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Grown up with this product.
by C Collins

When I realized that the aluminum in Antiperspirant could lead to cancer, I decided I needed to find a better way to fight the old BO. It's not as easy as you think it is. Regular deodorant doesn't work. When a friend recommended that I try taking a liquid, I thought...are you crazy? How can taking a liquid help with BO? Well it turns out that the bacteria that causes BO can't survive well when you are taking this awesome stuff. Yes, it is labeled as supporting the immune system...but it does that by keeping bad bacteria out, this same bacteria that makes you stinky. I have never felt or smelled fresher in my life. I don't have to use a cancer causing substance to achieve the sweet smell of victory!

Great Immune Booster!
by Lisa

I have used this product regularly for about five years. As mentioned in previous reviews, the color really is bright green, but don't let that worry you! Overall, the taste is pretty easy to deal with (much better than similar products). My whole family uses this during cold and flu season to help boost immunity (with good results). It is a great way to remove toxins from your body, noticeably less need for deodorant and breath mints!

No deoderant!!
by JH

I no longer use deoderant in normal every day conditions. I used to have stronger than average body odors in the gym, but now with chlorophyll and a little deoderant in the gym, I can talk to the girls without standing 6' away. Haha.

Immune System Support
by Cathy Weaver

My son contracted meningitis and endured a grueling round of antibiotics during his stay in the hospital. As a result his immune system shut down. Chlorophyll was one of the products we used to help build his system back up.
He said he didn't mind the taste of the Nature's Sunshine Chlorophyll compared to the others we had used.
I use this now myself during allergy season to support my system.

I'm convinced
by Carol

This is a great product. I feel clean inside and out. My entire family has been able to stop using deoderants now that we're taking chlorophyll -- that's one less potentailly carcenogenic chemical in our house

Green Inside - Clean Inside
by cynthia

I have used Chlorophyll for 15 plus years and have not needed to use deodorants during that same time. It also supports the body with much needed minerals. This one tastes better than most.

Tastes Better
by Chris

Compared to other products this one tastes pretty good. It is still green - I mean really green, and you do not need to drink it directly, but mix it into your water or juice. I mixed it into my Sprite once, but was told that the carbon counteracts the benefit of the chlorophyll. If you have a problem with halitosis, or even if your dog does - this product will help.

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