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you'll feel the difference
by Ashley

I started drinking pomegranate juice about a year ago when my Publix started offering a premium brand. However, it was very expensive and I decided to take capsules. Though this product is more expensive than the juice, it lasts much, much longer. You'll definitely feel the difference by the end of the first week. I'm in college right now and I feel I am able to study for exams for hours without getting light-headed or exhausted. It makes you very alert and energetic, which is great for me because I am trying to stay away from energy boosters. I prefer to take the natural route these days, and Pomegranate Fruit is the way to go! Good luck finding this product though.

Worth the price
by Patti

Pomegranate Fruit is one easy way to get extra anti oxidants into your diet. Our body needs anti-oxidants to fight the free radical cells that cause damage to our cells and cause premature aging in our cells and bodies. Since I have been taking these capsules I feel that I am doing all I can for my cells to keep them healthy and young.

Great Sense of Well Being
by Amy

Within a few days of taking this product, I noticed a change in my mental awareness and overall sense of well being. Although I believe some of it was mental, I truly like the feeling after taking one of these supplements knowing it is purely from a fruit extract with such great nutritional benefits. The fact that it has natural antioxidants keeps me buying this product.

Power of pomegranates
by Brian

The pomegranate had a lot of press in recent years as a miracle cure or remedy, and while I can’t vouch for that, I do know that it’s a powerful antioxidant and is supposed to be about the best thing you can take to vanquish free radicals in your system. I like Pomegranate Fruit for its bargain price and pure ingredients.

Excellent product, excellent price
by Cady

I bought these capsules at my discount drugstore. Within a week of taking them, I felt energized and was able to do more during the day. This product can be beneficial to anyone looking to get and feel healthier.

Great Stuff
by Jennifer Moreman

What a great low price for such a great product! I love pomegranate fruit, but what a pain to eat! This product lets me get the nutritional benefits from pomegranates without the hassle of stained fingers and counter tops! It just makes me feel like I have more energy in my daily activities. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Great Price for Help with Breathing...
by Ruth

Since there are so many pomegranate products on the market, I prefer one that offers the benefits at a reasonable price, like this one! I love what pomegranate does for me, whether in liquid or capsule form. It increases my energy level even when I sleep a couple hours less in a given night. It also helps my breathing to be more even and clear, without any chest congestion! I recommend this "Pomegranate Fruit" product.

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