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satisfied consumer

I have use Aloe Vera gel for internal consumption for years. However, the thought of just applying to my skin never occurred to me. About three weeks ago
I started to sponge it on my skin after my shower in the early mornings before work.

I have been really please with the results.

My skin is softer, I feel better, It seems to improve my mood. My feet feel like part of my body again.
They crave it.

I have gotten my 92 year old mother on it, my wife and now her friends, my daughter in law, my daughter to use it.

My mother says it is helping her recover from her colds. I haven't had a cold yet this year and have spent a lot of time this year out in the cold. Each time I feel a chill coming out in my head, I put some gel on my nose and a little just inside my nostrils. Within just a few minutes that feeling goes away. At work we have had a lot of colds so far.

I did notice at first when I started using it, little pimple like sores appeared on my skin but that went away. I am assuming from cleansing.

I am going to do a little testing on my grandchildren
with their colds.

by Tamara

I got this product and with in 1.5 minutes my face and neck felt like it was going to burst in to flames My face was burned. Small blisters formed. (I have photos)
Aloe is in almost every product I use. This has never happen before. I did a patch test on my arm AFTER this happen. I wanted to see if the same thing would happen. My arm had a slight tingling feel. But it didn't burn or get red. My face looked sunburned and really hurt.
I don't know what went wrong. My face was clean with no other products on it.
I can't find another story like mine on the net. Meaning no one else seems to have the same out come.
I want to try a patch on my neck to see if it was a one time thing. I'm afraid to.

Since aloe is in most of my products I wonder if there is something in this product that did it?

Should I try a small patch on my neck?

by Arkady

Aloe jell gel as successful cure to treat some skin or other body problems. In addition to use gel sometimes I am using aloe Vera naturally, just using fresh cut from plant. Aloe Vera is nice natural cure to treat skin.
Thank you.
Sincerely Arkady

diabetic patient
by alovera gel

I am a Diabetic patient and have varicose veins. Very pleased with the performance of this product.

This is the perfect thing for skin
by mona

I have very sensitive skin and find it hard to use a lot the products on the market because they are really harsh on my it.
If you have a similar problem to mine, you should really try to use this Aloe Vera gel. I use it every day after I shower. It is wonderful because it cools the skin and moisturizes it. It is especially great to use as an aftershave because not only will it smooth skin, but it will make the skin nice and cool. Another way I use this, is after I have extended sun exposure. Aloe Vera helps rid the redness on my skin and my skin feels cool and moisturized!
Aloe Vera is great and since it is natural it has no bad effects on my skin

Aloe Vera Gel
by kvantol

In preparation for summer, this seems an essential product. Not only will Aloe Vera heal the skin, it presents a cooling alternative to heavier creams and lotions. This is purely Aloe Vera with citrus seed extract and vitamin E for preservation. You have to keep this product in the refrigerator after opening. Which is great because then it is always cold.
Because this is so natural, the product is somewhat liquid and a little goes a long way. The consistency may vary, but the one I received looks just like freshly pressed aloe vera and this could be added to homemade beauty products you are using soon after you make them.

The high absorption of this product is impressive and there is no sticky feel. You can use it as a cooling hand moisture treatment and seconds later, all you will notice is your skin plumping slightly and feeling smooth and very soft.

100% Natural Ingredients

All around mild and effective skin gel
by Ivy S.

This is a necessary staple for our family, being used both indoors and out year round. We keep several containers in our home, as well as one for the car, the patio and pool, and another on our houseboat. In the home, we use it in the kitchen for relief from minor burns sustained while cooking, and my husband uses it regularly in the bathroom to treat razor burn from shaving. On the boat or near the pool, aloe vera gel is often used by all of us to treat sunburn, windburn, and the stinging and itching of insect bites.

The Lily of the Desert brand is very pure and of high quality with little or no odor, and is ideal for use all over the body, even the delicate facial area. It lessens skin irritations from many minor skin conditions, such as dermatitis and psoriasis, loosens the scales from the latter, and is very soothing and cooling. Used for mild skin injuries, it provides a thick, slightly sticky barrier against bacteria entering the skin from nicks and scrapes. Natural aloe vera gel is ideal for use on the inflamed rash that accompanies children's or adults' sweating in high humidity, such as occurs between the thighs or any skin fold.

Known for it's anti-inflammatory qualities, aloe vera gel is also slightly antibacterial and anti-fungal, which most people are unaware of. This makes it an ideal agent for use for abrasions, cuts and almost any type of burn, as besides protecting and soothing the damaged or inflamed area, it increases the acceleration and production of new skin cells and lessens scarring. We have used the Lily of The Desert Brand Aloe Vera Gel for more than three years, having switched from a similar gel that had a lower percentage of the pure aloe vera. We will continue to purchase the brand due to it's proven high quality, effectiveness, and it's being shelf stable at wider temperatures ranges than most gels. We particularly like it due to it's NOT containing a sometimes dangerous skin numbing chemical agent, as many other popular brands of aloe vera gel do.

My husband praises aloe vera gel to his friends after falling victim to burns to his hands sustained from a brush fire last summer, and from an incident in which he suffered a deep cut while gutting fish on our houseboat. After cleansing the areas, he used this product both times and the damaged skin healed quickly and without scarring. He also was impressed that he did not have to later use a skin antibiotic cream on the cut, as most people do, fearing an infection will set in. He praises the product, and says that in both incidents, the aloe vera gel brought quick relief from the stinging and burning, and the areas healed rapidly.

A mild and soothing all-around skin gel, this product is good for most any skin irritation or minor injury around the home, yard, and recreation area. It can even be used just as a soothing balm for overly dry skin, as it helps the skin hold in it's own moisture and provides increased hydration to extremely parched areas, such as the heels and elbows, that have become overly dry, or where peeling has occurred. Not just for sunburns, Lily of The Desert is unsurpassed as an odorless, colorless, extremely mild and safe skin aid for the whole family.

Using Aloe Vera Gel
by Juli Pickvet

When I went to the lake swimming, I was out there for about 5 hours and had no suntan lotion. I was sunburned real bad. The only thing that worked very well and eased the pain was Aloe Vera Gel. I keep a bottle of it by my bed.

Affordable and Effective Multiple Use Product
by Barb Fleming

From sunburns, any other burn accidentally gotten, to wound healing, dry skin, irritated skin, even feline wounds, Aloe Vera gel is an exceptional and affordable product that is a must have in anyones home. It has so many uses, works so well on so many things. I am currently using this to treat a bad heating pad burn on my leg. It works so much better than the prescription cream I ended up being allergic to. The Aloe Vera is healing it.

When fresh aloe vera isn't available...
by Anna Hazard

My mother likes to grow her own aloe vera plants and use the fresh juice inside for dry, rough, and cracked skin. However, using fresh aloe vera isn't always possible, and during those times this aloe vera gel makes a pretty good (and pretty cheap) substitute. I use this myself to cool down and soothe the inevitable sunburn every now and then.

by julia

This really helped my sunburn, no joke! I looked as red as a lobster and it hurt horribly. Using Aloe Vera Gel really worked like a charm. I have been using this for a couple years, because it just helps soothe my sunburn sting. I loved everything about this product, how it works, and what is in it. It is by far the best product.

great stuff
by Sally

My son is very prone to sunburn. I have tried several aloe products, but I like this one the best. He thinks it works better than any of the "gels." I also have an aloe plant, but it is a pain to get enough for a whole sunburn, and is kind of sticky.
I also like using this on my hands and feet during the winter. It smells good and makes my skin feel very smooth. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone, and will continue to buy it.

Great for sunburns
by Annie

This product was my savior last summer after I went to six flags and got sunburned. I went home and applied this to my sunburns and I had instant relief. The pain did not resolve completely but the gel seemed to ease the pain considerably and since I used the aloe Vera the little burn blisters didn't form so that was great.

Great for the itch
by Roxanne Ranelli

This product is great for dry skin or burns with the "after itch". It has a great texture and smell which contributes to the greatness of the product. We use this for mild poison ivy and also for the after effects of that painful sun burn.

sunburn relief
by Alma Medina

I had a very nasty sunburn this summer. My neighbor lent me his bottle of Aloe Vera. Within minutes the relief was great. It was very soothing and I didn't even peel like I would have before. I still use it for moisturizing my skin and always have it handy for burns.

Great and effective as a no sting shaving gel!
by Noah H.

Besides using aloe Vera gel for treating burns, I use this stuff every day as a shaving gel and think it's the very best to shave with as it doesn't sting at all and is great for guy's like me who have sensitive facial skin . Lily of The Desert Brand is pure and doesn't contain the usual skin numbing chemicals usually contained in other aloe products for sunburn. It's a great effective gel to use on cuts or nicks, or for soothing relief from the sting of bee stings and bug bites. Another favorite use is for conditioning my hands and feet after bike riding, and for use on my neck and thighs as I get sunburned there quite often.

nature's remedy
by nicki

I have used aloe Vera gel directly from my own outdoor aloe plants, when my children have had burns, sunburns, minor is truly God's healing balm! Now I keep the bottle of gel on hand to take care of all those needs, without having to slice open a piece of aloe leaf! Very convenient and EFFECTIVE!

by EF

A simple but effective product. Great to apply after a minor burn, really eases the pain and discomfort. A great price for this product too.

Aloe Vera is Magic!
by ambreen

Aloe Vera Gel is magic for the skin! Even people who have sensitive skin will find that aloe vera can do wonders! Rub it on for relief from a sunburn, or use it to calm a burn, or use it even as a moisturizer! One of my friends even uses it as a hair gel and this way avoids using unnecceassry chemicals in her hair. No matter what you use this great gel for, you will see great results.
Finding or maintaining aloe vera plants can be tough and time consuming. Lily of the Desert makes all of this easy for us by providing it in a convenient gel form in this neat little bottle. Don't miss out on it!

Yeah I found some
by Mindy

I remember when I was little and I would get hurt, my grandma would go to her aloe vera plant and take off a leaf and apply it to my sore. Before I knew it, my sore was better. I happened to find this in the store and was excited to find a gel I could use at home. This product worked great and reminded me of using my grandma's plant. Thank you!

This one takes the HEAT out of Burn!!!
by Beth

When I went on my honeymoon to Mexico, I used an SPF of 30 and still got burnt. I was able to get this brand of Aloe in the gift shop, AND I LOVE it. Not only does it take the heat and discomfort out of a painful burn, but I now also use it as my daily moisturizer. It is light and refreshing!

Aloe vera Gel is great!
by nikki

I keep this product around the house all the time. In the summer, it is wonderful for treating a sunburn. It's also handy for adding to your moisturizer as it helps to hydrate and moisturize dry skin. In the summer, I just use it alone as I don't need the moisturizer in addition to this to help my skin.

All around skin care with soothing and healing properties
by Jenny

My mother always used the tip of the aloe vera plant in her kitchen window to treat burns from cooking. I was very pleased when aloe vera gel itself came on the market many years ago. I first purchased this product, Lily of the Desert brand, on the recommendation of a friend who was a spa consultant. I used it to treat and soothe a very nasty sunburn after a beach vacation trip. It's very cooling, works quickly to easy the burn and aides in faster healing of any type of burn, especially sunburns. A secret use I have of my own, and the very best thing about the product, is it's ability to heal and soothe the heat rash we ladies sometimes get in the summer near a bra line or under heavier busts. Gently working the product into the affected area after a cooling shower brings such a nice almost chilly effect and helps tremendously to quickly heal the rashy red burning and also when healed, prevents it from returning if used regularly and the area kept very clean by daily showers. The gel is also favored by my younger adult son for use to stop the itching and burning from bug bites in the summer. As aloe vera gel is a natural anti-inflamatory, it stops the swelling and burning from skin damage and this product is safe for use, even on the face or the most tender of body parts and is a valuable addition to anyone's first aid kit , as well as for use for general skin conditioning and healing of burns and abrasions. Another wonderful use is to soften the nails, particularly the toenails, prior to one's manicure or pedicure. Just rub into the toes, making sure the nail is well covered with gel and then sleep with socks on. The next morning you will be surprised at how much easier your nail trimming and filing will be. The elderly or those who go barefoot will find this a welcome aide to soften the nail and cuticle, and results in more pliable nails. Not just for burns, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel is a multi-use skin product and far exceeds the effacy of higher priced and less natural ones. A most excellent product you will love!

Great for Sunburn!
by Amy Derby

This is my favorite brand of aloe vera gel for treating sunburn. Eases pain even of the most severe burns and helps skin heal much more quickly. Also works for windburn in the winter!!

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