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Highly recommended

I’ve taken 42 Fruits and Vegetables for a couple of workout sessions. A session being about 3 months long. I am currently doing a low-carb cutting phase with P90x and this helps me to make sure I'm hitting all my nutrients. I am avoiding fruits and some veggies due to the carb content. It’s a great product and I highly recommend it. This, with a good multi-vitamin, and you hit most of what you need.

by helcha

Being one who is not allowed to eat any fruits with seeds, I felt I wasn't getting a large enough variety of all the vitamins and nutrients from the fruits I couldn't have. When I saw 42 Fruits & Vegetables capsules by NSI, I decided to give them a try. They are easy to swallow, have no side effects and give me a feeling of reassurance that I am doing all I can do to get a large variety of nutrients in my diet. The price is right so I recommend these to others.

Good product
by Lorrie

I have been taking these for over a year now as I can't digest all fruits and vegetables. I am not allowed to eat anything with seeds so I have to be careful. This is a great way to get my vitamins and nutrients from some of the things I can't eat plus I don't have to worry about chronic diarrhea from them. This way it's very easy for me to digest the capsules and my intestines don't have to get inflamed from the real thing. The price is well worth it.

Easy to take
by Anne

I use these off and on when my favorite fruits are out of season. I don't like too many veggies, so these help me on days when I don't get enough fruits and veggies in my daily diet. The price is kind of high but it lasts me longer than the 3 months if you use as directed. I take these about 4 times a week just to be sure I'm getting extra variety of fruits and veggies in my diet.

Perfect anti-oxidant protection if you can't digest raw veggies!
by Noah H.

If you can't digest raw vegetables and don't like them cooked, this is a great way to get your daily veggies and fruits without actually consuming them. Many people also feel that without fruits and vegetables that they are missing their great anti-oxidant benefits, especially people with diverticulitis who can't tolerate strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or even the tomato, due to the tiny seeds causing intestinal cramping. With this supplement you can still get the same benefits you would get from eating raw fruits and veggies, even if you can't tolerate or don't care for certain foods, or just don't eat enough of the fruit/vegetable food groups due to take out meals being more convenient. My Mom takes this supplement because there are many raw vegetables she can't digest fully or that cause stomach problems for her. She likes that it only takes two tablets a day, and it seems to make her feel better and also more confident that she is getting the proper nutrition, so I convinced my girlfriend, who does love fruits, but refuses to touch vegetables, to start the supplement herself. You can't beat getting 42 Fruits and Vegetables in such a small package!! A great product for children or adults who just can't get the proper nutrients in their diet.

Nice supplement
by Dave

We all know that getting the proper amount of fruit/vegetables servings per day doesn't happen very often. While I still believe that trying to get the fresh fruits and vegetables is important, this provides for a nice supplement for when we fall short. This supplement will help keep your digestive track in balance and provides some excellent antioxidants.
Personally, I use the 1400 mg caps, which you can typically find for about $15-$18 for 180 capsule bottle.

by Mandy

This gives you everything you need for one day in two tables. I know that the majority of Americans do not get the required amount of fruits and vegetables in a day, so this is an excellent product to fulfills your dietary needs. If you are like me and just don't like vegetables, then this is the right item for you. The capsules are easy to swallow. The bottle lasts about 90 days, so at about $30 for 3 months you are not getting a bad deal here.

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