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by Brandy

This is a good product. I take this every now and the when I do not eat a whole lot of fruit. I have problems with acidic food so tablets really help. It gives you great nutritional value and helps give you energy boost. It is very affordable, great for anyone who might need it.

Love this stuff
by Patti

I only like certain fruits in season and this is a very healthy way for me to get the natural anti oxidents I need without having to eat my favorite fruits out of season. I feel out of season fruit tastes dull so I can save money by not buying the fruit and using these vcaps. They are easy to take and make me feel I am doing all I can to keep healthy.

Good Health
by D. Meissner

I started taking this product about a month and a half ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It has given me a great nutritional advantage in my pursuit to become a more healthy individual at a minimal cost. I would recommend this to anyone. I have no complaints, only raves when speaking of Orchard Fruits. Simply put, delivers on all promises.

Everything you want
by Zheng

This is amazing. It's everything in a bottle. If you want to be healthy, you can't go wrong with this product. It's got combinations of fruits and it's really good for your health. I highly recommend it.

If fruit juice upsets you stomach
by Cydney

Drinking fruit juice gives me a stomach ache. I believe it is the acid content. With this product I still get all the benefits of the antioxidants found in fruit without the stomach problems.

Absolutely Love it!!!
by JJ

I try to eat as many fruits as I can, but sometimes it can get a little expensive. I absolutely love this product. I don't believe $10/month is too expensive for all the product does for you. The antioxident power is amazing, and you can cut down on your fruit prices at the same time.

Good product
by Kate

Fruits contain many important nutrients, but I have a hard time buying fruit because they are so expensive and do not last very long before going bad. Therefore I decided to buy Orchard Fruits as a supplement. The price is good. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to have a well balanced diet.

Fruit alternative
by Rashmi R

For people who do not have time to go look for fresh fruits and remember to eat them everyday or do not have time to eat them during lunch hours at work or while on vacation etc this is a very good alternative. This save a lot of my time as it takes just one second to gulp down the capsule and get nutrition of fresh fruits. I will still recommend eating fresh fruits as nothing really can be more tasty and enjoyable as those but for those who are lazy like me can try this. It’s a good product.

by Jessica

A lot of the time, I have the best intentions and buy a lot of fruits, but end up forgetting to eat them before they go bad. Or I'm out all day, and when I get home, I just want to grab a hot warm meal, something I can't get from a fresh fruit. These solve my fruit problems easily and still give my body what it needs to function at it' optimum ability.

Orchard Fruits
by Laura

I used to take Juice Plus fruit and veggie caps until I discovered this one by Nature's Way. It costs a lot less but has the same quality. I like getting the extra fruits in my diet for when I can't eat the servings of them that I need. I take 2 every morning and I'd recommend them to anyone who may be on Juice Plus now.

First and still the best
by Dani

Nature's Way was one of the first to the mass market years ago (rather than the MLM route) to tout fresh fruits and vegies in their Orchard and Vege blend products. They're cost effective and easy to take. The comprehensive nature of their ingredient list makes them a well balanced fruit sourse (as well as vegetable source for their other blend). You may not get the super food benefits, but you're getting a great addition to what should be a well-balanced diet.

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