f Puritan's Pride Chlorophyll Concentrate 50 mg Reviews and Information

Chlorophyll Concentrate 50 mg

Chlorophyll Concentrate softgels are designed to be your internal freshening system. Chlorphyll, the the green pigment that gives most plants their color, is considered one of life's most precious elements. Our chlorophyll is extracted from alfalfa and manufactured with care so you can be assured of a superior concentrate that meets your standard of excellence.

Product: Chlorophyll Concentrate 50 mg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Softgels
Dosage: 1 softgel daily
Retail: $7.99
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2 Customer Reviews

So fresh
by Chris Carter

I've been taking this product for the past month and my breath has gotten noticeably better smelling. It works for just about everything - feet, urine, breath and nose. I definitely recommend this product is because it's cheap, it lasts you 100 days, and it actually works. I found out about this product from people telling my all the time about "Chlorophyll", and how I had to try it. I'm definitely buying this product again when my 100 pills run out.

Freshen internally for sweeter breath and body
by Jenny

I take this product religiously as it seems to address the breath problems associated with poor food digestion and stomach disorders, along with excessive coffee and smoking, that sometimes causes foul breath odor. Since it's derived from alfalfa, it's also very safe to use and the one soft gel a day is easy enough to remember. This supplement is also quite good in general for a total internal deodorant as it seems to even cut down the "high ketone" or chemical type smell in one's urine when your body systems, particularly the kidneys, aren't working up to par. The odor is only occasional, but is rather offense to others, and quite noticeable, when you have to relieve yourself in public restrooms in a close office environment or in restaurant facilities. I have only one kidney which occasional spits out toxins into the blood stream and sometimes it's likewise over taxed by illness or general poor health and stress, which will cause my urine to have an unnatural odor, and this supplement seems to help neutralize the smell. I've also noticed that even in the early mornings my breath and nasal passages have much less of a bad smell and taste, both typical of post nasal drip and a large dose of morning breath. Many people have also mentioned to me that chlorophyll taken internally helps with foot odor and excessive or offensive perspiration odor. Much like the chlorophyll gum we used to chew as children, this works internally to freshen the entire system.