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According to Ayurveda: These herbs are best known for normalizing the elevated blood pressure and other associated problems. They are useful in insomnia and decrease the hyper excitability of the brain and heart. They reduce headaches and dizziness associated with the brain and calms the mind. These herbs protect the heart from shock and act as diuretic, cardio tonic, stress reliever and anti-inflammatory agents.

As Dietary Supplements all the herbs used in Cardio-B have been used safely for centuries in Ayurveda (Indian herbal system) as a natural support for healthy blood pressure and circulatory function.

Contraindications: Use under the care of your health care provider especially for Low Blood Pressure, pregnant & lactating females and in old age above 70 years.
Product: Cardio-B
Brand: Herbsforever Inc. (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 1 Tablet three times daily
Retail: $24.95
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2 Customer Reviews

Less Stress
by Mike

I asked my doctor about Cardio-B and I started taking it about 2 months ago. I've experienced a significant decrease in stress as of late and I can report lower blood pressure. Please note I did try to cut some salt out of my diet as well which may have helped.

Works Wonderful
by Shannon

Cardio-B was recommended to my husband as a good herb to use when maintaining healthy blood pressure. There is a long history in his family of heart attacks occurring at a young age, and we would like to do whatever we can to prevent that from happening to him. Cardio-B is great. He takes one a day, and, while in the past we have seen spikes in the blood pressure, he has had no problems since he started using Cardio-B. Also, his stress level seems to be better maintained, which is definitely key to avoiding a heart attack. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for blood pressure maintenance.