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Has not worked
by Jim Cook

Has not worked for me.

Giving it a shot
by Michael L.

I am was taking three blood pressure medications. With only the addition of this supplement, was able to stop taking the beta blocker (with all those horrible side effects) Lowered BP about 10 pts, more overall. Moderate success. It does take a while to work (8 weeks before I saw a difference) and I wouldn't recommend just stopping your medications without talking to your doctor.

does its job
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Having a history of family members with high blood pressure and heart problems, most of the medicine around has been used by most of my family. My grandmother refuses to take prescription medicines and believes in her natural pills. She is in her early 70s and has taken Blood Pressurex for the last 10 years. Her lifestyle has not drastically changed, and according to her, the pills have stabilized her blood pressure, making her life less stressful. Natural, efficient, and a cheap price equals a good buy to me.

Does Lower Blood Pressure
by Jody H

This Blood Pressurex works great. My husband has high blood pressure and he started taken this product last year. His blood pressure is a lot lower now. If it wasn't for these great blood pressure pills he would need a expensive prescription to get it lowered. The Blood Pressurex pills are very inexpensive also.

works good
by sandy

This product works well at lowering blood pressure. It's easy to take and doesn't have the side effects that drugs do. I highly recommend it.

Conrol your blood pressure
by sannra

My father, who is 60, has used these for about 3 years now. His blood pressure has improved greatly, and he feels so much better. These really do work and are worth trying. They are inexpensive and natural. You could not ask for a better product

Keep It Under Control
by cynthia

I use this product. It is good for those who have a genetic history of high blood pressure and a lifestyle that causes blood pressure to rise. As with blood sugar increases, blood pressure rarely goes up all at once, but rather can be seen elevating over a time period. The first time an elevation is noticed is the time for Blood Pressurex.

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