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by Sandy

After drinking the Pomegranate juice for years and loving it but having a harder time finding it in stores around my area I switched to the supplement. It is a wonderful product and I would recommend to all. I still use the juice also but you cannot have too much pomegranate and the benefits are wonderful.

Better than the Juice
by Sam Wagner

I find Pomegranate juice to be too bitter for my taste. I heard about all the positive health effects that antioxidants found in pomegranate juice can do for your body. So I decided to take this product because of its low dosage and cheap price. It sure is a great alternative.

Great alternative
by Emilia H.

I really enjoy fresh Pomegranates, but hate to deal with the mess. I tried this bottle of Pom extract, as well as another brand, and found them to be similar in taste and texture. I really want the benefits of the fresh pomegranate, and I think I'm getting it this way. I still try to alternate it with eating fresh pomegranates, but I take the pills whenever I don't have any on hand, or am in a hurry. Good product/idea.

The body needs it
by mamma_nee

I started using Pomegranate Extract as soon as I had a taste of pomegranate juice and everyone in the house fell in love with it. My kids would finish their little bottle of juice in just a matter of minutes. I wanted everyone to get the benefits of the antioxidants but they were sending me to the poor house, so when I came across this supplement I replaced it for the juice . Now when I buy the juice I delude it or mix with other juice to stretch it out a bit. Now everyone is happy !

Easier than juice
by Rosa

I've always trusted the Solray brand, so when they came out with a pomegranate extract in vitamin form, I had to try it. I've been hooked on pomegranate juice, but it can be pricey and difficult to find. Plus the taste is..well..'acquired'. These capsules give you the same benefit with less fuss. A good deal all around!

Getting antioxidants easily
by Sue

With all the rage about pomegranate juice, I began to look for all the ways to include this in my diet. Of course, the fruit is the best source and exotic, too. However, it's a bit messy and tedious to excise the seeds, so Pomegranate Extract 200 mg was my answer for increasing my antioxidant requirements. Solaray offers a high quality product that I have been taking for several months now. I would recommend this to all!

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