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Great if you don't like cranberry juice
by Robert

I usually keep this in my cabinets if I run out of cranberry juice because one or two of these a day seems to keep my urinary schedule regular. It is definitely a good alternative if you find cranberry juice to be too bitter.

by leo lee

This is a good product. I have taken it for six months with no problems. It gives me the benefits - weight-loss assistance.

Tastes Great! Wakes you up!
by Joseph Thomas

The Cranberry Supplements had a very yummy taste for me. After just a few days of taking them I had a lot more energy to work. I would suggest this for anybody who has been dozing off during the day. The only downside is the price. It's a little high. My whole family has been taking them for the past 2 months and we have been so much more awake and healthy. A family friend actually suggested it to us and we love it. Highly HIGHLY suggested.

by Aileen ZH

I like taking Cranberry for female-organ health. Prefer the pill over sugary juice. I like this product, have taken it on and off for years with no problems.

Higher dosage = Greater convenience!
by J

In the past, I would drink large doses of Cranberry juice whenever I starting feeling the symptoms of a bladder infection. Cranberry supplements are simply more convenient while offering the same benefit. I love Nature's Plus' Ultra Cranberry because it is 1000 mg where most supplements are half that dosage. In other words, you only need to take 2 tablets daily as opposed to 3-4 tablets of other brands.

High-Quality Product with Amazing Benefits
by Lisa

This is way better than drinking gallons of diluted cranberry juice! (On the Fat Flash program.) Although I want the benefits of cranberry juice, I just can't spend all my time drinking it--and it's rather bitter. Ultra Cranberry gives me the benefits--weight-loss assistance and urinary-infection prevention--without the water-logged feeling. I highly recommend it for overall health.

Use for UTI issues
by L

When I start getting the feeling that I am getting a UTI, I start this product and continue it for a month. Saves me on doctor visits and medicine prices. Compared to what I pay for this and what I would pay to go to the doctor, it's well worth it for me.

Great Prevention Against Yeast Infections
by sheila franklin

I used to get yeast infections and was instructed by my female gynecologist to drink more cranberry juice. That cured the problem, but this is an even better solution. A little pricier than most products of this kind, but worth the extra because this one is more natural than most of its competitors.

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