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go natural
by Marie

I'm a believer in all natural products, Thanks so much for a product that works, I have a sister-in-law who has no insurance..and told her about this product.For she has so much depression going on her blood pressure has been up and cannot see a doctor..she will be getting this product, for I will make sure she gets it..Thank you so much.for the help...she also has a very sick husband, who has demenica, sorry can't spell that, have a great day..

Actually works!!
by Jeremy

It's good for controlling blood pressure. My husband was having high blood pressure, so the doctor suggested to him to use this product. Now his blood pressure is under control. He takes this medicine daily, two times.

Suprised me
by Mike

I was originally skeptical of a twin labs product but BPC completely surprised me. I saw results in just one month from this. For the price per month, can you really put a price on life?

works as mild hypertensive
by Michael L

Used this stuff when I was not covered by insurance and could not afford the pills. It takes about 2-3 weeks to work so don't expect any overnight miracles. Lowered systolic by 14 pts!

You saved us!
by suzanne M

My honey has high blood pressure and his prescription medications had run out ...without having had his insurance kick in yet, I found these, hoping they would work until we could get the prescription filled ... they DID and for WAY less than the prescription! This has helped us keep his blood pressure at a good level... THANKS!

Lower your high blood pressure!
by Zheng

So do you have high blood pressure? Why wait any longer, because this product is the cure for it. It work so well that I feel like it has changed my life.

TwinLab Blood Pressure Control
by Patty

This is an excellent product to take to reduce or maintain a normal blood pressure reading, because it does not involve any artificial drugs or side effects. It is easy to swallow and produces no aftertaste of medicine in the gastrointestinal tract or mouth. After it begins to work, in just a few short weeks, it makes you feel more energetic and ready to exercise and take control of your life. All natural, I really like it and recommend it to friends.

Father In Law lives by it!
by Lisa

My husband's family has a history of high blood pressure. When my father in law went to the doctor and found his blood pressure was high, he refused to resort to prescription medications if he didn't have to. He tried this product almost a year ago and has been using it ever since. Between use of this product and healthy eating and lifestyle, he has been able to keep his blood pressure to a manageable level and skip the prescription drugs!

Works great.
by SP

After trying different medicines for controlling blood pressure, my mom started using this. She is very happy with this "Blood Pressure Control". She could maintain her blood pressure under control. This product is not so expensive compared to other brands.

It's good
by Bethany

My father has been using this for about 4 months. His blood pressure has gone down quite a lot. He has told many of his retired coworkers about it.

Blood Pressure Control
by Dorene

I have been using this product to control my blood pressure for about 8 months now. It is a great product and has really helped me keep my blood pressure at safe levels. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to keep there blood pressure under control. It really works wonders!

Doctor reccommeded
by Donia

My dad's Dr. told him about this medicine since he refused to take his RX meds regularly. He is a little bull headed. Well upon taking these for some months and life style changes too, his blood pressure has leveled off and he is living healthier as well. A lot of that has to do with this product. I say this is well worth the money spent just for that.

all natural and it works!!
by J

I went to the doctor and he told me that my blood pressure was slightly high. I didn't want to take any prescriptions so he suggested an all natural remedy. This worked great. The next time I went to the doctor 6 months later, my blood pressure was in a normal range and it's been there ever since.

Doctor Said So.
by Shreyas Patel

My doctor told me that the best way to lower my blood pressure was to take some kind of control medication. Blood Pressure Control was the best idea he had. I started using this and realized that I wasn't as tired and my heart even felt less stress.

blood pressure
by lala5

My mother has been using this for about a year now since her doctor recommended it. It has really helped her lower her blood pressure and stay healthy. Her doctor has really had high praises for this product.

Blood Pressure Help the Natural Way
by Michele Fair

My boyfriend has MVP and takes beta blockers for blood pressure and other heart related issues. We decided to see if we could find a few other alternative methods to help him as well. I bought the Blood Pressure Control pills because I had read about Peptide before and thought it would be a good natural alternative. He has been taking them for a few days and hasn't felt or seen results yet, but we are hoping that by the time the bottle is finished, he will see better blood pressure levels.

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