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Not worth the trouble...
by ashley

I purchased this product as a recommendation from my sister in law because she said its supposed to help with regulating your cycle (I'm exclusively nursing my 9mth old and were trying for number 2). I tried it for a month and noticed I kept getting dizzy so I was forced to stop taking it. It did, however help me to ovulate. Another drawback was the break-through bleeding I experienced from it. I would not purchase this product again.

Help for regular cycles
by Lisa

My sister dealt with irregular periods and horrible PMS for quite some time. After trying the OTC medications, she decided to try a more natural alternative. This product was the answer she was looking for. Since she started she immediately noticed less PMS symptoms (irritability and cramping) and over time her periods became much more regular. Definitely worth a try if you have any of these problems!

Helped me get pregnant
by Kristie G

My husband and I tried for 6 months to get pregnant, and we were not successful. I had just gotten off of the Depo-Provera shot and my body was still adjusting. I read online that Vitex would help with PMS, and possibly help stabilize my cycle to help me get pregnant - so I bit the bullet and bought a bottle. I took this for 2 months before I actually DID get pregnant, but what I noticed was that my monthly cycle adjusted QUICKLY and I could really tell when I ovulated. It helped me produce more cervical mucus (gross sounding, but very necessary for getting pregnant). My husband and I are getting ready to try to get pregnant again soon. I'll be getting more so I can hopefully cut down on the time we try for another child.

Another one in my cabinet
by heather

I read about this on some women's forums while trying to get pregnant. I've heard it normalizes your period but calms down the pms, so I thought I'd give it a try. It did calm me down and my periods seem to be on a more normal cycle. I was glad that something finally helped me, even a little bit !

Helped my sis
by gb

My sister used to take this when she had PMS. Whenever she started she took the capsules and she seemed very calm. This was very helpful for her and would be for you to.

PMS Relief
by Gina-Marie Cheeseman

If you struggle every month with acne caused by PMS, take Vitex. It really prevents those nasty bumps from appearing.

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