f Puritan's Pride Aloe Vera 470 mg Reviews and Information

Aloe Vera 470 mg

Supports Healthy Digestion
Product: Aloe Vera 470 mg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $9.95
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4 Customer Reviews

Truly nature's medicine.
by Anne

I love aloe. I have always had a plant in my backyard and use it topically quite regularly in the summertime for sunburns, recently to treat airbag burns from an accident, and most commonly in my soaps and lotions. I had never taken it for an internal ailment until about a week ago. Puritan's Pride always has quality vitamins at rediculous low prices so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with what I bought. But, WOW! This product made drastic, immediate improvement to my digestive system. I am now more regular, and my stool is of better.... quality....? Furthermore, redness in my face has diminished as well as clearing up my acne! I cannot give enough praise to this product. Try it.

Aloe vera is great
by jennifer

I tend to get skin that cracks and bleeds in the wintertime due to eczema. Since I have used Aloe Vera, I never itch anymore, and can relax more when trying to sleep. I love this product, and the price is great.

Healing in Aloe Vera
by William Duong

My mother was the one who recommended Aloe Vera to me. Traditionally, the plant, which I have a large amount in my backyard, has healing properties for external cuts and problems as well. It's only natural that when you have colds or the flu, you should take Aloe Vera in order to healing internally. I'm not much of a believer, but I haven't had the cold in a very long time.

Regular Naturally

Aloe Vera is one of our Earth's naturally wonderful plants. This product in particular should be taken at night — preferably so as the body is at rest. You may take this with water, juice or tea. It helps your system expel toxins naturally without cramping or the laxative effect.