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by Phanwadee

Hi my name is Aoy.I very interesed in your product. how much per bottle?i heard this product is very good from my brother.

Painful cramps from this brand
by Sue

I was suffering the most severe and intense lower abdominal cramps I've ever had. Thinking it was PMS, I started taking ibuprofen and other pain killers to alleviate the pain.
It took 2 1/2 weeks for me to figure out it was this product. My boyfriend came to visit and within 2 days he was having the same intense, sharp pains as I was having. I stopped taking it and within 24 hours I feel better. This stuff is terrible!
I tried this brand because it was 50 cents cheaper than Nature's Way brand, and boy, did I pay a lot more than that internally!
The taste is terrible and it stains my teeth green, and makes my stool look an un-natural green. Gross!!!

by jira suntornjarayakul

this is 100% Same the one in thailand bansamunprai chaimongkol or not

Good Product
by Supy G.

Hello, I am interested in your product. My friend says that Liquid Chlorophyll is a great product that makes me want to try it as soon as Free Samples tested it before I wrote.

by Christian de Chricko

hello. my name is Christian de Chricko. I am very interested in your products, Would like to receive catalogs and products to bring out your fantastic products in Sweden. My wife's Thai father is a dealer in thailand .. We have been with us many bottles from Thailand all going in the right on the homecoming, so now we look forward to making contact for direct delivery to Sweden ... Sincerely, Christian de Chricko

No Bad taste at all
by Sandra

I have been drinking for few months, amaizing...I had circulation's been two month that I dont have any pain in my legs..just add in a very cold water...not taste at all..

Bizarre use
by P Hegarty

Absolutely accidentally, we discovered that, used as a balm, this product is fantastic for treating my son's eczema! No kidding. We'd tried everything possible over the last 4 years, and then my wife's mother, not realizing what is was for applied it to his skin. His eczema disappeared immediately and hasn't come back in four weeks of using it. This was serious eczema too by the way. Hope someone reads this and tests it out!

Horrible Taste
by Chris

I tried this product thinking that it was on par with another product. Chlorophyll is not supposed to taste awful, but this product does. Try one of the other items listed here.

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by mayra

very good product. not bad taste, good for your immune system adn blood