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The best catnip ever tried
by Barb Fleming

I have 6 strictly indoor feline "kids" that I adore, all were rescues. Some caught at older ages, originally feral, or the kittens of ferals rescued. From either very timid to very high strung, it is difficult for them to relax. The older 3 just love the effect of catnip. Some kinds I have tried they had no reaction to, ignored, some were better. This was by far the most effective, makes that taming process much easier. I personally have used catnip in teas. At one time took the suggestion of smoking it in combination with Damiana and other loose herbs to promote relaxation. That did not taste good at all. I did not try that one long enough to see if it helped or no as I could not get past the coughing. For my felines, it is an absolute success, they love it. Great for teas to relax as well.

Good stuff
by trish

I bought all kinds of catnip for my cat and she semi-liked them. She is a very jumpy cat and startles at loud noises. She adopted me after my son found her abandoned as a little kitten under his lawn mower. She loves to claw at my living room set and it is starting to look a mess. So I decided to try this one and see if she liked it. Well, let me tell you, she LOVED it! It really calms her down and I am able to clip her toe nails when she is asleep. Without this catnip I would get clawed while getting 2 or 3 nails clipped a day.

Best catnip product
by James Zitzmann

This is perhaps the best catnip product I have ever tried. It works like a charm with my cat, calming its nerves like nothing else does. When she takes it, she is much more relaxed and not as aggressive.

Kitty Loves It!
by drew.amp

Wow, this product is truly amazing. My cat used to act like it was on sugar-pills! With this amazing product, she is not so hyper and I can finally get some peaceful sleep. If only I would have had this product a few years ago!

by Cara

Perhaps the best catnip on the market. Both of my cats love it and it's better than the flakes that get all over the carpet. Even though my cat likes rolling in it, he still gets his fix from the pills. Even live catnip doesn't make them this happy.

Drives the cat nuts
by L

The cat absolutely loves this. Keeps him from tearing up the furniture. I am going to have to see about getting my mother to take it about her nerves and see if it will even calm her down. Amazing versatile product.

by Ali

This works GREAT! I gave it to my kitty, and she went crazy for it! It helped to get her to go into her little bed that she just stopped going into. Now, she LOVES going in again. I told my sister about this and she told me her friend took it for her nerves! What a good mulitipurpose product.

by jud655

I found this product to have quite an calming effect on me, especially at bedtime. If I have had a particulary stressful day, I head right for my cupboard for The Catnip. ( btw, my cat loves it too!)

Cat loves it
by JH

My cat loves this stuff, and she will actually play with her toys scented with it instead of scratching up the bedposts like she usually does. I wish I would've thought of it earlier. I have not tried it personally.

This made my otherwise grumpy cat happy!
by Jen W.

I read previous reviews of this product that mentioned putting this on old toys and I used this product for that and more. My cat went crazy for her toys and even seems to like it on her food. Nothing much pleases my cat, but this product did.

by Stephanie

I started using this product about 6 months ago because I heard that it was good for your nerves. It is a wonderful way to get your nerves calm in a more natural way. I must say it is better at that than the meds my doctor gave me for my nerves.

This is good
by Garrett Black

I really like this catnip. The one thing you have to be careful of is that your cat doesn't get to much of it or they will be really calm. I gave some to my friend who is recovering from drug use.

My cat loves this product
by minal patel

I brought this product for my cat's scratching post, which she ignored and never touched. After rubbing this herb on the post, she started to use it and now its a daily scratching routine. I also sprinkle a little on her dry food which helps in her digestion. I also use it on her old toys when she gets bored of them. This is truly a great product and has multiple uses!!.

Little Known Fact about Catnip
by Michele Fair

I bought this herb to actually use for my cat, and I just take a little bit and put it in her toy, and she loves it! A little known fact about Catnip, however, is that we humans can also ingest it to help us calm the nerves. Sometimes I take the supplement myself to do just that, and it works beautifully.

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