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Catnip Extract

Catnip, a member of the mint family. Catnip supports both the nervous and immune systems. Catnip contains natural trace minerals and vitamins.
Product: Catnip Extract
Brand: Eclectic Institute (More Products)
Size: 1 fl oz
Dosage: 15-30 drops 1-3 times daily
Retail: $9.90
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5 Customer Reviews

Amazing product
by Dinker

This product in one word, is AMAZING. I now know why my cat goes absolutely crazy for catnip. After trying it for a week, I could honestly feel myself having bursts of energy at unexpected times during the day. For example, right after lunch. Usually afternoons are met with sluggish mindsets. I am usually ready to take a nap at a drop of a hat.
Try this product is all I can say. It works.

Works Great!
by Ali

Ladies (and gentlemen), you HAVE to try this! I know now why cats like Cat Nip so-much!
I tried this with my green tea; only 2 drops. After a half hour, I felt more energized! Now I use it once a week for a little energy boost.

Good for cats & humans!
by Pattie

I knew that catnip was a mint but I always thought it was only for cats. I was pleasantly surprised when a friend says she adds some to her tea to help her wake up in the morning. I bought it, not believing it would work on humans... and was shocked. Just about 10 drops in my tea and I had more energy the first day. I also decided to try it on my overweight cat, who is now running around like a kitten!

Incredibly relaxing
by Amy

In times of great stress, I just add a few drops of this to some Chamomile tea and feel very calm and relaxed afterwards. It's also great for anxious children. My only complaint is the price.

Not just for Venus
by Carol Stigger

I would not deny my cat, Venus, her catnip, and now I know why she looks so smug. I tried catnip extract after the vet said it was good for humans, too, and I am feeling energetic -- as good as Venus, in fact