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by Alma

I have always trusted Puritan Pride products. They are affordable and their quality is excellent. A lot has been written recently about the benefits of pomegranate as an antioxidant. Since I didn't want to drink the juice, I thought capsule form would be the most convenient and easiest. I have not seen any benefits yet but I will continue to take them because the research on this fruit is very encouraging......

Powerful for your health
by Janet Fricano

I am very happy that I found this product in my personal search for the best nutritional products on the market.
I have been using Puritan's Pride Pomegranate Extract for six months. I chose it because I am familiar with Puritan Pride and I trust them to make high quality products. I like the fact that this product makes it easy for me to obtain the healthful benefits of Pomegranates without having to peel and eat a fruit that I find difficult to do. It also offers me an alternative to drinking the bitter juice. One capsule four times a day is easy for me to manage. It is also cost effective because in my area the fresh fruit and juice are expensive. I will keep buying this product. Pomegranates contain Ellagic acid. This is the component that gives Pomegranates multiple health benefits of antioxidant activity. Clinical trials have shown that Ellagic acid may inhibit tumors of the prostate cervix, prevent heart attacks, reduce glucose, and help with symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting. In my opinion this is an important product that men and women should consider taking as a preventive health measure.

Beneficial for women?
by Paul

My girlfriend was telling me that pomegranate can help stimulate the female libido! I immediately went out and bought a bunch of pomegranate fruit and learned a few things along the way. First, poms are expensive. Second, the fruit yields very little actual edible parts. Third, it was so sour that she couldn't eat or drink any of it. This is where the extract comes in. It's a lot cheaper than getting the fruit, a lot less work, and doesn't overwhelm with sourness.

Great product, One of the best out there!
by Frank

This product is great. I feel that it is the best one out there of its kind. My doctor recommended it for me, and it is the closest thing to having the actual fruit in front of you! I highly recommend this product to all ages! It is a must try at least once!

Great for those who hate pomegranate
by Cara

I took this product because I wanted to see what all the rage about pomegranate was. I couldn't have REAL pomegranate because just like cranberries, I thought it tasted AWFUL. This supplement wasn't as hard to swallow because the taste wasn't as bitter as real pomegranate is and I could still get the results.

Good for your health
by nazmul07

Don't expect it will taste like real Pomegranate. Even though it's as tasty as juice, it is healthy for your body. My doctor recommended it to me, so I am trying this for couple of months. It is a good alternate.

Excellent antioxidant pure fruit boost in capsule form
by Jenny

My older adult son got me started off with an interest in the pomegranate and it's powerful anti-oxidant properties; however, he drinks the juice itself mainly and loves to eat the fresh fruit, but so many fruits and fruit juices give me hives and morning and late night heartburn, so he recommended the pure pomegranate extract in a capsule form. Since I purchase most of my vitamins from Puritan's Pride, I found this one to be just perfect for me and I love that it is perhaps giving me a cancer fighting boost with it's ability to get rid of free radicals in the blood that damage the body's important cells, and therefore may inhibit the immune system, as well. I started telling people at work about the pomegranate extracts marvelous reputation and it's many benefits and have to be careful now not to accidentally take my dosage in the office as then everybody wants one to try and my own supply goes down too fast! Several people have purchased a bottle of their own and likewise have shown an interest in all the information I've gathered about the fruit's noble history since I started taking it and talking so much about how I feel I am doing something really proactive to help my body fight both disease and hopefully some of the ravages of aging. The Pomegranate extract in the capsule form does not irritate my stomach or cause heartburn at all and does not seem to cause the hive-like rashes I sometimes experience from fruit products, particularly on an empty stomach. I just take one capsule with each meal and one at bedtime, although you can take the four daily dosages at any time, with or without food, without fear of tummy distress. This is a wonderfully healthy and completely natural addition to your New Year's Better Health Resolutions if you are looking for a real anti-oxidant boost!

Pomegranates Work Outside, Too
by sheila franklin

Pomegranate seeds have been used in the Middle East for centuries in curries and chutney. It is also utilized as an antioxidant and has even been used as a mild antiseptic. If it works for you, purchase one in liquid form, just in case you cut your finger opening the container.

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