I have heard a lot of things about pomegranates lately and had done research on its benefits, etc. I have a really busy lifestyle and don't really have time to eat the actual fruit, so I opted on trying this. I got it at my local pharmacy. I have tried this for about 2 weeks now and it REALLY works. It really has made a difference in my complexion and I feel physically better since I have been taking these. This is a very nice product.

Healthy pomegranate
by Albert

Don't have time or the money to pick up a pomegranate juice? Look no further this product offers all the same things as a normal pomegranate and at a much more affordable price. This is great for people on the go who don't have time. Not to mention this is a great buy at about $9. I recommend everyone try this as I am hooked on this for life. Enjoy!

This one is great too
by Julie Moore

I tried this supplement as well, and it was fantastic. The things people are saying about pomegranate are true. It definitely helps general health and makes you feel more alive. This brand was cheaper and worked really well although you are supposed to take it 4 times a day.

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