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Great !!
by ben

It works wonders for me. No more congestion in the morning. I really like this. This is the best to use on the go! It's cheap enough that I carry a bottle with me wherever I go, and it's helped me with my summer allergies. I'd use it whenever my allergies started kicking up, and it's never failed me.

Terrific stuff!!!
by Sam Wagner

My aunt takes this product along with a prescription drug to help control her high cholesterol. She says that is has no taste and is very easy to take before meals. She finds that it works best when taken on an empty stomach. My aunt's cholesterol has gone down 20 points since taking this product. She gives it two big thumbs up.

by Andrew

This stuff did not do anything. They might as well filled the container with sugar water and saved the trouble with the label. I have used this product for 3 weeks now and I figured it was worth a try. Well, I will never buy this product again.

I am very disappointed in this product. Don't waste your time.

helps mild asthma
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I suffer from mild asthma and allergies that drastically affect my comfort and quality of breathing. The allergies generally go hand and hand with my asthma attacks. I have yet to find an all in one medicine that fights both until now. Alfalfa Herb relaxes me, making breathing less of a struggle. I've noticed when I am stressed and under a lot of physical and mental pressure, I tend to crack and feel extremely fatigued. It can't be classified as a panic attack or such because the allergies are also a trigger. This magic in a bottle has, for the most part, diminished the allergic responses, thus alleviating the already existent asthma.

Relives Mild Allergies
by Stacy

This liquid alfalfa herb worked very well for my allergies. I found that this was a nice natural way I could help relieve some of my mild energies when I didn’t want to take anything stronger.

Good Product for Chronic Fatigue!
by Lisa

For many years I dealt with the side effects of having chronic fatigue syndrome, including severe exhaustion, muscle aches and decreased immune function. I tried this product because I like the idea of a liquid formula. It is easier to fit into a drink or shake. After using this product, I noticed an increase in energy level and less muscle aches. I think this product is a good detox for the body and it really makes you feel good! A+ product!

Helped my Fatigue
by Kathy

I will never be without Alfalfa Herb. I found this to be an easy-to-use product with no unpleasant aftertaste. I started taking it along with a number of other natural products to combat the fatigue I had as a result of undergoing chemo. There have been days when I just don't want to take a bunch of pills or natural herbs. I rely on Alfalfa herb alone to help my energy level and it doesn't let me down.

Helps with allgeries
by Garrett

The lady at the drugstore that I went to gave me this product for allergies. I use this every day in the allergy season and I can hardl y notice them. It also makes me feel better and healthier.

Liquid health
by Gordy

I find it easier to take things when they come in liquid form, or can be combined with other drinks, meals, etc in order to cover any aftertaste or bitterness. So when I was looking for natural alternatives to help relieve my asthma and allergies - Alfafa Herb by Nature's Answer ... was the answer I was looking for.

Firstly, there are not many options - so you pretty much have to give it a try if you are looking for liquid alfalfa herb. Secondly, I found it mostly tasteless and very easy to use. One to two ML three times a day will effectively help you fight certain unwanted symptoms.

During the 3 months I have taken it, I have noticed both a decrease in the frequency of my asthma and harshness of allergies. I give it 4 1/2 stars for being a nice alternative to dry capsules.

Great product
by shilpi tandon

I was suffering from anemia since two years ago. I was attracted towards herbal medicine as they have no side effects. I was advised to take alfalfa herb by a family friend. I saw a considerable change in my body ever since I started taking Alfalfa Herb. I have continued using it even after the iron level in my blood rose. My father has been suffering from high cholesterol and he too uses it regularly and he has seen a decrease in his cholesterol counts. Both of us are happy with the results from alfalfa herb.

Helped my Dad's cholesterol count
by Lori Strehle

When my father was told by the doctors that his cholesterol was too high, I told him about a study I read in which alfalfa helped lower cholesterol.

In conjunction with a low fat diet, he started taking this alfalafa supplement (he loved how easy it was to take) and we have seen a nice drop in his numbers.

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