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I love these!
by Jessie

I love these! I take a few when I start to feel a cold comming on or when I'm feeling run down. I think they really help.

good way to get you vitamin c
by K Tabassum

I love Natural fruit chews orange tangy flavor. It's the least expensive way to get my Vitamin C. I take only one wafer a day and it helps me stay away from seasonal cold and allergies. My husband is also taking these wafers ever since he saw me taking and he too enjoys orange tangy flavor. So, now I have to buy 4 bottles for two people and it lasts a year. I am happy to recommend this product to everyone I know.

Great taste
by Jeremy

I wanted to take C vitamin as part of my diet. I love the products from Natural products, so I started been eating these wafers six months back. They are very tasty and an excellent Natural fruit chew. More over they are inexpensive and works really well.

GREAT Taste, GREAT Product
by Laura

This is a GREAT Product, it taste GREAT, is VERY In-expensive and is EXCELLENT for you!!! 2 Bottles of Fruit Chews will last one person ALL year!!!! We go through about 4 bottles at my house because my husband and I both use them. Vitamin C is so good for you to help you stay well and not get colds or other sickness. This is an excellent way to make sure you get your much needed Vitamins!

An Amazing Value!!
by Kerry Hays

First of all, let me say that these taste absolutely fantastic. I could sit around and eat these like candy. Although it would be very healthy candy because there is so much Vitamin C! Kids love these as well and have no problems in taking them. Highly recommended and a fantastic value!

by Kalvin

These things are ridiculously delicious. I've always had an affinity for these orange-flavored vitamin C things, but I can at least say that these do not taste bad. These are basically like candy to me. Give them to your kids.

Great product based on cost comparison
by Amy

For anyone who does not like taking thier daily vitamin C from anything realated to oranges this is definitely a great product to substitute. Like many others, I find it hard to pick out good oranges, peel them and deal with the mess afterwards just to have my daily vitamin C. This is easy to use, not messy and extremely cheap compared to buying orange juice on a weekly basis. The cost comparison is unquestionable for the same benefits you will receive by using this product for your daily dose of vitamin C.

by Roxanne Ranelli

I always have a hard time tasting different kind of vitamins. Many I have taken have a chalky and bad aftertaste. This product is very delicious, and in the mean time I know I am getting my daily intake of Vitamin C. I highly recommend this product to anyone who lacks their vitamins!

Great way to get vitamin C!
by Corri

I've been looking for a great tasting way for my children to get their daily vitamin C. It's especially important for them to get vitamin C, because every bug that floats around in their daycare, they seemed to catch! I can happily report that since taking this suppliment, they have been illness free all winter season! You cannot beat these fruit chews when it comes to taste and price. Highly recommended.

I love these
by DAV92683

I use these to add Vitimin C to my system. They work great. I love to chew them. They act as a candy but give me Vitimin C in the process. It's a two for one deal.

Great Chews!
by Louis

I used to take these when I didn't take any vitamins. They were great tasting, and they were supplemental to my health regimen. They provide a good amount of vitamin C and are a good alternative to a vitamin for the kids.

Kids love it!
by Kristina Richardson

My kids are very picky about what they will and will not take. This is one of those that they don't mind at all. I am thankful I tried these about 2 months ago and I'll continue to keep them. It gives them the C they need and it isn't a hassle to get them to take it! Thank you!

Great taste
by SP

I wanted to take C vitamin as part of my diet. I love the products from Natural products, so I started been eating these wafers six months back. They are very tasty and an excellent natural fruit chew. More over they are inexpensive and work really well.

Excellent Flavor, My Kids Love Them
by Sammie F

My kids really love this vitamins. What I like about them is the good source of vitamin C and that they are not confused with candy. My kids are very happy to get their daily vitamin C when I use this brand.

Tastes Great!
by Lori

I needed to add vitamin C to my diet, and I don't like to take pills. I found Natural Factors Natural Fruit Chews. They are chewable, so there were no worries about taking pills. Only one a day, and I'm all set. It has a fruity flavor too.

Chews are better then swallowing.
by Shreyas Patel

I liked to take vitamin C in the morning, however I liked the taste of the orange vitamins I took when I was a kid. This is just like that except its for adults instead, and no more gagging when swallowing other pills.

by wendy c

I really like these Vitamin C chews- they are yummy. They taste like a combination of Flintstones vitamins and taffy. They are a great way to get your vitamin with a great orange flavor. They also help to keep colds and illness at bay. Portable orange juice!

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