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Naturally lower your cholesterol - and your risk of heart disease - with Phytomega.
Product: Phytomega
Brand: Melaleuca (More Products)
Size: 120 softgels
Dosage: Take 2 softgels daily
Retail: $29.00
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4 Customer Reviews

by Janet Shepherd

I found the use of Phytomega over a period of 5 years to be great at lowering cholesterol; however, causes irritability for me.

by Roberto

I am a 50 year old white male with a family history of high cholesterol. Very active in 2004 with a good diet my count was 210. As I got lazy with age my count went to 265 in 07 and my doc told me to return in 3 months for a follow up. Well I didn't go back and didn't change my diet or exercise level but I did start taking PhytoMega as directed on the label. Two caps within a half hour of a meal or 2 hours after.

I finally got the guts to go get checked a few weeks ago and was very happy to see my total count is down to 207. My CRP level is slightly high at 2.5 so I obviously need to work on diet and exercise and this will hopefully bring my cholesterol count down below 200.

This is no pitch, these numbers don't lie. I have rarely written a product review and I write this one with great confidence in the product.

Worth Every Penny
by Katelin

Recently, my father found out that his cholesterol level was at 250, so the doctor prescribed Vytorin for him. A few months later, he found himself constantly feeling tired and his muscles incredibly achy, a common side effect of statins. Since statins are found in most prescription cholesterol pills, it was obvious that he had to find another option.

While he was in search of a different treatment, he maintained a healthy diet and was exercising. This was clearly not enough for him because by the time he found Phytomega, his cholesterol had skyrocketed to 340. Fortunately, after just 3 months of taking Phytomega, while continuing with diet and exercise, his levels were already down to 280.

I'm so thankful that my father found Phytomega. He is well on his way to a healthier cholesterol level, without the poor side effects of prescription meds! I highly recommend this product to anyone who can't handle statins, and everyone else who needs to lower their cholesterol level.

doing the happy dance!!
by Sarah

My triglycerides were just over 400 and I was in a panic! After a few months of taking Phytomega regularly, they dropped to 179. I can’t tell you how happy and relieved that has made my doctor, my husband and me. I keep a two-month supply on hand; I never want to run out of this! Like with most fish oil tablet, there is no fishy taste with this either!