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I feel great!
by miranda

Okay now everyone seems to know that antioxidants are the way to live longer, be healthier, and look better. Pomegranates are one of the highest forms of antioxidants but have you tried to find them at the grocery? The are only available for about a month a year. The juice is pricey too. This extract is wonderful. The price is reasonable and I don't have to drink larger amounts of juice. My skin looks great and I feel great since I started this! Thanks for a great product!

The absolute best alternative to pomegranite juice!
by Steve

After buying this product and trying it over the course of a month, it has 100% changed my life. Having the ability to change from taking the bitter pomegranite juice and taking a very easy to swallow pill has drastically cut down on some time that I may now use to go out with my friends and family. Don't believe the skeptics, this stuff indeed does work. Give it a try today! Perfect for it's price.

Medical technology at its finest
by Kalvin

Like everyone else, I do not particularly care for the taste of pomegranates. This is a problem, as pomegranates contain a high amount of antioxidants that I cannot get without tasting them.

Alas, medicine comes through with a pomegranate pill! The price is an especially nice point; while 100% pomegranate juice costs a ridiculous amount, these extract pills go for considerably less. Definitely worth it if you want the benefits.

by Destiny

Pomegranate juice, the single most nasty thing I have ever tasted in my life. But with these pills, there really is no taste..which was a great quality. AND THE PRICE IS SO CHEAP! For a product that works this good, you think it would be a bit more pricey, but for just $12.95, you can get 100 capsules!!

Worth a try
by Dave

With pomegranate being the latest craze and finding that I don't care for pomegranate juice, I thought trying this product was worth a shot. It was worth the money knowing that I was getting the benefits from the product without having to worry about it being in my diet.

Love the benefits, hate pomegranate!
by Cara

I hate the taste of pomegranate as well as the smell but this product gives me the nutrients I need for the lack of it in my diet. The taste isn't too bad and I love the fact it boosts potassium (I take it if I have a bad cramp in my leg or foot). All in all it's an excellent value for the money.

Nice extra for your diet
by Angela

I consider myself a healthy person and really feel better taking these. I originally started taking them because I had read to take a couple while eating to aide in digestion. I have continued doing that and I perfer Vitamain Shoppes Extract because the taste isn't tart, they seem more tolerable and the price is good, especially for how many you recieve. I feel better taking these especially after learning how heathly they are for my heart.

Can tolerate better then juice!
by heather

I am not a fan of the taste of Pomegranate, but I've heard over and over about how important it is to get this into my diet. I looked a bit here and there, thought of buying the juice but ended up with these. It's much cheaper than the juice and at least some is going into my diet daily. There a few pills I take daily, but this is definitely one of them.

Nice one
by shilpi tandon

I was an anemic and was told to take lots of pomegranate in any form. I started by taking juice but with not much benefit. But when I came across pomegranate extract from vitamin shoppe I was really happy. It is very convenient to take and is rightly priced. I have improved considerably since I started taking it but I am continuing with it.

Easier and cheaper than juice
by Orla

After reading all the reports about how healthful pomegranate is, I wanted to try it--but didn't want to spend $4+ for a tiny bottle of pomegranate juice. These tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe aren't expensive, and I know I'm getting the value of without just a tab or two daily.

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