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Cran-Max Whole Cranberry Concentrate 500 mg.

No holiday table would be complete... without cranberries of one sort or another. There are whole cranberries, cranberry juices, sauces, and all kinds of breads, cakes and relishes. But not only does the cranberry add to festivities, it brings many health benefits.

Cranberries are renowned as an aid to urinary tract health. Cran-Max® is the world's first nutraceutical cranberry product specifically designed to ward off urinary tract infections (UTIs) BEFORE they begin and after they appear.

Cran-Max® has been clinically tested by urologists in ongoing multi-site outcome studies, and has been found to be efficacious in reducing the onset of urinary tract infections and in improving voiding disorder symptoms.
Cranberry works against bacterial colonization of the bladder.
Cran-Max® 500 mg. capsules are bioengineered to have unique potency against E. coli and other gram-negative bacteria that cause UTIs.
The nutritional factors in 500 mg. of Cran-Max® are stronger than those in 10 oz. of cranberry juice cocktail.
Cran-Max® is made from the complete cranberry — the fruit solids, juice, seeds and skin — using a patent-pending process that supercharges the values found in nature. Unlike other cranberry supplements, Cran-Max® contains the full synergistic spectrum of the whole cranberry and is not just an extract.
Cran-Max® has a unique delivery system called Bio-Shield™ that increases bioavailability of its cranberry actives. It protects them from degradation while passing through the stomach, and then provides a sustained release of these actives to target sites in the body.
Recommended dosage of Cran-Max® is: (A) one capsule a day for patients with normal bladders
(B) two capsules a day for patients with neurogenic bladders
There are no known side effects or contra-indications if used along with drugs.

Cran-Max® linked with healthy urinary tract
30% of women will have some sort of urinary tract infection this year. Half the women in the world will have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) by the age of thirty. Men are by no means immune. But there is hope. Human trials verify that Cran-Max® can help prevent the occurrence of UTIs. And if a UTI does occur, Vibrant Health’s U.T. Vibrance may very well eradicate it. (See page on U.T. Vibrance).

Health benefits beyond UTIs
American Indians used cranberries as a preparation for dressing wounds. The stanching, antibacterial and healing properties lie in the rich polyphenol content including condensed tannins and smaller OPCs.

Colonial sailors used cranberries to prevent scurvy. Cranberries succeeded due to their rich content of vitamin C and vitamin P constituents (i.e. polyphenols and organic acids).

Significant health benefits are obtained by using the whole cranberry. Ongoing research across the United States focuses on the relationship of the bio-active components in cranberries to urinary tract infections, reduction in malignant tumors, remittance of aggressive cancers and retarding the aging process. The cranberry is an antioxidant cocktail.

What is Cran-Max®?™
Cran-Max® is made from 100% pure cranberries. It is produced from pure cranberry fiber, infused with cranberry juice concentrate through a proprietary process. This process enhances and intensifies the natural beneficial constituents of the whole cranberry without the addition of sugars, preservatives, flavorings, or coatings. Cran-Max®, therefore, contains all of the nutritional factors present in whole cranberry without the sugar found in cranberry juice beverages.

Significant health benefits are obtained by using the WHOLE cranberry:
The distribution of OPCs in cranberry fruit and cocktail is very similar to that found in grapeseed and pine bark extracts.
In Cran-Max®, the OPCs are concentrated to exceed the potency of pine bark extracts (60%) and match the finest grapeseed extracts.
Cran-Max® is a better free radical scav Cran-Max®. Ellagic acid is known to kill cancer cells outright and has therapeutic value at dosages as low as 8 milligrams per day. One 500 mg. capsule of Cran-Max® should deliver at least 8.5 milligrams of ellagic acid.

Cran-Max® has been shown to nutritionally support healthy urinary tract function by inhibiting the ability of E. coli bacteria to adhere to the linings of the urinary tract. Earlier studies had shown that 10 oz. of cranberry juice cocktail has a positive effect on maintaining a healthy urinary tract. One Cran-Max® capsule has greater bioactivity and more concentrated whole cranberry factors than 10 oz. of cranberry juice cocktail.
Product: Cran-Max Whole Cranberry Concentrate 500 mg.
Brand: Vibrant Health (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) or two (2) Cran-Max® capsules per day. If two capsules are used, take second 12 hours after the first.
Retail: $13.95
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