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Cardi-Plant Pro

Clinical & laboratory research studies conducted with Cardi-Plant Pro shows that it supports efficient heart function by promoting blood & nutrient flow to the heart muscle. It also enhances blood circulation to the entire body by reducing flow resistance in peripheral blood vessels.

Hawthorne extract:

Helps with angina by dilating the blood vessels in the heart and improving the metabolic processes in the heart.

Helps with congestive heart failure by working as a heart "tonic" to increase the contraction of the heart muscle in a way similar to digitalis.

Helps with heart rhythm disturbances.

Helps lower blood pressure over several weeks usage.

Improves general circulation.

Decreases cholesterol levels.
Product: Cardi-Plant Pro
Brand: MMS Pro (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice daily
Retail: $14.95
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1 Customer Reviews

by Chris

The last time I went to see my doctor he advised me that maybe I should have my cholesterol checked because heart disease and high cholesterol runs in my family. When he got the results back I was not surprised to hear that my cholesterol was above normal. He wanted to put me on a prescription drug, but I said I wasn’t ready for that yet; I wanted to try something else. I did some research and found Cardi-Plant Pro by MMS Pro and decided to order it. It was reasonably priced and I thought it might be worth a try. I finished one bottle in about two months and went back to my doctor to check my cholesterol again. I was pleased to hear that it went down by 15 points. I attribute this change to Cardi-Plant Pro. It really did work wonders. I have recommended to product to my friends that also have high cholesterol, and I plan to order another bottle soon.