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Works well
by Gayle

A little expensive for herbs, but if they work, I guess it is worth it. This product seems to work in an uncanny way.

Good simple product
by John L.

I do not see anything about this product that is really unique, but it is effective. I have been pleased with all the Vitabase products I have tried.

by Katelyn

A little pricey, but the ingredients are great, and this has worked well for my father.

90 Tablets by Vitabase
  • High blood pressure can increase risk of death
  • Hawthorn helps dilate arteries in arms and legs
  • Coleus Forskohlii used in Ayurvedic medicine to relax the arteries and lower pressure
  • Taurine shown to be effective at maintaining normal blood pressure levels.
by Frank

My grandmother has been taking this product for her high blood pressure. This product has helped to lower her high blood pressure and has helped her to become more active without worrying about what her blood pressure is. She has been on this product for about 6 months and has seen great results. She highly recommends this product!

Blood Pressure Support
by Cassandra

My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with normal-high blood pressure. He was given a prescription medicine but discontinued it within two days because of the side effects. The side effects included a very red face, a sudden increase in heart beat, shortness of breath, and tightening of the chest. He didn't like this at all.

We went back to the doctor and pleaded for an alternative. He said that we could go to the drug store and try some of the OTC medicines and this was one of the ones we tried.

We purchased one bottle of this product -- there were 90 tablets and at 3 tablets per day, it was a one month supply. We were very happy with the results. After a week and a half we noticed a minor, but consistent, drop in his blood pressure.

I think if you have high blood pressure, you should consult with your doctor before making any changes. We felt this product worked for him, but we're not sure if it would have had a good enough effect if his blood pressure was any higher.

Does Work
by Donna

My husband has high blood pressure. Although he takes two different b/p medications, he wasn't always achieving the type of control he wanted, especially during times of stress. He decided to add Blood Pressure Support and monitor the results via a home b/p machine.

Over a six-week period, his b/p improved modestly and he had less fluctuations on a daily basis. He reported his findings to his doctor and got approval to keep taking this product, along with his other medications.

Overall, I would recommend this product to someone who needs minimal changes to their blood pressure readings, although it is always best to check with a physician first.

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