f Vitamin Shoppe Aloe Vera Juice Whole Leaf Reviews and Information

Aloe Vera Juice Whole Leaf

Supports Healthy Digestion
Product: Aloe Vera Juice Whole Leaf
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 32 fl oz
Dosage: 1-8 oz daily
Retail: $5.56
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4 Customer Reviews

Bottled greatness
by Al R.

Having been raised in a health food store in the 70's, I am no stranger to the incredible Aloe Vera plant. About a year ago, I thought I would try this brand, after years of disappointing trials. I was at the store, and thought "what the heck?". I like this a lot. It has a decent taste, which to say, is not a lot. Many brands have many tastes, but this is pleasing to the palate. This is good alone, or mixed with another juice. And get this--- pour this on a towel during the summer and get cool moist relief for your skin.

Love The Lame Taste!!
by Rhonda

This is one of those "acquired" tastes, as it isn't immediately delicious with its weird prickly taste. If however, you have read the miraculous benefits, or better yet witnessed anyone who has been a dedicated user for any length of time, you know it pays.
Just as you see aloe cure a cut or sunburn, if taken internally it reduces a wide variety of ailments, as well as keeps your skin young looking from the inside out. I met a lady claiming to be 82 years old but she had the skin of maybe a fifty year old, looked like a face lift without the stretched out effects.
She left a huge impression on me that keeps me drinking more than advised daily. Mix it with cranberry juice, and it is awesome. I've tried the dehydrated capsules which are great too, but I feel better drinking this wonder plant fresh as I can get it.
Drink it, no one could find this useless. There is far too much evidence it keeps you looking good and feeling great.

Not for me
by Roxanne Ranelli

This product was not for me. I really did not enjoy the after effects or the bitter taste it left in my mouth. On a positive note, I did not have any allergic reactions. I usually get some effects from other aloe products. I really cannot say I love this product, but it is not bad for people who can handle the after taste!

Treats digestive tract problems.
by babu

My wife and I use Aloe Vera to treat digestive tract problems. Aloe vera juice has remarkable health-enhancing properties. It is also well-known specifically for external application to the skin. My wife used this to treat scars and small bumps on her face and she got really good results.