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Resting easy
by Alma

Everytime that I am going to buy any kind of supplement or vitamin I reach for Puritan Pride products. They are a very dependable company and their prices are very reasonable. I take these cranberry fruit concentrate capsules because it is a very easy way to manintain my urinary tract functioning at maximum efficiency. I take one every day now that I have begun menopause and I have never had any problems. It is also a great way to take in my cranberries because I do not like the juices or the fruit.

Great for Urinary Tract Infections
by Barb Fleming

Anytime I feel the symptoms of a urinary tract infection coming on, I take this as it is prescribed, and within a couple of days, the pressure and pain is subsided. I do not like cranberry juice itself, so the softgel and pill products are so wonderful. I am a firm believer in this, and do tell others of it, especially if they dislike the actual juice as I do.

Works good
by Ann

I keep this on hand to use when I feel the first sign of a urinary infection starting. It's so easy and convienent to use since I dislike the taste of cranberry juice. It seems to work quickly for me, as I take 2 softgels 3 times a day when I start to feel symptoms. Ususally in 1 week, I am feeling fine again.

Cranberry Softgels is Great
by mar438

I always drank cranberry juice for my kidneys and for my lower back pain. But I was always running out and couldn't get to the store when I needed some. I had a catalog from Puritan's Pride, and I found cranberry softgels, they work great. No more pain. Also doesn't have the unnecessary sugar I don't need.

good value - but not very effective
by Mari

I tried this because I had chronic bladder infections and the price was very competitive. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to have any effect on my symptoms or on reducing the number of bladder infections I got. Unsweetened cranberry juice (watered down) seemed to do the best for me and helped with my symptoms within a couple of hours. The capsules just didn't do anything. Since the price was good, I actually bought 2 bottles at the same time, and after finishing them both, I was pretty unimpressed. I'd recommend just sticking with plain old cranberry juice.

Great preventative
by Shannon

I take one of these every day to prevent urinary tract infections. It is great to be able to take something like this in a super concentrate, so you can drink other things instead of tons of cranberry juice. Also nice that there is vitamin C in it.

A Good Daily Cranberry Supplement
by Sarah

Cranberry Fruit Concentrate Supplement by Puritan’s Pride is a great cranberry supplement to take on a daily basis to promote a healthy urinary tract as well as a wide variety of other benefits including helping to balance out digestion and bowel movements. There are a lot of cranberry supplements on the market, and this definitely isn’t the best one out there, or the strongest, but it delivers a lot of benefits in such a small little bottle. These are softgels not tablets, and each delivers 1,680 milligrams of cranberry juice in addition to 100 milligrams of Vitamin C. The good thing about this supplement is that the combination of the Vitamin C and the cranberry helps both components get into the bloodstream fast, and makes both the cranberry and the Vitamin C work harder. Cranberry Fruit Concentrate by Puritan’s Pride is a great way to get cranberry everyday, without having to drink gallons of cranberry juice. One thing that everyone should know about this supplement is that because it is made by Puritan’s Pride, it can be difficult to find, unless you shop for this sort of thing by mail or online. If you can find it in stores, it’s definitely worth trying it as a daily cranberry supplement. You won’t regret it!

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