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Get the Facts!
by Athena Peters

My Family takes JuicePlus now for 10 mos. Amazing results for us!! It took about 1 1/2 mos to start see results.

Our Grandson lives with us and had allergies and stomach problems. His allergies are non existance. We now have 3 dogs and he has no more puffy eyes. Stomach problems are gone. Not saying that Juice Plus is a cure all, but WOW! We are going to continue.

Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement. Unlike multivitamins, Juice Plus+ contains juice powders from 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, and therefore provides a far greater variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients – even some of the fiber – found in the fruits and vegetables themselves.

You won't always see the results. Like eating fruit, you don't feel the nutrients working, you just have faith.
Get the facts for yourself at

Former JP User
by Dianne

I used JP faithfully for about four years. At the time I had some arthritis in my hands that really didn't bother me very much, but at night my fingers would close up and become so stiff I couldn't get them open easily. It became worse the longer I took the capsules. After going off the JP the nighttime stiffness went away. I have no other explanation than the JP.

agree- it's a scam!!!!!
by emily

I took this product for almost four years, along with my husband and three children. I enthusiastically raved about this product to numerous friends, several of whom became distributors. When difficult economic times hit, we discontinued taking juice plus. No difference whatsoever in my health, my husband's health, or my childrens health. We are all generally healthy, eat well and exercise.

The research behind this product is dubious as it is sponsored by Juice Plus- Throughout my academic life, I learned that frankly any "research" can be set up with predictable outcomes and sold to an unsuspecting public.

My real problem now is the "friends" who I so willingly raved about juice plus to WON"T LEAVE ME ALONE. This is a frightening cult that I couldn't see while I was in the clutches of it. They actually BELIEVE that Juice Plus is basically the cure to all diseases in the world. I have left the "cult" and am being highly pressured to return. I won't. I am now extremely leary of this useless powered capsule and all associated with it.

Even the sales presentations, with rooms filled with exhuberant sales people and a speaker, are dubious in their sales pitch and talk. THe average person can poke holes in the theories and sales presentations.

In short (after a long winded comment) THIS IS A SCAM and the people involved are frighteningly brain washed!!! Eat the real thing and save your money.

I love Juice Plus
by M. Meehan

I have been taking this product for over four years now and the improvements in my health and my husbands tells me it's well worth the cost. Not only have we saved in doctor visits and medications, but also over the counter meds. I no longer take any meds for allergies and artritis, and I no longer burn when in the sun for hours. My husband meds have been cut in half for is health issues. In the long run we have saved money by not buying OTC meds and vitamins. I only take Vit D and Juice Plus. After being on the product for 6 months I noticed changes for the better so got into the business to cover the cost of my purchase. I have made a small part time business from it and love the company and all the people assoicated with the company. It is not MLM. I don't know of any company these days that can say they are debt free and pay their employees bonuses consistently.
I am so looking forward to retirement in the next few years and doing JP full time. I wish I had found this company years ago. Because this has made such a difference in my life, I have shared this product and the business with several others and they feel the same. I have seen so many others health improve after being on the product.

mrs champ
by rchamp

took these expensive "supplements" for 5 years. I feel like i have more energy when I take them, but it could be the placebo affect.

Annoyed that every time I call to order these, they automatically keep charging my credit card and mailing more and more out! This happened 5 times!! THis annoyance made me stop using them.

Wellness Coordinator
by Susan

Juice Plus+ positively changed my life and the health of my daughter ten years ago, avoiding ear drains for my daughter, and discontuinng many medications for allergies, sinus infections and bronchitis that I suffered with for 12 years. If anyone would like to talk to me about Juice Plus+, feel free to call 908-447-3851.

by Ray

My entire family has been on Juice Plus for 9 years now. In that time we have not had so much as a cold. That includes a son in college and one in high school. Talked my father-in-law into trying it for his uncontrollable cholesterol. After being on it for 6 weeks, it was lowered by 35%. I am sold on the product!

by beth


seen way too much of this crap
by Craig H

My personal opinion is that this is a first class scam. The sellers try to get you to believe that it will cure everything from ADHD to asthma, to eye diseases even though all such claims are illegal. The bottom line is to research it yourself. Unless you visit the JP sponsored sites, the vast majority of the info out there is negative. The developers of the product have very questionable backgrounds and educational experience, (PhD in naturopathy from unaccredited correspondence school??) is this the kind of guy you want to trust your health, and money to?

The developers of the product started out selling some alarms, then air filters and then vitamins that claimed to cure a number of diseases and was quickly shut down for making illegal claims. A couple of later they came up with a different approach, Juice Plus. These guys are MLM con men. Avoid the product. Univ of Calif Berkley filed a complaint with the FDA in 2007 to shut down the sale of JP because of fraudulent advertising and false claims regarding the benefits of their product. Hopefully it will eventually be shut down.

Yes they are SPONSORING the German team. They probably give them several million $ for uniforms, travel and expenses. It doesn’t mean they are taking the stuff. In fact, I’ll bet they don’t.

My doctor said it well. He knew the whole spiel of 17 fruits and veggies. He said the only person it is good for is the one who sells it.

Early retirement
by Anne Boel

Hello to all of you who doubt Juice Plus +.

I myself have been one of those who doubted the efficacy of JP, but I was pleasantly surprised when my fibromyalgia pain was gone forever one day. I noticed a marked improvement after 1 ½ months. After three months, my pain was completely gone.
Thank you Juice Plus +.

Now I sell JP + could not resist trying to help my friends and family ... I love Juice Plus +

Is it an MLM?
by JP Junkie

This is directed to "person" who questions if Juice Plus is an MLM. I am a Juice Plus distributor and was confused at first myself. The more I investigated, the more impressed I was. The business model is different than any other that I have seen. It is a blend of the best characteristics of corporate America, franchises, direct sales and network marketing. It is not any one of those exclusively and is termed a "Virtual Franchise." If you would like more information about the business side of the company, you can see Before I became a JP Junkie, I asked myself if I could trust this company. Through my investigation, I found that this company has more integrity than most churches. There is no doubt in my mind that you can trust them. The products are top quality and they have clinical research to show they are absorbed into our bodies, put our immune systems back in balance, prevent and reverse heart disease and protect DNA.

Juice Plus
by Laura Andrews

I am on my first month of trying this product so it's hard to say for sure what effect it's going to have but I feel like it is an overall very good thing to do for my health (or anyone's) to supplement/increase my intake of phytonutrients. A holistic nutritionist recommended JP to me and said she felt I should see positive results with my MS symptoms. It's a little pricey but I appreciated the fact I could sponsor my son with special medical needs and get JP for free along with mine as part of their Children's Health Study. I like that shipping is free. This saves me between 20-30 dollars every 4 months compared to if shipping were 5 to 8 dollars each month like with most companies. I am also doing the 90-day fitness challenge which I was going to do anyways (start exercising at least 5 days a week)... now I have a little more accountability and will get some products free for because of that too.

As far as whether or not JP is MLM like EO asked in one of the customer opinions... it is and it isn't... I think JP avoids "MLM" because of it's negative connotation. It's the same concept, but in so many MLMs the focus is on finding people to build a business and then use the products personally, maybe have just a handful of customers if any at all. JP's focus is on customers and that is separate from the business... if somebody wants to build a business with JP it's usually because they have been a happy customer first.

Personally I think it's great to be able to earn extra income for referring friends to something that can help their own and their family's health if it is a high quality and affordable product. I'm not a distributor for JP but would consider it based on the results that I end up seeing.

by Travis Pearce

Worked great for me, i usually don't get my daily intake of fruits and vegetables. I noticed a difference once taking this, i just felt all around a lot healthier, sleep, energy, etc. By the way, your fingernails will grow much faster. lol minus half a star due to the price.

by Jennifer

We have had our family on Juice Plus for 8 months now. We have seen a huge difference in our families health. Our children were always getting common illnesses, since being on JP they have barely gotten sick. Occasionally we will see some symptoms of a sickness that is going around, but their bodies seem to be able to fight it now. I would recommend that any family interested in JP at least try it for the 4 months...they have a 90 day money back garentee.

by ZBrown

I have been taking it for lil over 6months and have noticed right away sleeping has gotten more sound. I have a peace of mind knowing I'm getting my dailly amount of (food supplement) aminos,phytos and fiber, even if I dont eat properly for any given day. The research on on this product is the most medically researched product on the market. So like I said I have peace of mind.

Recent graduate
by Ryan

I came across this product at a farmer's market in Colorado. I have a degree in exercise science and an emphasis in nutrition (I say emphasis because I was one class away from a minor in nutrition). I was extremely skeptical... fruits and veggies in a capsule? However, I am a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). If you're not familiar with the ACSM, they are the gold standard when it comes to reviews of exercise science. While researching the product I found that ACSM had published two studies on Juice Plus, one from the University of North Carolina and the other just published this year from the Medical University of Graz, Austria. (The German Olympic Team has recently declared Juice Plus their official supplement of the 2012 Games). This intrigued me quite a bit, and I heard about a presentation that was going to go into a little more detail on the product. I went to the presentation expecting to hear a bunch of voodoo hooplah but instead spoke with Dr. David Phillips M.D., a triathlete and Juice Plus user and advocate. I brought up the skeptical things I had read online about the product and what he thought about it all. He said that he recommends it to his patients because the research speaks for itself. There's no need for testimonials. He simply lets them know that this product exists. There are quite a few negative reviews online, but you have to look at who's posting them. Are they doctors, nurses, dieticians or just some blogger? There are several other Juice Plus knock-off brands with no research behind their product who could easily write whatever slander they choose. I eat more fruits and veggies than most, but I chose to give it a try for the four months. I've since tossed my One-A-Day's aside and re-ordered Juice Plus this month. Skeptical bloggers aside, there are more health professionals and leading universities behind this supplement than anything I've seen. Although it is more expensive than a synthetic vitamin, I know that I'm getting my money's worth. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I wish it was a little cheaper. I know it breaks down to like a $1.50 a day, but I'm a recent graduate who still has bills. Overall, I challenge anyone to find a product that can make the claims that this one makes with as many doctors backing it. I recommend doing research yourself, but make sure you know where that research is coming from.

Juice Plus+ capsules
by ahsan

I have been taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years. When I started, I had acne, chronic bronchitis, and osgood-schlater's disease. Today I am completely healthy and cannot remember the last time I got sick.

I know I didn't eat enough fruits and vegetables, and it's still hard to eat the 7-13 recommended by the USDA even now when I try.

Juice Plus+ capsules
by Tom Corson-Knowles

I have been taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years. When I started, I had acne, chronic bronchitis, and osgood-schlater's disease. Today I am completely healthy and cannot remember the last time I got sick.

I know I didn't eat enough fruits and vegetables, and it's still hard to eat the 7-13 recommended by the USDA even now when I try.

by Ally

Growing up on fresh organically grown foods in the Caribbean (St. Lucia) made me very aware of the foods and products my son ingests. However, living in America have proven to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to monitoring what he eats when he is out of sight.

My JP Rep assured me that Juice Plus would boost my sons immune system based on it's natural ingredients and boy was she right. He hardly ever caught colds while on JP and when he did, it wouldn't last as long....Amazing! I would highly recommend this product for any child.

I love this stuff
by Carol

I hate fruit and vegetables. This is the way to go.

Solid Product
by Kimberly

I love this product and my family has been taking it for 8 years with countless health benefits. I don't like testimonials, so I'm glad this company doesn't promote testimonials. I like that they refer back to the research (Yale, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, etc) that's been published on it just to show that it is indeed getting into the bloodstream and building healthier cells. I was very impressed with the research.

If you are going to research the product - start by reading some of the actual studies that have been done (there are links to the clinical studies right on Don't depend on another person's testimony or another person's criticisms. Both subject to bias and error.

Some may argue that research can be flawed, but not 13+ studies at independent well-respected institutions who published in peer-reviewed journals. Get the facts!

I'm a Long Time User
by Anonymous

I juiced raw vegetables for twenty years before I was introduced to Juice Plus+. I was extremely skeptical, but decided to evaluate it for eight months. I religiously ate the Juice Plus+ capsules everyday (emphaisis on everyday) and after seven months became convinced it made my trusted and valued juicing machine obsolete. That was in 1995. I couldn't go longer than three weeks without using my juicing machine or my stomach ulcers and ulcerative colitis would become inflamed and cause me pain.
I haven't had to use my juicing machine now since 1995. I double dose my Juice Plus+, and if I could afford it I would triple dose it or more. It's a great product. I've been a strict vegan for over thirty years and don't know anyone that eats more vegetables at each meal than I do, but I couldn't possible eat enough veggies to get what I'm getting from my Juice Plus+ capsules. I am grateful. I noticed around 1996 a lot of other products began appearing in the market place with "juice" in their names; copy-cat products that didn't work. Juice Plus+ works.

by Anonymous

For those of you who nay say juice plus. Let me ask you to consider this... Do you grow your OWN fruits and Veggies and take them ripe from the vine and eat them at the time when you can fully benefit from them? Or do you BUY them at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store?? If you do the latter than consider this. Consider RIPENESS. Do you also realize there ARE clinical studies and TESTIMONIALS on the JUICE PLUS web site! There are plenty of Doctors from all over the world that give it to their patients and TAKE IT THEMSELVES! I myself have taken the Fruit and Garden for well over a year. I am an Audio Tech that worked in a middle of a theatre, coming in contact with people from all over the world. Not to mention the near 100 cast members I came in contact with. Colds, flu and all types of infections went around like crazy. My juice plus kept me out of that mix! TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Go to the Juice Plus website and do your research before being so negative.

Waste of money.
by Lauren

You want to feel better? eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water and do some research on Juice Plus before you buy it. You will be surprised when you find that a serving of 4 capsules of juice plus only equal to 1/3 or 1/4 of serving of fruits and vegetables.

Juice Plus better than vitamins?
by Alisha

My co-worker sells this product. Needless to say after she said it was the "next best thing" to fruits and vegetables I agreed to try it because I thought I had found the solution for my picky 13 year old who happens to hate vegetables. Long story short, I was surprised when I looked at the label of the product. Barely any nutrients!. So much for the "next best thing"! I think it is better to just buy vitamins at your food store.

Juice Plus Capsules
by not so sure

I have read all of these reviews and I have not heard any true benefits from the product. There are no testimonies. So you feel better because you are swallowing a pill instead of eating fruits and vegies. I find it hard to spend so much money on something where their are no customer testimonies, just people retying info from the company.

It's a great product
by MLB74

I've been using Juice Plus for just over 6 months now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it may not work for everyone out there. It does work for me. My co-workers and husbad was sick with the flu, colds and everything else, just passing around to each other for over a month, and I never was sick, didn't even feel bad. I don't think that this product is a scam. If you just don't eat correctly all the time, and who does, this is a product you'll have to try. While the other person had a one year commitment to fulfill, most do not. Try the four month supply and after that you'll see that it is great. It's not a wonder drug, but a great supplement, not a multivitamin.

My family loves Juice Plus
by Kiwimom

I do know that any product worth it's weight will have criticism, but I still find it very interesting that there are such passionate and emotional opinions about Juice Plus on both sides of the fence. My family has been taking Juice Plus for 5 years now and have really enjoyed the health benefits. While of course, real fruits and vegetables are preferable, Juice Plus just helps us fill in the gaps from what we aren't able to get everyday. People whose health has been affected positively like myself can't help being excited about Juice Plus. I suffered from seasonal allergies, frequent headaches and chronic colds for years. Now, I no longer deal with any of these issues and can't remember the last time I had to take any medicine. It's certainly not a cure-all and it wasn't an overnight miracle - it's a slow steady process of building a healthier cells and a healthier immune system and it can help you want to eat more fruits and veggies (metabolic programming). Juice Plus also helped my husband with his nasal congestion, chronic constipation and manage his cholesterol. My 2 year old has not been sick except for 2 minor colds. He's been on it since birth (breastfeeding) and he hasn't even had an ear infection and he eats things most children won't like salads, broccoli, tomatoes, raw carrots, cauliflower. Contrast that with our older son who was frequently sick all throughout his childhood and has a horrible diet. We still struggle with his diet, but taking Juice Plus helped clear up his acne and get him drinking more water. So, you can see why my family will always continue to take Juice Plus.

None the less, I am a serial researcher and am always interested in the other point of view so I've looked into the criticisms of Juice Plus. While my research is ongoing, here are some things I found. First, most of the negativity usually stems from a bad experience with a JP rep. Unfortunately, reps are people and I don't know many perfect people. I have had bad experiences with many sales people in my life too. Bad sales people don't always invalidate a product or company. I had a pushy pampered chef rep who drove me crazy and they are an mlm company - but I still ended up with a bunch of their products in my kitchen because I found another rep. Second, I found that most of the criticism cited from google searches or wikipedia comes from 2 sources: a blog site with anonymous authors and a certain doctor who claims to be a quackbuster. The blog site does have some good information, but they put such a negative spin on even some of the facts that are true. I understand why the average reader is swayed so negatively by their information, but I found several inconsistencies and untruths when I dug into it and started to cross reference the information. I also question the credibility of the site because it's authors are anonymous. What do they have to gain by attacking the product and why wouldn't they list their names or credentials? As for the quackbuster, he has multiple ties to pharmaceutical companies and has written against anything non-traditional including chiropractic care and herbal medicine and I found his site to be extremely agenda driven.

In contrast, I found quite a few reputable doctors putting their names and reputations behind the Juice Plus product (Dr. Rosenfeld has a site and he claims to have no financial ties to the company). Also, I was impressed with the amount of research that has been done by third party universities and is available on the Juice Plus corporate website. If you have ever researched another nutritional product - you will find that it's almost impossible to find their research online if they even have any.

So in conclusion, after sorting through the hype on both sides - I've determined that Juice Plus isn't a perfect product. Did anyone really think there was such a thing? However, it can help some people as it has my family and there is absolutely no evidence of it hurting anyone. So, why all the hype? If it's not for you - there are other products out there or better yet - eat as many fresh raw fruits and vegetables as you can every day and stay healthy!

by mike

anyone , thats wants to feel good and eat right , you dont just eat some pill , go to the real product ..... as in a real apple as in a real oarange , real veg come on ....people wake up ...... juice - plus it a joke you dont take pills to feel good time you feel you need to eat eat some broc . a carrott , pick up a apple just try it for a month drink real juice juice , oarnge juice ..... read lables ..... and remember anything you cook it kills it ...........mike

It makes sense
by Bob McLaurin

I have been using Juice Plus for 3 years to help fill the nutrition missing in my diet. I started taking it because it is recommended by the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and was suggested to me by several doctors. The USDA says we need 10 or more fruits & vegetables daily. I don't do that and don't know anyone who does. What I do know is that your body can go a long way to help itself if given the proper balance of food. I have experienced that, although not immediately. The cumulative effects of many months of filling in much of what I was missing has been wide ranging. Even the Juice Plus company says it is not intended to replace fruit and veggie consumption, just to help fill the gap. I'll never stop taking it, it simply makes sense.

Works for us!
by mindxdreamz

Let alone that after several months on juice plus I was able to quit taking 5 asthma/allergy meds, totally and never had to go back on them in now 2+ years since, I am sold on juice plus. as well, my hair and nails grow better at 46 years of age than they have in my whole entire life and neither my husband or I have had any cold/flu in over two years when many of our friends/coworkers have been ill, just convinces us more that juice plus is the real deal. if you want to test it, have your blood work done and get the results, then take juice plus for three/four months and do same blood labs again. you'll see the difference. we do not drink soda or ever eat fast food but have not done so in years prior to juice plus, we just knew that we didn't eat all of the servings of fruits and veggies that the FDA says one is supposed to do. the benefits have astounded us. oh and our doctors use it also. i do not understand all the claims i've read on this site that it is a scam.

Great Product
by Carole

I have been on JP for almost 2 years now and truly believe in it. I am a Fitness Instructor and don't believe in synthetic vitamins that can't be absorbed byt our bodies. I am also a mother of a 3-month old baby. I am breastfeeding and very keen to give my baby girl the best nutrition from the start. That's why I will keep taking JP and will put her on it as soon as she is old enough. So many books and studies have been written about the benefits of good nutrition. JP does not replace "real" fruits & veg (NSA never claimed it would) but is just an insurance that you are giving your body a minimum of what it needs to function every day. Healthy from the inside out. Try it. You can always stop after 4 months if you want to....

Pyramid Scheme
by Peter Macaluso

My family and I have been taking Juice Plus products for over a year, upon the recommendation of a friend who is also a distributor of the product. After our subscription subsided, I decided to do some research on the product, before deciding to re-up our order for the year. We were told that juice plus are vitamins based on fruits and vegetables that make the vitamins more naturally absorb in the body. My research indicated otherwise.

The gummie vitamins turn out not to be a vitamin at all, just an 'alternative' to sugary sweets. A few reports indicated that the gummies are 85% fructose (sugar). We were told before signing on that these where vitamins.

The capsules my wife and I take had conflicting reports about the amount of actual vitamin content. Most reports indicated that there was no health benefit from taking Juice Plus over a much less expensive generic multivitamin.

Needless to say, we did not reorder Juice Plus. It is very expensive and I found that if offered no health benefit. We now buy our vitamins at Target. NSA, the company that manufactures and markets Juice Plus, is a pyramid scheme, signing up distributors who clearly misrepresent the product to make the sale. This is the same company who sold 'water purification systems' in the 80's that didn't do anything. They found a much more lucrative business in the vitamin consumer.

by Veglover

My girlfriend, a fitness trainer, signed on to sell this stuff thinking that it might be a good way to make some extra money. We went to one of their so called "health presentations" and were flabbergasted by what we was one lie after another. They tried to convince us that Juice Plus was a wonder cure for everything, and when we expressed our concerns over the accuracy of the information they were giving out, the reaction of the JP distributor was appalling. They got angry and defensive and tried to guilt us into taking and selling the product by telling us that out health would suffer if we didn't.

This is a really bad product and a very dishonest hard-sell MLM scam. We did our research online and found one bad review after another. Nobody ever seems to say anything good about Juice Plus unless they are selling it. Juice Plus belongs in the MLM graveyard.

Caveat emptor!
by Angus

Be very overpriced multilevel marketing vitamin cult. Bought some recently based on advice from pushy coworker...regretted it ever since.

Juice Plus uses deceptive and illegal advertising and doesn't even remotely live up to any of the claims made about it. Don't trust ANYTHING the hustlers say about it. They are constantly spamming the web with sales pitches for this garbage. Five minutes on Google and you'll see nothing but criticism of this product.

Unless you like throwing money down the toilet, don't even consider buying Juice Plus.

by Jennifer

Juice Plus is one of the biggest supplement scams of the decade. I took if for 4 months on the advice of a coworker until I did some research on it. The coworker kept trying to rope me into becoming a distributor, which was very offputting. The manufacturer does not list the amounts of ingredients and they rely on fraudulent research and the testimonies of individuals who are paid to endorse the product. It contains a meager amount of fruit and vegetable powder that doesn't provide a fraction of the benefits of the real thing. I learned that it was slammed by every independent authority who has ever reviewed the product's marketing claims. I would never buy this garbage again. It's only a vitamin pill so I don't know why anyone would expect to feel anything while taking it.

by Dustin

Take it from someone who never eats all their greens: This product gives me all the benefits of finishing my vegetables in an easy to take capsule. I have been taking these for just over 2 years and they have helped my overall balance and increase my alertness.

Juice Plus capsules
by Jennifer Proctor

I have been on Juice Plus for months now and I can honestly say they are great. Not only do I get my daily Veggie and fruit intake, I have incredible energy from them. They are great to take before a hard workout. I would recommend them to anyone who is on the go and doesn't have time to eat all there veggie's and fruits.

Expensive but worth it
by Julie Moore

This company makes very expensive but wonderful products. I liked these so much that my daughter takes the gummy vitamins for kids. I actually called them and tried to sign them up for a study to get some for free. I love this product, and to me, it is much better than eating fruit, which I'm not all that fond of.

Yes To Juice Plus
by Joanne Benham

Since I gave up my car, I have to depend on my children to take me to the grocery store every other week. There was no way for me to have fresh fruits last the whole two weeks. Then I found Juice Plus. Although a bit pricey, they're not as expensive as throwing away fruit that has gone bad before you can eat it and I actually feel better since I started taking them. I only use them every other week, or when my fresh fruit supply is gone and I use more in winter because I get tired of apples, oranges and bananas all the time, which are the only consistent wintertime fruit that tastes good.

Juice Plus capsules
by Joan Jones

I've been on the Juice Plus program for about 3 years and love the fruit and veggie caps! They are convenient and inexpensive when you consider all the nutrition they are providing. Our family never gets the colds or illnesses that others do, and I feel Juice Plus caps have contributed to that boost in our immunity to diseases. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to add fruits and veggies to their diets.

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Supplement not multi-vitamin!
by Amber

I havent actually tried this product for a long period of time, I have taste tested the 'gummies' (which are made from fruit pectan not gelatin). Regardless of all the negative things that people have to say, this isnt some miracle pill thats supposed to cleanse your soul and make you feel reborn. Juice Plus+ is a daily supplement of fruits and vegetables as the average person does not get enough of them a day. This is not a multi-vitamin and it is not advertised as such. It drives me nuts when people add things to a product that it never represented in the first place. Their site even explains that you still need to eat fruits/veggies as much as you can and that this product is there just to help out. Eating an abundance of whole fruits or veggies everyday doesnt make you feel like a billionaire, but it keeps you healthier, same thing with Fruit Plus+. Bottom line is, Fruit Plus+ is a boost of daily fruits and veggies. Thats it. I will be taking this product, telling others about it and possibly selling it in the future. This product actually benefits you as a person, it benefits your health. Why not give it a try?

Sports Nutritionist
by Carrie

I have read evrything you can re Juice Plus and researched the studies in depth.....everything ive read on the internet up to now re bad effects or its a scam is ridiculas.....and everyone ive looked into who has made those commenst either has n't tried the product or not for long or is trying to push a get rich quick scheme......look at wikapedia anyone can wright on there what they think and what is written is so untrue!!....I am actually workin g the business side now...but not after trying the product on my children , myself and my partner who is a pro footballer in the UK....ive got his results printed off as its absolutely fantastic what he achieved lost an extra 2 % body fat and gained 2kg lean muscle mass in two months funnily enough like the studies state!! I did it the right way I tried it first for over 10 months and I also got my family on it etc as there is nothing out there that has any proof to back it up like Juice Plus does and yes the olympic teams are on it and its not just germany but austria and switzaland too! I now deal with quite a lot of pro fitness coaches and pro footballers etc that are now experiancing the Juice Plus effect all loving it. Dave O brien who is the oldest man to do the 4 desert runs 2010 only on Juice Plus its a wholefood NOT a vit supplement thats what people need to understand its the way all 26 fruit and veg work together that make it so powerful......It has been proven to repair and recover the body from oxidative stress so for athletes or people who have illnesses get a great relief from taking this product! Before I decided to include it into my Sports performance and sports nutrition business, which by the way earns a fantatsic income anyhow I didn't get involve with JP for the money but the product, MY children were always off school each year min 3 weeks but averaged 4-5 weeks per year due to colds flu any of the viruses that wandered around school and they got hit with the swine flu virus too. Last year my son had not one day off ill not even til today which is 31st Jan2011. My daughter had 3 days off which was related to a dodgey meal she I ate and both were ill. I have not had a cold nor my partner.....I am just about to sign a few premiership footballers and by the way Juice PLus do not give it away for free the sports people pay for it themselves. Ive mentioned that as people mention Herbal life which I have taken in the past and it was ok by the way.....but I never got the noticable energy and change in health as I did with JP...Herbal lIfe I noticed sponsor the sports people who take it and the studies etc that were available were not in depth double blinded placebo studies etc and didnt prove much that we didnt already know about vitamins......I wanted pure natural wholefood that is real not vitamins extracted the body does not recognise them as afood substance so not absorbed properly....JP 100% bio available which is majorly important. To correct some comments out there.....Juice Plus Gummies do not have geletin but it is made of pectin.....ive seen it made and asked the question incase I delat with any vegetarians out there.....but the capsules are made of geletin but is kosher certified making it one of the highest grades of geletin available. Ive also read comments that people have put re the studies...I got to the bottom of this before I made the decision to go ahead with JP....they are peer reviewed double blinded placebo studies that makes they more researched than most pharmaceutical drugs. NSA does fund some of them but this does not mean they are in control or change the outcome do you think Universities around the world will take on all the costs by themslelves...hmmm don't think so...and if anyone wnats to question the studies id like to hear you tell the universties all around the world that have well respected journals etc that they were wrong and that your theory is right!! The lady who gave it a one star on this site...she said that they kept sending her the product...well they auto send it outevery 4 months but the problem there lies with who sold it to you as you can cancel the following shipment the day you order your first lot and head office are normally on the ball...well they are in Milan Europe can't speak for USA. Its not even dear...I know at first people think ahh! £34-£54 per month but at the dearest its £1.72 per day and I bet most of your spend that on some rubbish i.e coffee latte or crisps chocolate etc you can't even buy enough fruit and veg for £1.72 to warrant the power of 26 fuit and veg....if you smoke well hey if you want to take this and get healthy then use your £6 per day you would spend on cigarettes and get the whole family healthy and help them live longer!!! thats what i would say....ive spoken to too many cancer specialists and pro sports people to even slightly doubt the power of Juice Plus......If you are a sport person or just into fitness and want more info go to (not an affilaite site just information) and if you want to see some of the studies or product info then go to if you want just some advice you can call me on 07554433080

Juice Plus
by MonaVie

Really Juice Plus+® provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits with high demand. MonaVie is one of the nutritional beverages, which have 19 nutritious fruits, including acai in a large portion. The acai berry plays a very important role in the formation of the very juice called MonaVie to make a unique, and nutritious, and at the same time, delicious drink food.

by Neil

I think it's really unfair, annoying and most of all misleading that so many people have given this product 1 star without even trying it. I'm seriously thinking of using this product for its health benefits and stumbled across this site but was disappointed to see it had 3.5 stars, which isn't bad but from my research on it, I expected it to be around the full 5. I mean the whole German Olympics team is taking this stuff! Then when I checked out the comments I noticed most people that gave it 1 star didn't even try it. I'm not sure if people are doing this to earn credits toward product samples (which I just noticed when leaving this comment) or what but I think for the most part unless you've had a particularly bad personal issue with the workings of this company, you shouldn't knock it till you've tried it and as with all these products you need to try it for at least a month before knocking it fairly. I'm definitely gonna try this product. I've researched tons of these types of products over the past few weeks and have found this to be one of the best. It's been researched thoroughly by many leading institutions including Universities of Maryland, Arizona, Sydney, Vienna, Kings college London and Baylor college Texas to name but a few and the results all sound fantastic, do a search and you'll see. I really don't care if anyone buys it or not I just think it's wrong that people use these types of sites to bitch about something they haven't a clue about! OK, rant over! ha ha

homemaker former nurse
by donna

I have been taking this product for 8 yearrs on the advice of my certified nutritionist. I have multiple sclerosis. I know I am getting the nutrition I need. I also take vineyard blend for heart health. I take four of each a day and yes it is expensive but my overall health has improved. And I feel my health is important.

by eo

I have been investigating this product as a replacement for the vitamin and mineral supplements I take. I went to there website, and it clearly states they are not a MLM program(under JuicePlus Concept/JuicePlus is Not). However many of the reviews state that they are. Which is it? If it turns out that they are, I would have a serious trust issue with the company. That would be a shame, as I like the overall concept of the product. Can someone set me straight on why they would say they are not an MLM if they are? Thanks.

juice plus
by ricky