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Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice

Aloe Vera Juice [Intestinal, Skin] is a nutritional storehouse, naturally containing several vitamins plus 18 amino acids, in addition to many other dietary factors. It soothes the skin and the tissues lining the digestive tract. It contains many biologically active compounds that support the digestion and absorption of food and nourish the intestinal system.
Many companies manufacture aloe vera, but most products on the market have lost much of the plant’s original benefits due to over-processing. Beware of aloe vera juice that claims to have no disagreeable taste. Removing this taste can leave you with a product that is only 10–15 percent aloe vera, at best.
NSP aloe vera is processed in a special way to avoid the loss of essential vitamins, minerals and other constituents.
Product: Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 32 fl oz
Dosage: 1 oz, 4 x daily
Retail: $32.75
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12 Customer Reviews

Aloe Vera products (leaf juice, deodorant, Aloe Vera First, heat lostion, etc)
by Marius

I would like to get more info regarding all aloe vera products (like Aloe Vera products (leaf juice, deodorant, Aloe Vera First, heat lotion, etc).

Thanks in advance,
Mississauga, Canada

i recommend it
by sumathi

My friend is a dietician and she takes very good care of her health. When I asked her the secret of her good health she told me apart from balanced diet and exercise Aloe Vera whole leaf juice is her secret to maintain good health. I was impressed. And even I started using it and I am happy with it.

Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice
by Tiff

This is an excellent juice that reverses the damaging effect on your stomach lining. The taste isn't too good but, you will get use to it quickly. If you drink coffee, or smoke this is the drink for you. We all know the benefits of the aloe, and the juice is no exception. This product is great. I drink 1 cup a day because I am an avid coffee drinker. I will highly recommend this product to everyone.

Aloe Vera Helps with Heartburn
by Cynthia

Whenever I eat a heavy meal or food that is spicy, it gives me heartburn. I prefer taking natural medication/supplements instead of manufactured chemicals, so I tried Aloe Vera juice. It works for me! It really helps relieve the burning. I don't find the taste to be bad. It helps if you mix it with a very light juice. I like to mix my Aloe Vera juice with white grape juice to make it taste sweeter.

Nature can sooth!
by Adam

I got into a very bad motor vehicle accident, and my nutritionist advised me that aloe vera products would help with the healing of the skin. I have very little to no visible scars from my injuries, and I attribute that to using this product and other vitamin supplements. I recommend that along with this product, a healthy regimen of Vitamin E and Fish Oil, but always consult a medical professional.

I continue to use this product when I get bad rashes or burns, and it helps out!

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