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Works great
by Jeremy

I have been using this product to control my blood pressure for about 8 months now. It is a great product and has really helped me keep my blood pressure at safe levels. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to keep their blood pressure under control. It really works wonders!

Works Good
by Kyle

This product works good at lowering blood pressure. My son recently had open heart surgery, and the doctors want to keep him on all these "unnatural" medications in order to lower his blood pressure. Being a pro-natural/organic mom, I don't like putting a lot of unnatural medications into my child. I know I can trust Nature's Sunshine products to work, and to be of good quality.

What happened to Arcadia Herbs??
by Paul

If anyone knows what happened to Arcadia Herbs and Alternatives please E-Mail me. I have been taking a number of their herbal blends and they have turned my health around 180 degrees. The high blood pressure blend normalized my blood pressure in three months. If they have gone out of business I really don't know where to go next. Any information on Arcadia Herbs or an alternate herbal site that has specific herbal blends would be appreciated. Sincerely, Paul P. Dickey

It's good
by nivi

It's good for controlling blood pressure. My husband was having high blood pressure. So the doctor suggested to him to use this product. Now his blood pressure is under control. He takes this medicine daily, two times.

Great blood pressure aid
by Jaime

My father has always had high blood pressure due to genetics and anxiety, and this supplement really helped him to control it. It may not be a prescription drug, but it has the same effect. This pill (in combination with a better diet) got my father's blood pressure back to the normal range and has also helped him to be less anxious.

by Tom

My dad began taking these pills after he was warned about his blood pressure by his doctor. These pills, along with a better diet, have lowered by father's blood pressure to a fairly normal level and he claims he feels stronger as well.

Great for High BP symptoms
by Candice

For years, I have had high blood pressure problems associated with stress and anxiety, aside from relying on Xanax in the really bad conditions, there was nothing else that really took care of it. Even then, the Xanax didn't take care of my flaming bright red burning cheeks that came with my anxiety induced high BP BUT this supplement does! I've been burning cheek free for almost a year now by only taking one a day!

All natural and keeping me healthy!
by Dan

First of all, let me say that I'm not one that enjoys going to the doctor,s and having 16 different types of medications prescribed to me, and having to swallow pill after pill of who knows what. Having high blood pressure, I did my best to seek out anything that is all natural and capable of reducing my b/p. Support Blend met every condition. Not only is it an all natural alternative to some synthetic pill, but it keeps my blood pressure to a managable condition.

Really has helped my dad
by Angel C.

My dad recently bought this product as he has high blood pressure and anxiety attacks and was looking for something a little more natural than prescription anti-anxiety pills. My mom and I have seen a big difference in his blood pressure and notice he's been a lot calmer. This just proves that herbal can be just as good as prescription drugs.

Helped my husbands b/p
by nikki

My husband has high b/p as well as high cholesterol and he's prone to getting really anxious at times. He started to take High blood pressure support blend and eating better. We have noticed a drop in his b/p, his cholesterol is now normal and he is not as anxious.

high blood pressure
by lala5

My father has been using this product ever since his doctor warned him about his high blood pressure. It really has helped him lower his blood pressure while he was exercising as well. I think that the price for the product is reasonable.

Helps in more then one way
by Gblack

This is a real good herbal helper. I have both high blood pressure and high anxiety. This helps me with both of them. I really like this.

For Anxiety
by Denise Grier

I took Xanax for years but got tired of being addicted to them. Now I take this high blood pressure support blend. It works to relieve my anxiety while giving me the comfort of knowing I am not addicted to any prescription drugs.

worked like a charm
by Kelly Morris

I'd never had high blood pressure in my life, until I had to start taking a medication for depression that had a side effect of raising blood pressure. Mine got dangerously high, but I really needed the antidepressant. So I started this herbal supplement and was amazed at how well it worked. My doctor was amazed, as well.

There was an added benefit, which is that it also helps with anxiety. I can't tell you how helpful this was to me. I highly, highly recommend it!

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