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Good, but not great
by Lori Solomon

I took this product on the advice of my herbalist. I took it for about 4 months, and it didn't seem to do too much. On the upside, it didn't cause me any problems, either. My symptoms weren't too bad in the first place, my herbalist just wanted to keep them from getting worse, so for someone else the effects may be more noticeable. I wouldn't take it again right now, but if I started having more annoying symptoms, I would consider it then.

Fixed my irregular cycles.
by theepa

My cycles and hormones were all over the place a couple of years ago due to stressful lifestyle and deadlines. I took this product along with Vitex to regulate my periodic cycles. To my surprise, it worked the next month itself. I discontinued it after I got pregnant though. I would highly recommend it for irregular cycles.

Wonderful for menopause
by Kathy

My mother takes this on a daily basis by a recommendation from her doctor. She says that her memory has improved and the night sweats have diminished! Even though I have quite a few years myself until I would be in need of a product to help with those symptoms, I highly recommend this product to women who experience this.

Great Product
by Melony L.

I was referred to this product at the natural health store. I was trying to conceive after being on hormonal birth control. This was one of the herbs recommended to try and get my hormones back in check. I now have a lovely little boy.

A Great alternative to Hormone Replacement
by Lori Ann Hull

At 45 I have already begun to experience some of the early signs of menopause. I currently consume soy milk and take a daily supplement of evening primrose as well as Black Cohosh to lessen the symptoms and increase my overall sense of well being. Thumbs up from this Family!

It helped
by G. Stevenson

I tried this after my doctor suggested I should get off HT. It took a while for it to help, but finally it did help with the nightsweats. No side effects that I know of.

Love Black Cohosh!
by KH

During my menopause I have really suffered from hot flashes & night sweats. For relief I have figured out if I combine Black Cohosh with a Soy Supplement it really takes care of them. I have recommended this to several friends and they have all had success with this treatment. 2 tablets, twice a day of the 40 mg worked for me.

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by Jackie

I was recommend to try black cohosh for menopause i tried it it works great i recommend this product to all the women thats gone thur menopause