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by osama alkhatib

very good product

by kris

taking cinnamon every day with meals, i value the purity of puritans pride products. with the exception of their method shipping, i would purchase their cinnamon more frequently. i have chosen natures bounty as my first choice, being more earth friendly and the contents equal.

No marked difference
by Christine Keaton

I took this product for six months. I also tried several other brands. I was not impressed with the claims of better well being feelings. I noticed no marked difference in my sense of well being. Neither did family members.

It's good
by vs

Cinnamon is a very good spice in reducing bad LDL cholestrol levels for patients with diabetes type 2. My uncle currently suffering from this disease and my family doctor suggested this Cinnamon herbal supplement from Puritan's pride. He started using this couple of years back. We are pretty much happy with its results. He didn't have any side effects with this. I feel this is very good for diabetes patients.

This really does help
by Amie

I am not technically hypoglycemic according to the tests the doctor's office runs once a year. However, I have terrible problems with my blood sugar bottoming out. My doctor's advice was to eat whenever I start to feel that way, but I was really looking for something to help prevent the significant drops. I found this in the Puritan's Pride listings and gave it a try. I think it has helped cut the blood sugar dips more then in half. Which means less downtime, less worrying about always having to have something sugary with me. Less headaches etc. I think it helps and will continue to take it as a preventative measure to help keep my blood sugar in check.

not too bad
by Not too bad...

Not too bad! Helps keep my blood sugar in check, especially with hypoglycemia. Not a horse sized pill and the price is reasonable. I do burp up cinnamon more with this brand though.

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