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Blood Pressure Support

Blood Pressure Support™ contains an all natural breakthrough ingredient, C-12 Peptide. High Blood Pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease. One in four adults has High Blood Pressure
Product: Blood Pressure Support
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 60 tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $29.98
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5 Customer Reviews

Reduce blood pressure
by nazmul07

My Dad has high blood pressure and diabetes. He has to take a tablet to reduce pressure every day. After being recommended by a friend he decided to try Puritan's Pride pressure support. After using this he saw lot of improvement in his pressure level and he also recommended it to my uncle. They all love this medicine as well as it's price.

Works Great!
by Stacy

My father uses this blood pressure support medicine and it really helps him keep it in check. His blood pressure is very high and he prefers these pills to the prescription pills he use to take.

Blood Pressure Support
by Katelin

For a while now, my father has had trouble with high cholesterol and it wasn't until recently that blood pressure became an issue for him as well. Seeing as Puritan's Pride is a brand that my family and I trust, he decided to give these a try.

I wish that I could report better news, but unfortunately, after two months of using this product, my father has noticed no real improvement in his blood pressure. I still gave it 3 stars though, as this is a brand that has always served us well in the past. Looks like we'll just have to continue the search for a product that works for him!

Blood pressure help on the way!
by Albert

My grandpa was prescribed this by the doctor and he has never been happier. This product has really helped him turn around and lower his blood pressure. By living a healthy lifestule and taking this I believe he can live until he's 100! This product really works and I highly recommend it.

Perfect natural supplement for hypertension
by Jenny

Having suffered from extremely high blood pressure for more than ten years and having a prior history of MI, I was prescribed medication, Metoprolol when I urned 50, but asked my cardiologist's approval for my perhaps adding an all natural supplement, C-12 Peptide, which research is showing great promise in helping to reduce the risks of hypertension and heart disease. Although I always take my prescription drugs for high blood pressure, I feel the addition of this supplement may help somewhat to lower my blood pressure by natural means, without adding even more risks from newer prescription medications having to be taken or added. Since I purchase most of my vitamins and other supplements from Puritan's Pride, I trusted that their product would be superior and have been well pleased so far with my progress since adding this Blood Pressure Support. Doing something really good for myself makes me regain some control over my health issues, and preferring all natural products with stringent quality control led me to continue choosing this excellent Puritan's Pride product.