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I love this!
by KimP

This is a wonderful product! I don't know too many people who like the taste of cranberry juice. I can't stand it, but, I needed to drink it daily to keep from getting urinary tract infections. I love that I found out about these pills! Now, I just make sure to take my supplement and I am my way! I haven't had any urinary tract infections in a long time!

Bladder problems.
by Shreyas Patel

Bladder infections hurt a great deal because we need to use the restroom many times in a day. This product relieved the pain for a while, but did not help me get over my problem of infections.

Cranberry works
by Jennifer Bennett

I'm embarrassed to write about this product because I'm talking about something very urinary tract. Ewe, just typing it skeeves me out. However, I'm mustering up the courage to write because this product has prevented at least 25 trips to the doctor. If I catch the "twinge" of a UTI soon enough, I can annihilate the source of the problem with cranberry tablets. Many people, including physicians, will tell you that cranberry juice is what you should drink when you have a UTI. But cranberry juice is acidic and can worsen your symptoms. Cranberry tablets, on the other hand, contain the benefits of the cranberry without the acidity. Rock on, ninja fruit!

my mother swears by it
by Kelly Morris

My mother used to have almost chronic bladder infections. Then her doctor recommended this product. She hasn't had a bladder infection in months. She tells everyone how great these cranberry capsules are.

Best for Some-Backfired for Me
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I never had a bladder/urinary tract infection in my life, but when I suddenly woke up with one 4 yrs ago at age 35, I knew what to do. A friend had told me about her symptoms and how she used cranberry supplements and juice to get better faster results and prevent them. I had also read about that treatment, so ran to the store and got a bottle of these right away hoping to prevent a trip to the doctor.

By 5pm that evening, I was in the emergency room in tears from the pelvic pain and my urinary sample looked like all blood.

This situation came up again suddenly several more times that year, and I ended up being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis- a chronic painful bladder infection disorder.

This is important to others because while these cranberry supplements ARE a good natural aid for prevention and healing for the average urinary tract or bladder infection...(based on my friend's experience, what I read and my doctor's confirmation of that) it is a BACKFIRE of the best intentions if what you THINK is a urinary tract infection is more than that!

If you find that your infections come up suddenly out of the blue, you experience frequency in urination and if you suffer from these infections several or more times a year, have your doctor consider that you may have Interstitial Cystitis. If you do, DO NOT use cranberry, apple cider vinegar, citrus or acidic foods, because they make it WORSE and irritate it. In this case, these do not prevent but rather trigger the symptoms!

So this IS a good supplement for MOST people and I recommend it for MOST, but not for all. Listen to YOUR body and your doctor.

by EM

I took four pills four times a day for five days at the first sign of a bladder infection and it cured it, without ever having to go to the doctor or take an antibiotic.

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