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cindy lou
by magga relieved

After trying very expensive name brand fish oil it was nice to find one on the cheap shelf at Wal Mart that worked the best. Spring Valley was actually refered to me by several people with high cholestrol. Well they didn't have it anymore because of Spring Valley!! Shaklee didn't work and had no luck with Nordic Naturals, but this stuff is affordable and not hard on the pocket book. Hope it continues to prove itsself as a top product in my book

"yes fish burps"
by LA Bowman

The regular strength in the green bottle was fine, but the new double strength (600 mg) in the clear bottle DID cause fish burps every day. My cousin had the same experience. I switched to flax seed oil.

by Wanda Evans

I purchased the twin pack of Double Strength Spring Valley Fish Oil containing 600 mg of Omega 3. On the label it states "No Fish Burps." That is not true. After taking 1 tablet this morning, I have burped it all morning. I called the number on the container and reported it to a lady who seemed totally unconcerned. She stated they were aware of the problem and were working on solving it. They would provide me with a label that I could send it back to them and they would refund my money. Won't hold my breath.

Low Quality
by V. Updike

My husband had terrible nosebleeds after taking this product for 3 months. The doctors in the ER said it was due to the Vit E(d-alpha-tocopherol) in the Fish acts as an anti-coagulant!!

low quality
by Rachael Crawford

I have recently started to take vitamin supplements as part of some healthy changes I'm making. I saw a special at Walmart for this particular brand of fish oil and thought it was a great value. However, I did some further research on Web MD and found out that my purchase wasn't a good value at all.

Why? According to research, the quality of the fish determines the effectiveness of the fish oil supplement. The most effective and potent fish oil comes from salmon, trout, and mackerel. Spring Valley states on the label that their fish oil comes from sardines and anchovies.

While I haven't experienced any fish-tasting burps, I have yet to see many "before" and "after" results. To be fair, I have only been using the product for one month, twice a day.

If you are taking other supplements, fish oil has been known to hinder the body's ability to absorb nutrients. This is why I take most of my vitamins in the morning and fish oil capsules in the afternoon and evening after my workout.

This product is supposed to help aid in the relief of joint pain and prevention of coronary heart disease.

Here is a link to the Web MD review of fish oil:

by tammy hiatt

My husband has been using this product for several months and is pleased with the product. He feels it has helped him lower cholestrol. He feels better overall taking it.

by Beverly Adams

I've used other Spring Valley supplements that I liked just fine but this fish oil is in my cupboard right now and will probably not get used up. It gives me awful fish burbs even if I take it with meals as is suggested.
My husband may finish it up; if he takes it with a full meal it doesn't bother him. I replaced it with Nature Made which I like just fine. Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements have been proven to work very well for both of us. Our blood work shows that our cholesterol comes down when we faithfully take it!

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