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by Lyn

My husband lowered his cholesterol 45 points within 3 months after he started using this product. He also started exercising more. Both this medicine and exercise helped him lower his cholesterol.

Lowered Cholesterol 40 points!
by Jess

It's true. I had also changed my diet to not include any cholesterol and not more than 7% sat. fat. daily. It was a slow process to commit to this diet, but after a while I just didn't crave the "bad" stuff anymore. However, my good cholesterol was low. My doctor said excersising should fix that. I was on this diet (including the multivitamin each night) for a year when I saw the results.

it works
by by big dan

if nothing else taking one a day makes me feel better. i try to eat healthy and exercise as much as possible. so far my cholesterol levels have been good.

it controls good
by sumathi

Yes, it is an effective medicine to control cholesterol and blood pressure. I have seen my granny taking these pills to control cholesterol, as she is a heart patient. Our family doctor prescribed it to her and because of these pills even her blood pressure is under control. I must say that this is a good product.

Best Product
by David

This is the best product I have found for my high cholesterol. One a day cholesterol plus used in conjunction with oatmeal daily yields dramatic results. As someone with an appetite that would make any nutritionist cringe, and live with borderline worrisome cholesterol, if I follow this regime I can usually keep things in check. Oatmeal naturally reduces unhealthy heart problems, and the vitamins once a day is great because it has many other added vitamins, its no wonder why this product received 5 stars from me.

Good Product
by Becky

My mother has a lot of health problems and tons of prescriptions to fill monthly. One problem she has is high Cholesterol. She pays out so much for medicine every month. I saw these and had her ask her doctor if she could take this instead of prescription medicine. He ok'ed it, and all is well now. She no longer has to take prescription medicine because One a day Cholesterol Plus is doing the job for her. Great product.

Easy Cholesterol Lowering Product
by Amie

My mother-in-law takes this as part of her vitamin regiment. Her cholesterol is high, but not high enough yet to be put on a prescription cholesterol lowering medication. She was trying to find an over the counter product that would help. Taking this has kept her cholesterol at an acceptable level. She still needs to keep up her diet and exercise, but she thinks this is key. Cholesterol problems run in their family. Great price! It is an EASY way, she switched from her normal multi-vitamin to this, to keep a handle on your cholesterol. She loves it!

One a day cholesterol plus
by Brenda B

My dad used this product when his cholesterol was high, and after we saw it helped get his cholesterol under control, my mom started to use it, and it seemed to help her as well. Now I use it, as I found out my cholestrol is a little high, and decided I better get it under control before it gets worse. This product is great and I would suggest it to anyone that has high cholesterol.

One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus
by Denise

I haven't been using this product for very long. It has only been a couple of months. I replaced this product with my usual vitamins because I felt that any extra help in lowering my very high cholesterol would benefit me. I won't be sure if it is actually working until my next visit to the doctor in a month. The price is a little steep but if it actually works for me then I will continue to buy it and pay the price.

May actually work
by extrawork

In replacing my multivitamin, I chose the cholesterol formula since I had just been to the doctor and my numbers were a little higher than I liked. I took the One-a-day pills for 6 months, but also started eating much healthier and was exercising much more than I had been. On my next check, my total cholesterol was 18 points lower. I can't say which of my lifestyle changes was primarily responsible, but I give all three credit - including the vitamins. If you take a multi-vitamin anyway, why not give this one a shot?

Time will tell
by Allie

I have been taking this product for about a month. My blood pressure has decreased slightly but I won't know about the cholesterol until my next blood tests are done in March. Hopefully there will be a decrease in that as well.

by An

My dad found out he had really high cholesterol almost a year ago. The doctor prescribed some medication and recommended One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus as an addition. After a couple of months, my dad's cholesterol levels decreased significantly.

My family was really happy about that fact and have been purchasing One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus since then. The price is reasonable and affordable for the effects it produced. Highly recommended.

An All-Inclusive Package
by Sarah

I really like this product because my family has a history of high cholesterol and I'm always looking for a more natural way to be healthier. I like that these vitamins naturally lower my cholesterol, and by combining two things I would take anyway these save me time and money.

by dee

I got One-A-Day for my dad, since he has problems with his cholesterol. I usually get him some Chinese medicines through a friend but not all of them are reliable, until I discovered One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus. He's been taking it for 2 months now and I've never seen him more happier than before especially when taking his medicines.

This is an awesome find, that really works to maintain not only his low cholesterol level but his blood pressure levels as well.

High Chlolestrol
by Phil Young

I had a doctor's visit a few months ago and he said I have high cholesterol and recomended one-A-day Cholesterol plus. I've been taking it for 2 months and my cholesterol has dropped. This product is also great because it very cheap.

by kvantol

When my husband went to the doctor for his annual physical he was sent to the lab for routine blood work. It came back with elevated cholesterol, so high that his doctor prescribed medication for him. He took the prescription for two days and started feeling nauseated all the time. He finally realized it was his new medicine. Needless to say he didn't want to try another prescription having such a bad experience with the first one. I told him I had noticed One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus Tablets in the vitamin section and asked if he wanted to try them. He said yes, and I brought them home.

I purchased a bonus package containing 60 tablets instead of the regular 50 count package for about $7.99. They are also available in 100 ct. and 125 ct. packages. The packaging is done in a bright purple and stands out--you can't miss them! Each package contains a stamped expiration date on one of the end flaps. Be sure to check this date before purchase to make sure product is fresh.

The bottles are white with a purple label and have child resistant caps that adults can actually open fairly easily. You will find these in most drug stores or pharmacies next to other One-A-Day Vitamins.

My husband has been taking these vitamins for 2 months now. He isn't scheduled to go back to the doctor for another couple of months so I can't say for sure if they have helped lower his cholesterol or not. He has had more energy since switching to this vitamin formula.

The vitamins are a large tablet in an oblong shape. They are light brown in color. He says they do not have an aftertaste but are a little hard to swallow. If you have problems taking regular tablets, I would not recommend this formula. As some would say, they look like horse pills.

You should always take your daily vitamin with a meal or you could experience stomach upset.

This seems to be a good blend of vitamins and minerals. It is targeted to help maintain a healthy heart, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels. My husband has had more energy while taking these vitamins and I'm hoping that they have helped in lowering his cholesterol level.

It (or something worked)
by Jen w.

My husdand had a little bit of a problem with cholesterol. He lost some weight, started eating a little less in the fatty food department, and took these vitamins. Three months later, he was back in the healthy range. I am not sure what did it, but I think these might have been at least part of it.

Great product!
by Corri

My husband has been using this product in conjunction with a prescription medication, and his cholesterol has been lowered greatly within 1 month! When he was just taking the prescription medication alone, he did not see such great results. I was a little leery when purchasing this item, but I thought we'd give it a try since I love other One-a-day vitamin products. I'm soooo glad we found this vitamin!

Good for maintaining normal cholestrol
by Eli

My father has high blood pressure and cholesterol. He took One-A-Day to lower both, but only his blood pressure decreased. his cholesterol has stayed the same. Use this product only to keep your cholesterol normal.

It Works!
by ambreen

Cholesterol runs in my mother's family. But she thankfully does not have it. Why? Because as recommended by her doctor, she has been taking one pill a day for years now and has really seen it work. Now she recommends it to her family and friends as one of the best ways to keep their cholesterol levels at a good rate!
You just can't beat a vitamin that not only has shown such proven results, but is recommended by doctors as well!

Use with care
by Jane Yeh

Once a day cholesterol plus used in conjunction with oatmeal daily yields dramatic results. Someone with an appetite that would make any nutritionalist cringe, and live with borderline worrisome cholesterol, I follow this regime to keep things in check. Oatmeal naturally reduces unhealthy heart problems, and the vitamins 'once a day' is great because it has many other added vitamins. It's no wonder why this product received 5 stars from me.

it doesn't work
by nivi

I suffer from high triglycerides and high cholesterol. My doctor first suggested this medicine. I started taking it daily. But after three months, I didn't find any difference in my cholesterol levels. Rather than decreasing my level. it increased my cholesterol levels. I don't recommend this to anybody

Fight Cholesterol
by Laura

This is the best product I have found for my high cholesterol. I have tried several prescription medications and eating good and exercise and nothing helped me as much as One-A-Day Cholesterol plus. I like it because it has lots of vitamins that I need plus it helps lower my cholesterol.

Great Vitamin
by Tom

This is a great multi-vitamin that also helps to lower cholesterol levels. My father lowered his cholesterol to a healthy level with the help of One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus. After years of trying to regulate his cholesterol, it is finally under control.

by DAV92683

My dad has high cholesterol and he was recommended to One-A-Day by his doctor. He told me that it really works to keep his cholesterol in check. He is getting a heart by-pass in two weeks. But, thanks to One-A-Day it really helped him fight high cholesterol.

Best vitamins
by Sergey

These are my favorite multi-vitamins. They have all essential vitamins and minerals as well as Policosanol which help to keep blood pressure and cholesterol level in the normal range. I take one tablet every day.

by sherry

My whole family has a history of high cholesterol, however, I don't, and I plan to keep it that way. Taking one a day keeps my cholesterol in balance along with the benefits of recommended daily vitamins. Perfect Choice.

Great Product
by Stacy

I have suffered with high cholesterol my whole life, and I try to eat right and avoid certain foods. My mother actually told me about this so I thought I would give it a shot, and it worked. My cholesterol is under control finally!!! I eat healthy and I use this stuff, and I am very happy with it.

Really works
by Mary C.

I am in the health care profession, and I work with a woman who has been using this product. She states that it has helped to maintain her cholesterol levels at or slightly below where they were when she started. Her numbers came down several points, but she has been watching her diet as well.

Helps maintain a healthy Cholesterol Level.
by Jose

I was informed by my doctor that I had high cholesterol a few months ago, so I started taking One a day Cholesterol Plus and along with exercise and eating healthier it has helped me keep a healthy cholesterol level.

by holly wilson

My family has a history of high cholesterol - and everyone in my family who suffers from it uses this product. We all love it. With a healthy diet and this product combined, you can easily maintain your cholesterol.

One A Day Cholesterol Plus
by Janet Higdon

This product works well overall if you are already at a healthy cholesterol level. The vitamin content is a good daily balance. It should be noted that this product will not reduce cholesterol levels but can help maintain them.

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