f Nature's Way Cayenne Extra Hot 450 mg Reviews and Information

Cayenne Extra Hot 450 mg

Cayenne Extra Hot, a proprietary blend with an invigorating effect on multiple body systems, has 100,000 Heat Unit.

First time Cayenne users should begin with Nature's Way CapsiCool® Cayenne with a milder 40,000 Heat Unit.

Product: Cayenne Extra Hot 450 mg
Brand: Nature's Way (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 1-3 capsules daily
Retail: $9.49
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4 Customer Reviews

Hot Uses
by Paul

My personal experience with cayenne products started not for cold extremities or any physical aliment, but for a fondness of spicy food which helps maintain a healthy and clean blood stream. During flu season, its importance is as a supplement to help increase the effectiveness of age-old remedies like zinc, ascorbic acid, and ginger, along with echinacea. A bit of an unorthodox use of the capsule, but I find the hotness excellent for a pot of chili!

Hot Mama! We like it!
by T. Danger

Taking cayenne supplements has had amazing effects for me and my partner. My partner takes it for poor circulation with fantastic results, while I was convinced to take it to assist my chronic sinus problems. I really like it as it feels very invigorating-- We usually take this (and our other vitamins + supplements) before we go to the gym in the mornings. Highly recommended!

keeps me warm
by Kelly Morris

I started taking this because my hands and feet were always cold. People told me it must be that I have poor circulation. I started taking the lower dose, then moved up to this one. It made a world of difference! Not only are my hands and feet warm now, but I just feel better all over. More energetic, I guess you'd call it.

Warm & Toasty!
by Brynn

Having struggled with hypothyroidism most of my life, I am chronically cold. I started out with the lower HU, and worked my way up to this level. In combination with some other herbal supplements, my thyroid is healing and now I don't have to wear wool sweaters all the time!