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great stuff!
by Kyle

I tried this about 2 weeks and it REALLY works. It really has made a difference in my complexion and I feel physically better since I have been taking these. This is a very nice product.

by Garrett

Well, usually I don't like fruit supplements, but this is exceptional. It helped me get the Vitamin C I needed to stay immune. Personally, I would rather eat an actual pomegranate, but for someone that does not want to deal with the mess and clean up, this is the way to go! It tastes somewhat good. The price could be a little lower, but it's ok for me.

good alternative to the fruit
by Kelly Morris

I happen to love pomegranates but it's hard to find them in the grocery store. I've been using this product for a while now. I take it for the antioxidants. I use this brand because I trust Nature's Way. I always use their herbs and supplements whenever I can.

Better than Juice!
by Laura Middlebrooks

I use Pomegranate Standardized pills for it's antioxidant properties. I have found the juice has an unpleasant taste and is very expensive. This product lets me enjoy the benefits at a reasonable price. I would reccomend it to anyone over other pomegranate products.

Perfer It Above The Juice
by Erik

I am not too keen on pomegranate juice, so the capsules work beautifully for me. This is the convenient and affordable way to utilize the benefits of pomegranate.

All the benefits, half the cost
by Denise

I actually love pomegranate and pom juices, but the fruit is messy and sometimes hard to find, and the juice is often too expensive for daily use. Nature's way is a cheaper alternative to drinking the juice every day and getting all the benefits. I give this a 4.5 because the pills leave a strange aftertaste in my mouth.

Didn't Really See the Need
by Lisa

Pomegranate Standardized just didn't do it for me. I tried the product because it was deeply discounted, and I had heard it's "good for you." I don't doubt that it is, but the hassle of taking one more pill versus what I perceived I was getting nutritionally just didn't balance. I'm confident I get sufficient antioxidants from my other supplements.

I like It
by cindy

I always enjoyed pomegranates, but being as they are unavailable most of the year, I was excited when they came out with the pills. I tried the juice but I really like the convenience of the pills. You get all the benefits of pomegranate in these pills. So easy to take , no hassle no worries. Just a great find.

What's not to love?
by Crystal Collins

Who'd have thought such a strange looking fruit would have so many benefits. You simply have to try it to truly see how this juice can dramatically improve your quality of life. I use it, and find that I have more energy, plus I stay healthy. When cold and flu season comes around, I have nothing to worry about because I make sure and take my Pomegranate extract.

by Corri

I never knew how beneficial pomegranates were until I recently read a magazine article about it. I promptly went to the drug store and purchased this product. I must say, I love how quick and easy it is to get all of the health benefits of pomegranates in these tiny pills. If anyone has ever tried eating one, they know how messy they can be. But taking these pills couldn't be any easier! Highly recommended for all concerned about their health.

Powerful antioxidant benefits!
by Jill S.

Pomegranate juice is a powerful antioxidant. Although the fruit tastes great, it is a real pain to eat a pomegranate. I use Pomegranate Standardized pills because it is so easy to use. I've tried the concentrated juice and it just doesn't taste good. With Pomegranate Standardized, I can throw the capsules in my purse and bring it with me when I'm on the go.

by Jeff

I really like Pomegranate Standardized. You get all the benefits of Pomegranate without the hassle and mess of actually eating the pomegranate. It is made by a very reputable manufacturer and is inexpensive.

Good Product
by Rebecca

I love the fact that I can finally get the great benefits of Pomegranate from a pill. It is so convenient and easy! Highly recommended!

The new Blueberry
by Kathy

I was very excited when I saw that Nature's way now offered Pomegranate Standardized. I love pomegranates but could not find them very often in my location. Now I can just open a bottle and pop one in, no fuss no muss and all the benefits.

by Caitlin

These pills are a relief! They are so easy and convenient to take places with you. Use them at home or at the office for great effects!

Great subsitute
by Stacy

I have always had a problem with fruit juice that are too acidic on my stomach, but taking the pills--what a relief!!. I take these every morning before my morning workout and feel great! Anyone that has problems with fruit juice this is the way to go.

Easier than the real thing!
by Aubre Rice

Although this supplement may not be as pretty as the real fruit, it is far easier to deal with! I do love the real thing, but find that it is quite time consuming and messy to get to the little kernals of fruit. Pomegranite has so many benefits and being able to take it easily through a supplement is great!

Easier way to get pomgranate
by Matthew

I have never liked the taste of pomgranate, but with these pills I can get all the nutrition I need. Its great that I can just take one in the morning, and I know that I'm getting the vitamins I need.

Pomegranate standardized
by Joan Jones

I like to get pomegranate into my diet every day and I take these capsules for days when I can't take the juice. I like that they are standardized so I know what the potency is. They are easy to take and I feel they give me the antioxidants I need to stay healthy.

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