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Phytosterol Complex with Beta-Sitosterol

Phytosterols are natural components found in a number of vegetables, plants and grains, and they may help support balanced cholesterol levels.

And, recent studies have shown the amazing benefits of plant sterols regarding the absorption of cholesterol. Hot off the presses, the Sept./Oct. issue of the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism published a study evaluating the effects of certain plant sterols on human cholesterol absorption. Twenty-four men and women underwent four separate tests that included different doses of phytosterols. The tests showed that 300 mg of phytosterols reduced cholesterol absorption by over 23%; a dose of 500 mg reduced the absorption by 32%.
Product: Phytosterol Complex with Beta-Sitosterol
Brand: Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (More Products)
Size: 240 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $45.99
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3 Customer Reviews

by Billie Jo Rylance

This product in conjunction with a small dose of a statin drug reduced my total cholesterol by 40 points.

Worked OK
by Baylor

I saw a few points reduction in cholesterol after using this.

Outstanding effect on cholesterol reduction!
by TJ

My mother has high total and LDL cholesterol levels and she has tried everything to reduce them, from getting on a special diet to exercising more to taking other cholesterol reduction supplements, but nothing really worked. Then I gave her a bottle of this Phytosterol Complex with Beta-Sitosterol product from NSI is their latest release a few months ago. It was recommended to me by one of my colleagues at work and this truly was outstanding!

After only just over a month of taking a tablet each day, my mother had her physical redone and noticed both her total & LDL levels went down by >10%! She takes this along with a garlic pill each morning which seems to work best for her. It turns out that the secret lies in the natural effect of "plant sterols" dissolving cholesterols without side effects - the well-known Benecol (butter substitute product from J&J) also uses this substance.

My mother strongly recommends this product and believes this is a "life-saver" for her. Well worth the ~$40 price she pays for each bottle. I'm noticing steady increase in my LDL levels (like mother like son) so I'm planning to try this product myself someday.