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Don't Skip you fruit!
by Joy

I'm always on the go and this product has come in very handy. Fruit Essence makes it easy to get your fruits in when you don't have time to eat them. Great product!!!

by hel

I'm happy to see Fruit Essence gave us a caplet to supplement our needs. With the fast pace of life and not finding the right food with nutrients and antioxidants, this product makes life a bit easier and much healthier. I would tell all my friends to try it. It does work.

great immune system booster
by Arvinder

Being a business women i hardly get time to cut down fruits for myself and have all the essential nutrients necessary for my immune system. Then i tried Fruit Essence and it is full of essential nutrients. The antioxidant supply boost up my immune system,reduces aging process. I neednot worry about the nutrient supply anymore as just intake of this amazing product fulfills demand of my body's nutrient supply.

It's ok
by Ann

I don't always eat right and wanted to try these Fruit Essence caplets as a way to get some extra vitamins in my diet when on the run. I usually take 2 when I eat my lunch and if I'm not having a home cooked dinner at home, I take 2 with whatever I'm having for dinner. Of course, the best way to get the nutrition you need is eating fruits and veggies, but when you can't, this is a good substitute. It's a bit pricey though.

Great for your body!
by Sean

Fruit supplements are a great and easy way to keep yourself healthy, and keep your immune system strong and fighting off inturders. Fruit Essence is a the easiest way to take care of your body when you have a busy life and don't have much time to spend eating the right foods.

Great energy booster too!
by Patricia

I have used this for a natural energy booster. It comes in an easy to swallow pill that does not have any harsh aftertaste. I have a hard time eating the recommended amounts of veggies and fruits, so taking these supplements makes me feel better about my health and well being. This is more likely to be found at all natural food stores for below retail cost. Great product for other functions as well (i.e., immunity booster).

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